Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Minutes ~Executive Board

April 22, 2013

Members Present: Gary Schwoch, Heather Kistner, Les Kuesel, Scott Seston, Kellen Cassellius, Bill Schutts, Jim Thompson, Dave Peckmiller, Garrett Sinz, Martha Stratton, Gary Buss, Paul Jacobson and Len Frank

Old Business:

  1. Chicken Supper: Work with the Committee to get the numbers up with new ideas of advertizing.

  2. Summer Fishing Contest: Talk with people that would fish this, and the request was made that maybe a fall fishing contest. This would be after school started and most likely be geared toward a family event. Fishing with son/daughter.

  3. Dunn County Fair Food Booth: This idea is still being worked on. Cost is $400 for the fair booth, and would need a city license, $25 and the idea would be to work out of a Pepsi truck that would most likely also be donated.

  4. 24/7 Card swipe Security: The Board met with Aaron from 24/7 about using a Card Swipe Security System. He explained the benefits and how it works. This would not replace the alarm system. He is going to come back with a bid. .

  5. Printer: E.O. Johnson: Bill is looking into this. It was suggested that we watch the numbers for one more quarter. Maybe contract more for colored copies, or only read the numbers once a year.

  6. Change South Door Combination: Change has been made

  7. Change Alarm Combination: Too many people know the code, esp. the delivery persons. There are too many people that currently can get into the building, and we do not need false alarms, so the code will not be changed at this time

  8. VP & Inventory: Setting up the rotating system.

New Business:

  1. Top Gun Banquet: Made about $4800. Comments were good and everyone enjoyed the food.

  2. Credit cards: Discussion about going to a 1 credit card with WestConsin Credit Union. This is more timely. Saves the Treasure from checking on the different house accounts. If you need a credit card, See Bill Schutts. Garrett Sinz moved and Kellen Cassellius seconded a motion to go with the one credit card. Motion passed.

  3. Dobbs Landing Appraisal: The appraisal cost was $2500. The club authorized to pay up to $2000 for the appraisal.

  4. Red Cedar Bassmasters: They have requested $100 to add our patch on their shirts for advertizing. Les Kuesel moved and Kellen Cassellius seconded a motion to give them the $100. Motion passed.

  5. Budget $ for Fall Banquet Guns: Knowing that most items have gone up, it was decided to start out with the same budget as last year. $18,000. If they think that more is needed the committee will have to come back to the board. Garrett Sinz moved and Kellen Cassellius seconded a motion to go with $18,000. Motion passed.

  6. Other ~talked about putting in a walking trail down to the lake bank. Bill Schutts meet with T&T for a bid of about $3200. Talked to the Mayor and the City Engineers, along with John Dahl. Everyone is in favor of the idea.

  7. More Other: None

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Minutes ~General Meeting

April 22, 2013

    1. Call to Order

    2. Pledge of Allegiance.

    3. Secretary's Report: Martha Stratton

A reading of the minutes was waived due to them being published in the newsletter, email and posted on the website. Dave Moore moved and Heather Kistner seconded a motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter. Motion carried.

    1. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts

New accounting reporting is available. These reports will be in the office for review. These reports will show you how things are broken down. There are two accounts, The Building and Bar Account and the Fish and Game association account. The Top Gun banquet was successful. As a reminder, if you are charging, you need to state what it is for, and will need information as to what you are needing for a reimbursement, what committee and what project. When charging on a Store charge, please sign what it is for. Example, Youth Fishing event. If you are a committee chair, or need to charge, please see Bill Schutts about a credit card. Al Finder moved and Curt Hagberg seconded a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Motion carried.

    1. Correspondence: Gary

Thank you notes from the Lanny Hanson family for the memorial. The plan is to build a bench in his memory at the Rifle Range. Thank you from John Larson, Bear Valley Electric, thanking for the purchase of lights, etc during the ceiling upgrade. Thank you from Randy Dahms for the plant in Memory of his Mother, Lois Dahms Sampson who recently passed away. Thank you from Leslie Norris for allowing her to use the kitchen for the past year.

    1. Executive Committee Report: Gary

President Gary Schwoch presented the Executive Committee Report (See Report). Reference to the idea about the trail, since it will be over $2000 is must be brought up at two meetings. Dave Frank moved and Garrett Sinz seconded a motion to accept the Executive Committee's report. Motion carried.

    1. DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Karstens, Chad Mogen

No Report

    1. Dunn Country Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz

Reminder about the Disabled and Elderly Fishing Day, June 7.

    1. Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Jim, Russ Hitz, Al Marotz

Attended the Annual Meeting. Jim Swanson is also on board. There may be some money from the DNR to improve ranges. There is a conservation scholarship of maybe $250. Check out the DNR website.

    1. Standing/Special Committee Reports

  1. Bar Management: Paul

No Report

  1. Blue Bird Houses: Stan Huftel

All Done for the Year. Made about 110 birdhouses and this project is a great public relations for the club that does not cost us a dime. Has built over 2000 birdhouses over the years. Stan thanked his 12-15 helpers and thanked Gene for his help in planing the boards

  1. Buildings & Grounds: Scott Seston

Will put up the flag pole, and a Thank you was made to Greg Stark for donating his time to fix the pole. It was suggested to send Greg two tickets for a Harmon Chicken Supper.

  1. Fall Banquet: Dave Moore

Meeting on Monday night, April 29th at 7 p.m.

  1. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller

Fish Cribs went down.

  1. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong, Dave Moore

There are currently enough workers, but see Bob or Dave if interested in helping. There will be a bake sale starting about 4:30 p.m. Thanked Stan Huftel for his time and work on the letter he sent out. Reservations were close to 200.

  1. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry

No Report

  1. Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg

42 Graduated. They will need hats for the Fall Class. Nine Students received memberships to the NRA. Donated $493 and $50 from the Pistol Club.

  1. Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Kistner, Les Kuesal

No Report.

  1. Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg

Purchased new salt and pepper shakers. Thank yous to Al Finder, Rod Finder, Bonnie and Curt Hagberg and Melody Gosset for cleaning the kitchen. Tom Berger fixed the pilot lights.

  1. Legislative/Xcel Energy: Mike Benzel

Stewardship is broke and about 21 million behind. This most likely would effect any support in the purchase of Dobbs landing.

  1. Membership: Wayne Wilson

New members, Jordan Bauer, Henry Hansen, Nick Place, Nick Schauff and Courtney Leland

  1. Pheasant Rearing: Bob Kistner, Scott Seston

April 24 and 25, Meet at 5 p.m. to work on the pens.

  1. Policy review Board.

Rich Leventhal said that there is currently nothing to report, but he is funnier than Gary Schwoch.

  1. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg

There were a lot of people using it. Range Clean up day on Saturday. The Muzzle Loader shoot is scheduled for August 10. They need about 350 feet of fencing and also have been contacted for having workers that need community service.

  1. Scholarship: Wayne Wilson

Will announce the winner next month, but he/she will be going to UW-Stevens Point. Balance continues to be over $50,000.

  1. Sunshine/Memorials: Martha and Dave Moore

No report.

  1. Top Gun Banquet: Len Frank, Pookie Albright, Gary Schwoch

Made money, Good comments on the set up and food. It was really helpful having the workers from Stout help out. Doug Gowan donated his 33/33/33 raffle $ back to the club.

  1. Women On Target: April Cowan

Meeting Tuesday, April 29, at 6 p.m. So far there are 25 women who have signed up. Received a grant of $200 from the Rocky Mountain Elk Federation, 4- $25 Gift Cards from Fleet Farm

  1. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen

No report

Old Business:

  1. Dobbs Landing & Appraisal: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz

  2. Summer Fishing Contest: Bill Schutts

  3. Dunn Co. Fair Food Booth

  4. Printer Update: Bill Schutts

  5. Alarm and Door Combinations:

  6. Bird City Designation: Bob Giede

  1. Arbor Day

  2. Bluebird Houses

New Business

  1. Arbor Day: Bob Giede (not here)

  2. Don Heifner: Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting. There will be no Elk Season this year. The Wolf kill was over 100. There are Trap Treams starting up in south central Wisconsin and many of the Sports are pitching in to cover the cost. They are also working on permit for Specs on Pipeline.

  3. Budget $ Fall Banquet

  4. Red Cedar Bassmasters Jerseys $100

  5. Credit Cards & Westconsin Credit Union

  6. Dobb's Landing Appraisal $2500

  7. Splish Splash Car Wash & Bruce Green – He donated the wash to wash our kitchen mats. Invited us back anytime that we need to wash them. Suggested that we send him a couple of Harmon Dinners.

Calendar Items:

April 23: Chicken Supper Revival: Workers Time 4- 4:45 p.m.

April 25: Dunn Co. Alliance Meeting: 7 p.m.

April 27: Range Clean Up: 8 a.m.

April 29: Women On Target Meeting: 6 p.m.

April 29: Fall Banquet Meeting: 7 p.m.

May 1: Menomonie Pistol & Rifle Club Meeting: 6 p.m.

May 17: Pheasants are currently scheduled to arrive

May 20: Executive Committee Meeting: 5:35 p.m.

May 20: Regular Membership Meeting: 7 p.m.

May 21: Harmon Chicken Supper: Serving 5-7:15 p.m.


June 7: Elderly and Disabled Fishing Event, Workers 8 a.m.

June 8: Memorial Service for Wayne Wanbaugh

June 13: Youth Fishing Event at Bullfrog Fish Farm


Meat – Rod Finder

Meat- Ginger Drehmel

Bluebird House-Dave Moore

Meat- Len Frank

Meat – Nick Schaff

Meat- Dave Kraft

Bluebird House – Melody Gossett

Bluebird House – Heather Kistner

NRA to Women on Target-Jerry Zopp

Bluebird House – Eugene Leach


Mike Kistner made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Scott Sinz seconded. Motion carried.