Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Minutes ~Executive Board

June 24, 2013

Members Present: Gary Schwoch, Les Kuesel, Scott Seston, Kellen Cassellius, Bill Schutts, Jim Thompson, Dave Peckmiller, Martha Stratton, Gary Buss, Heather Kistner, Garrett Sinz and Len Frank

  1. Old Business:

  1. Downsville Pavilion – Michael La Rock. Presented us his Eagle Scout project. The plan is to build a shelter at the Downsville boat landing. He showed the club the plans and money needed. Kellen Cassellius made a motion that we support this project and bring it before the membership. Scott Seston second, Motion Carried.

  2. Dobbs Landing-Dan Prestabak presented the plan to the club in order to purchase Dobbs Landing. How we would have to deed the Helendrung land in order to purchase the land. We would deed the land to the Alliance. The next step is to get the Stewardship Funding.

  3. Insurance Carrier ~Discussion about which insurance policy to go with. Prior agent was a little upset that we are going to another company without checking with him. Discussion about a policy for changing carriers, for things like insurance, phones, etc. Will be sent to the Policy review Board.

  4. Scholarship Committee~There was discussion about maybe borrowing money from the Scholarship Committee vs a bank loan. There was an emergency meeting from the Scholarship Committee about using the money.

  5. Walking Trail~Article in Paper. Comments have been really positive.

  6. % income deferred for land purchases~What should we really try to save for land purchases? Martha Stratton made a motion for 15%, Scott Seston second. Motion carried.

  7. Bar Inventory~ We have four bills that come out of the Bar Fund Monthly. We need to figure out the percentage that should come out of the Bar Fun and the Building and Grounds.

The bills are Heat/Electricity, Garbage Service, Telephone and Cable. The talk was for the 50/50 the Heat/Electricity, Garbage Service and Telephone. The Bar needs to pay 100% of the Cable bill. Kellen Cassellius made a motion for 50/50 Heat/Electricity, Garbage Service, and Telephone. The discussion was for the 50/50 the Heat/Electricity, Garbage Service and Telephone. Len Frank Seconded. Motion Passed.

  1. Recommendations from Steve Young~Bill Schutts presented the recommendations. Motion to summarize and present to the club next month. Les Kuesel second. Amended to present this evening. Motion Carried.

  1. New Business:

  1. Policy Review Board: Meet on 8 July at 8 p.m.

  2. Kiwanis Meeting September 28. Looking a place to host a meeting. They can use the building on September 28 from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

  3. Party Deck

  4. Other ~The board will met on July 8, 2013 at 7 p.m.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Minutes ~General Meeting

June 24, 2013

    1. Call to Order

    2. Pledge of Allegiance.

    3. Secretary's Report: Martha Stratton

Mike Kistner moved and Curt Hagberg seconded a motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter. Motion carried.

    1. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts

Our accountant has some concerns about our funds. He wants it on the record so that members are aware of some of the new rules. He recommended that we should have a limited access to the clubhouse. Also that we need to lose the mind set “That is the way we have always done it.” Rules and Laws with the IRS change often. The association Dunn County Fish and Game, we are Tax exempt. With this administration, the Federal Government is broke and they are looking for money. So they are looking at a lot of 501c. We are allowed to have two profits centers. They can make the money to give to promote Sportsmanship and Conservation. The Building is total profit system. One profit center is for the Building and one for the Bar. We lost $5600 last year. If the profits centers can’t show a profit they need to go, unless we are showing that we are trying to make a profit that can be defended. There are two red flags. One is the $5000 loan to the bar, so we need to show that we are paying it back. Positives are No Free Beer. (We are covering our costs) The register accounting system is showing that we are trying to keep better records. Doing final reports from the chairman’s of the committees. The New Ceiling is showing we are trying to make the place look better. Another is the new the Walking Trail. Members need to consider that if we keep the bar, a suggestion is to move the money back to building. We need to put a dollar figure on that so that the Association is paying for the building, because the building has no profit. Reminder of the new accounting reporting is available. These reports will be in the office for review. Don Heifner moved and Dave Moore seconded a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Motion carried.

    1. Correspondence: Gary Schwoch

Thank you from Dave Kraft for the Sunshine Baskets. Thank you for Sunshine Baskets were sent to Chuck and Ginger Rosseter for their recent marriage, Joel and Sharon Radke for the loss of Joel’s twin brother John and Curt and Bonnie Hagberg for the Surgery and Bonnie’s hurt foot.

    1. Executive Committee Report: Gary

President Gary Schwoch presented the Executive Committee Report (See Report). Dave Moore moved and Garrett Sinz seconded a motion to accept the Executive Committee's report. Motion carried.

    1. DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Karstens, Chad Mogen

No Report

    1. Dunn Country Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz

Thank for supporting the Sharing Our Resources Fishing Disabled and Elderly Fishing Day, June 7. Scott is in contact with the Credit Union in Buying the Dobbs Landing.

    1. Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Jim, Russ Hitz, Al Marotz

No Report

    1. Standing/Special Committee Reports

  1. Bar Management: Paul

No Report

  1. Blue Bird Houses: Stan Huftel

No Report

  1. Buildings & Grounds: Scott Seston

Push Mower needs to be fixed. Les Kuesal will donate a new one.

  1. Fall Banquet: Dave Moore

Meeting on Tuesday night, July at 7 p.m. Paul Jacobson has tickets. Need to start thinking of Conservation

Awards. Nominations should be in by next meeting

  1. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller

No Report.

  1. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong, Dave Moore

No information as to a number. Had 154 meals last month, which is up from last year, by 98. Profits was $240, Dinners 600 and bar $400. There will be a bake sale starting about 4:30 p.m. A Mission trip from Cedarbrook will have the bake sale.

  1. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry

No Report

  1. Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg

Next Class Starts August 1. Call . Need to get hats. Looking for Bids as to where to get the hats.

  1. Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Kistner, Les Kuesel

No Report.

  1. Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg

Recent inspection. A couple of minor repairs. Will be making sure that things are good and fixed.

  1. Legislative/Xcel Energy: Mike Benzel

Budget has passed. Stewardship will lose 13 million, and next 10 million. Budget on the Stewardship that took 5 years to buy it. Concern for our plan for Stewardship funds.

  1. Membership: Wayne Wilson


  1. Pheasant Rearing: Bob Kistner, Scott Seston

Wednesday, June 26 for Blinders, at 5 p.m.

  1. Policy review Board.

Have a couple of items for Policy Review Board. One is for the By-laws. Also, looking at finance and maybe creating a bid policy, will meet Monday, July 8, at 8 p.m.

  1. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg

Had a flash flood. The Veteran’s Shoot is on July 13, and they are looking for prizes. Looking for the club for money for prizes. Stu Mills is donating some ammo. Mike Benzel made a motion to give them $250 for prizes, Al Finder seconded. Motion Carried.

  1. Scholarship: Wayne Wilson

Stocks are down, so the Balance is down.

  1. Sunshine/Memorials: Martha Stratton and Dave Moore

Baskets were sent to Chuck and Ginger Rosseter for their recent marriage and Joel Radke for the loss of his twin brother John.

  1. Top Gun Banquet: Len Frank, Pookie Albright, Gary Schwoch

No Report

  1. Women On Target: April Cowan

April thanked everyone for their support. This is first year charging. They had 84 women attended. The weather was pretty good. Two new rifles. 223 and an AR 15. Over ½ took advantage of shooting those. Thanked Bonnie for the food. Thanked Dave and Martha for afterglow. Rap up July 10 at 6 p.m. April read comment cards and it sounds like everyone had a great time.

  1. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen

Youth Fishing Evening at Herbie’s 110 kids, and 160 fish were caught. Thank You’s Al Mariotz, for Pearl. Tillie’s for the food. Afterglow, Mike Benzel for bait. Gary Schwock got each kid a shirt from Scheele’s. Spent $350 on Prizes.

Old Business:

  1. Dobbs Landing & Appraisal: Covered earlier

  2. Summer Fishing Contest: Bill Schutts

September 14, 2013, Two Divisions, Adult/Adult and a Adult/Youth. $50 for Adult/Adult Team, $25 Adult/Youth, the Adult/Youth will have 10 pan fish. 100% payback. Make our Money, on Bar and Food. We will give a meal ticket to the Youth. Adults will pay. We need to raise about $600 to cover this event. Bill is passing out a poster for information. Platinum Sponsor is $50 and Gold is $30.

  1. Dunn Co. Fair Food Booth: Garrett Sinz

Pepsi is donating the cart. Market place is giving a good cost on the pop. Working on the Corn and will sell pork chops on a stick. Looking for some small refrigerates for the fair.

  1. Walking Trail: Bill Schutts.

Walking trail is completed. Article in the Paper. The Comments have been really positive. Need to put up the mating. Set up a work night. Monday, July 1, 6 p.m.

  1. % income deferred for land purchases~What should we really try to save for land purchases? Board recommend 15%, Club has decided to table it until our accounting procedures are a little more under control.

New Business

  1. Insurance: We stepped on Toes –and will be getting additional bids.

  2. Downsville Pavilion: Eagle Scout Michael LaRock is looking for funds to complete his project. Holland Millar made a motion to give him $250. Curt Hagberg Seconded. Motion passed. We will add an additional $100 in memory of Bob Stratton for a total of $350.

  3. Randy Dahms made a comment about Wisconsin Outdoors having an article about our Range.

  4. Looking for People that want to be on building committee. We can build up to 1000 square ft. Scott Seston, Paul Jacobson, Holland Millar and Ginger Rosseter have volunteered.

Calendar Items:

  1. June 25: Chicken Supper Revival: Workers Time 4- 4:45 p.m.

  2. June 26: Pheasant Blinders Work Meeting 5 p.m.

  3. July 1: Work meeting for Matting and stain the pavilion. 6 p.m.

  4. July 8: Policy Review/Exec. Board Meeting 7 p.m.

  5. July 15: Fall Banquet Meeting: 7 p.m.

  6. July 22: Regular Membership Meeting: 7 p.m.

  7. July 23: Harmon Chicken Supper: Serving 5-7:15 p.m.

  8. July 24-28: Dunn County Fair


Meat-Dave Peckmiller

Meat – Mike Kistner

Meat- Dan Werner

Meat- Kellen Callessus

Meat – Len Frank

NRA – Heather Kistner


Ginger Rosseter made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Al Finder seconded. Motion carried.