Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Minutes ~Executive Board

September 23, 2013

Members Present: Gary Schwoch, Les Kuesel, Scott Seston, Kellen Cassellius, Bill Schutts, Jim Thompson, Dave Pechmiller, Martha Stratton, Gary Buss, Chad Mogen, Garrett Sinz and Len Frank

  1. Old Business:

  1. Curtains: Thinking that we should have curtains in the main area. Bill had a sample of a curtain that is a brown earth fabric. They would run about $50 a window. It was decided that they would go ahead and get the window treatments.

  2. Hunter Education Hats: We have ordered Hats from Knaack’s and paid for the one that were given out over the summer.

  3. Banquet Turkey Calls (Wrasse) ~ Bill Schutts said that the folks that were supposed to be paid from the Banquet that donate on a 50/50 plan have been paid.

  4. Bar Manager vote of 09/19/13: ~Discussion about having a bar manager. Will meet on Tuesday, October 1 at 6 p.m. to talk about more about it.

  5. Bridget and Edward Jones ~Gary was unable to get a hold of Bridget.

  1. New Business:

  1. Fair Booth (s):

  1. DCF&G: $265 is the cost of the Fair Booth. The email for information is jeffkeenan@gmail.com

  2. Food booth: The cost is $400 and email for that is carrj6559@gmail.com

  1. Members/Credit cards: Question on wanting a WestConsin Credit Card. Tabled until the decision about a bar manager.

  2. Wayne Myers~ Black Bear Rug Donation: We were offered a bear. After some discussion it was decided to pass on it as we don’t wish to pay for the tanning, etc at this time.

  3. Pull Tabs: We can’t sell Pull Tabs without a License. We have sold some in the past, but we need to remind people that our License does not cover Pull Tabs. Do not sell Pull Tabs.

  4. Invitations ~ Please understand that as a Board that we need to conduct business, and we need to be savvy of who attends the Board meetings. (for example, people requesting funds that may not be on the agendas or in the matter of hiring, etc for the club.)

  5. Potholes in Driveway: Will try to fix a few with some cold mix that is sold at Fleet Farm and wait until spring to do major repairs.

  6. Operation Tip-Up: Was contacted by a Veterans Outreach program out of Sparta that would like us to host Operation Tip-Up, a Salute to our American Heros. Scheduled for January 14. Do we as a club want to help with this event?

  7. Dock Update: Called Dick Henning about the Dock that was supposed to be gifted to Fish and Game. Trying to figure out which dock is ours.

  8. Other:

  1. Thank you to Bill Schutts for his work on the Pavilion and on talking to folks about Operation Tip Up.

  2. Concern that the building is not handicapped accessible. Going to look into what it would take to have an entrance that would be more handicapped accessible, as some of the motorized scooter types can’t get up an inch “step”.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Minutes ~General Meeting

September 23, 2013

    1. Call to Order

    2. Pledge of Allegiance. President Gary Schwoch lead the group in the Pledge.

    3. Secretary's Report: Martha Stratton

Al Finder moved and Mike Benzel seconded a motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter and posted to the web. Motion carried.

    1. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts

We have just a little more in the checking account than we had last month as the Banquet Money has come in. Mike Benzel moved and Rod Bahr seconded a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Motion carried.

    1. Correspondence: Gary Schwoch

Thank you from Michael LaRock. Letter complaining about Pheasant points being used as Monster Bucks. Letter was unsigned and passed onto the Banquet Committee.

    1. Executive Committee Report: Gary

President Gary Schwoch presented the Executive Committee Report (See Report). Board met Thursday, September 19. There won’t be as many keys checked out. Need to turn in your key. The Board started working on a business plan. Plans for a Wedding Planner, Kitchen Manager, Bar Manager. Paul has done a great job, but we want to step it up and have a more profitable club. Working on fair plan. Thanks to Dave Kraft . Dave Moore moved and Jerome Evenson seconded a motion to accept the Executive Committee's report. Motion carried.

    1. DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Carstens, Chad Mogen

Pheasant season is coming up. Looking at Wednesday, October 9, at 0930 to release the DNR pheasants. Requesting help from Club members. 23rd, Eau Claire DNR Office 29th , at DNR Office in Baldwin. Both at 7 p.m. for Public comment for the Doctor Deer. (look up Deer Report – on the DNR Website.)

    1. Dunn Country Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz

Waiting to hear back from Stewardship Fund.

    1. Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Jim Thompson, Russ Hitz, Al Marotz

No Report

Standing/Special Committee Reports

  1. Bar Management: Paul Jacobson

7 bookings for the Rest of this year.

  1. Blue Bird Houses: Stan Huftel

Looking for 2X4. If anyone has any, or knows of some please contact Stan.

  1. Buildings & Grounds: Scott Seston

No Report

  1. Fall Banquet: Dave Moore

Meeting on Thursday night, October 7, at 7 p.m., This is the banquet Wrap-up.

Dave Moore and Duke Holmberg sold 80 books, Gary Buss, Mike Kistner were also top sellers. Thank you to all that sold Tickets.

  1. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller

No Report.

  1. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong, Dave Moore

Made about $600 last month. Need about 5 workers yet. Please see Bob Delong if you can help. Will need to clean the building tomorrow evening as there are events and the cleaning person is unable to come in between now and then.

  1. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry

No Report

  1. Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg

107 students went through this building. Hunter Ed brought in about $1500 to the bar.

  1. Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Kistner, Les Kuesel

Have the first Ice Fishing contest meeting, mainly to talk about the poster after the Banquet Meeting.

  1. Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg

Thank everyone for making Curt and Bonnie’s Surprize 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday successful. The Kitchen is locked, there are four keys. See Bonnie if you need to get in the kitchen. Bonnie announced that her Daughter Tillie has closed her restaurant. Tillie will be working now for Lammer’s Food Fest. Bonnie will be serving Pork Sandwiches, Cole Slaw and Al Finder’s Corn tonight after the meeting. Thank you Bonnie for cooking and Thank you Al for growing such great corn and donating it to the club.

  1. Legislative/Xcel Energy: Mike Benzel

United Sportsman of Wisconsin got a ½ million grant. Wisconsin Wildlife Federation also applied. The grant was pulled as there seemed to be questions about the United Sportsman of Wisconsin group. McKiness Wildlife was closed, but all of a sudden $239,000 “appeared.” There is a bill to close the mine area to public access.

  1. Membership: Wayne Wilson

New member, Brian Clowley.

  1. Pheasant Rearing: Bob Kistner, Scott Seston

September 30, 5 p.m. to clean up the brooder house, Pheasant release is October 12 at 0730 a.m.

  1. Policy review Board. Josh Risler

No Report.

  1. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg

J&K poured concrete at the range. Worked on the Pistol Berm. Need to do railings. Kevin Henderson donated his equipment to fill in the berms. Charged for the dirt and Sand that was used. Thank you to Kevin Henderson and Kevin Smeltzer for donating time. Need some experienced fence builder. Had a donation from the Lions club of $1200, and $500 from Sam Gehring, State Farm Insurance for Range projects and maintenance.

  1. Scholarship: Wayne Wilson

Balance is staying on an uphill trend. Staying over the $50,000 sustainable amount.

  1. Sunshine/Memorials: Martha Stratton and Dave Moore

Nothing was sent to Dave Moore for his stay in the Hospital, but he was well cared for in the hospital and at home.

  1. Top Gun Banquet: Len Frank, Pookie Albright, Gary Schwoch

No Report

  1. Women On Target: April Cowan

No Report

  1. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen

Youth Squirrel Hunt. October 25, 26, 27. Was able to get a $600 grant to help with expense. Meeting at 7 p.m. on October 7.

Old Business:

  1. Computer Update: The New Computer is working. Thank you to the Club for the purchase. It is really handy and needed, especially during events.

  2. Dock Arrival. We need move the dock before a wedding on October 2.

  3. Other

New Business

  1. Dock Chairman~Tabled until Spring

  2. Pull Tab License~

  3. Operation Tip-Up (Disabled Ice Fishing Event). They will be coming here to look at the facilities and see if this location will work for their event.

  4. Catch up Work Meeting. Wednesday October 2, at 5 p.m. Work on Dock, Pavilion, Walking trail, etc. Will need to bring some rakes.

Calendar Items:

  1. September 23: Regular Membership Meeting: 7 p.m.

  2. September 24: Harmon Chicken Supper: Serving 5-7:15 p.

  3. September 30: Brooder Cleanup 5 p.m.

  4. October 2: Work Meeting, 5 p.m.

  5. October 2: Rifle and Pistol Meeting 7 p.m.

  6. October 3: (Catch up Work Meeting, If not all done) 5 p.m.

  7. October 5-6: Range Site in.

  8. October 5-6: Youth Gun Deer Hunt

  9. October 7: Youth Squirrel Hunt 7 p.m.

  10. October 7: Banquet Meeting: 7 p.m.

  11. October 7: Ice Fishing Contest Meeting. 7 p.m.

  12. October 8: Work on Fences at the Range. 9 a.m. at the Range

  13. October 9: DNR Pheasant Release 9:30 a.m.

  14. October 12: Pheasant Release 7:30 a.m.

  15. October 21: Harmon Chicken Supper Set Up 5:30 p.m.

  16. October 22: Harmon Chicken Supper: Serving 5-7:15 p.m.

  17. October 22: Deer Trustee Public Meeting, Eau Claire DNR Office 7 p.m.

  18. October 25: Pheasant Hunt Knapp Hill Tree Farm (Banquet Fundraiser) 9 a.m.

  19. October 26-27: Youth Squirrel Hunt

  20. October 28: Regular Membership Meeting: 7 p.m.

  21. October 29: Deer Trustee Public Meeting, Balwin DNR Office 7 p.m.


Meat-Dave Pechmiller

Meat – Galen Fox

Meat- Rod Bahr

Meat- Dave Moore

Meat-Dave Leach

NRA – Chad Mogen


Mike Kistner made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Melody Gossett seconded. Motion carried.