Dunn County Fish & Game monthly meeting – January 26, 2014

Present: Kellen Cassellius, Melody Gossett, Curt Hagberg, Gary Schwoch, Jim Thompson, Dave Pechmiller, Jim Cleven, Garrett Sinz, Les Kuesel, Gary Buss, Pookie Albrecht, Russ Hitz, Bill Schutts

Executive Board Meeting - 6pm

Got estimates on refinishing the flooring upstairs:

- $6,825 – Erickson Flooring (Eau Claire) – included is the job of covering everything to keep the dust/dirt down.

- $6,050 Menomonie Flooring – sanding and refinish –they didn’t seem very excited about doing our floor.

- $5,500 Kistner Custom Woodwork (Kevin Kistner) – will do 4 coats poly with sanding, he is the on.ly one who offers a warranty, he is a DCF&G donor – can we afford to alienate him?

How long has it been since the upstairs floor has been sanded? >15 years (2+ years since it was last buffed).

Since we have $10,000 to put into a CD, there was discussion regarding putting some of that into the upstairs wood floors. Everything else has been redone upstairs, just the floors are left to redo. Once done, there will be just touchups every few years. We will need to check all tables and chairs for plastic protective feet.

The Dairy State Bank president said we should invest that money back in to the building (floor).

Should we do the floors this summer? (wood expanding/contracting). Possibly after the national fishing tournament coming up? Curt will talk to Kevin Kistner regarding removing stains between slats and about gapping. - General membership will need to vote on this.

Edward Jones-Schroeder account – Bill needs to sign at Edward Jones (at WestConsin Credit Union) and Bridget needs to sign it – about $4500 will be needed to keep the trail clean. We put it in Dairy State Bank in a regular savings account, where it will be easy to use for the landing, landscaping, or whatever for the trail.

So far we have $3,000-3,200 into the trial (NSP did electric free), suggested the remainder go to the youth fund. Stout will assist for landscaping work. We still need to do lights and signs. Bill will write a check for amount to club.

Dobbs Landing – no new information, expecting some in a month. Our share was how much? Is it for sale? (rumor) (If so, Hellendrung wants to buy it back.) It is not ‘for sale’, it is a private transaction between parties – it is less than 40 acres, was donated to the Dunn County Fish & Game – there is no difference in the status of it, but we should put some signs up: “Donated by Hellendrungs”.

Old Business: the issue of replacing the old bar top fell through. Steve Kothlow sold his stuff but had the option to get enough back to refinish the bar top, but the guy who bought it sold it on E-bay. We could have had it done for $2 a foot, which was very cheap. It is now a dead issue.

Lock: Schlage lock – industrial lock for $20 ($400 value) for gun safe. No twist tumbler, key only. The key for this safe should be separate from all other keys.

New Business: Budget items:

  1. Dunn County Sportsmen’s Alliance $25 (membership dues)- Scott Sinz paid it for us.

  2. Dunn Gobblin’ Longspurs have left us to have their meetings at the Stout Ale House – Pookie suggested we make it easy for them to come back – (they spend a good amount of money at our bar and they support our fall banquet), we should let them use the clubhouse for free.

Hunter’s Safety Budget:

Jim feels we need to talk to all sportsmen’s groups (Alliance) so we give each other support instead of passing donations back and forth. Once a year we could get together with these area groups and all get in the same direction. They could have their banquets here.

Bill – brought a copy of the Menomonie community magazine/pamphlet that the Chamber puts out. He said we could rent a small box space for $250 to advertize that the building is available for event and meeting rentals. It would keep our name in front of people.

Approved budget items for 2014:

Dunn county Sportsman Alliance $25.00

Dunn Goblin Longspurs (NWTF) $250.00

Menomonie Chamber of Commerce $150.00

NRA Banquet (Sponsor) $1250.00

Red Cedar Pheasants Forever $250.00

Red Cedar Women Pheasants Forever $250.00

Red Cedar P.F. Youth Fair $250.00

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation $350.00

U.S. Sportsman Alliance $250.00

Whispering Emeralds Ridge Youth Fair $250.00

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation $75.00

Women on Target $400.00

Ice Fishing Contest $1700.00

Fish Crib $500.00

Corn Beef and Cabbage $500.00

Youth Items

Ice Fishing Contest $300.00

Bullfrog Fishing Event $1500.00

Black-powder Shoot $300.00

Squirrel Hunt $300.00

Veterans Shoot $250.00

Regular Membership Meeting – 7pm

Secretary’s Report – motion made to pass the reading, seconded

Treasurer’s Report – Dairy State Bank rented the building with about 90 people attending

Correspondence – none

Gary Schwoch and Chad Mogen happy to be off of the executive committee

2013 budget was read and approved

The door locks have been changed and there are new keys.

Anything regarding the clubhouse calendar MUST be on Shari’s calendar – need to call her to add events. On the clubhouse website rental is the one we need to use for scheduling for building.

The club has purchased a laptop, it is not to leave the building – it is to be used for the meeting minutes, credit cards, PowerPoint presentations. It cost $200 and was purchased from Stout Surplus.

Pheasant committee – Rich was asked to sit in (audit); we have had 2 meetings; various topics were discussed; it has been very educational for all members present; Bob, Paul & Scott have stepped down as caretakers of the program. The question is – do we really want to raise birds?

A show of hands determined that 50% of membership wants to raise pheasants this year; 10% voted no.

If we do, we need a committee of at least 6 members, more like 10. These 6 people would not have to do all the work – they would be the organizers.

Volunteers need to work too. Work nights would have to be attended by many.

The DNR needs to know by March 5 if we plan to raise birds.

Paper ballots was passed out and all voted: there were 22 yes votes; 19 no votes.

The 2014 pheasant committee consists of: Bill Schutts, Mike Benzel, Pookie Albrecht, Curt Hagberg, Melody Gossett, Dave Pechmiller, Dave Frank

Holland suggested not raising them for one year – instead put that money toward building addition. Jerome says if we do that, we won’t get back to raising them again. Holland said we have always had a chairman. Someone clarified that we can’t put the money into the building – it is designated as conservation money only.

Have a show of hands who wants to feed them, work with them, move them to pens, blinders, bag up corn, etc

DNR Report: Jess: Rule package -, a big process, went out to 35 public hearings, they were very poorly attended, the public meetings were split, there was no clear direction the public wanted to take

Went back to the ‘drawing board,’ retooled the package, came up with state will be divided into 4 zones:

  1. Northern Forest – 1 buck tag

  2. Southern Farmland – traditional 9-day hunt, antlerless $12

  3. Central Farmland – traditional 9-day hunt + Dec antlerless 4-day gun hunt (0 holiday hunt around here)

  4. Central Forest – 1 buck tag

In 2015, when antlerless tag (specific for county), bonus tag on private land or public land? If on both, need 2 separate tags. Number of tags on public land determined by number of tags and how much public land in that county. First come-first served only.

DNR is moving away from number of deer per square mile

DMAP – Deer Management ______________ participant.

Online and telephone deer registration is coming – pilot program. Someone asked: will there still be registration at bars, Jess doesn’t know.

In the news a while ago: surplus lands for sale – a couple of parcels in Dunn Co, they were all landlocked, 20 acres near Pleasant Valley Tree Farm; Avis Ranney land (120 acres) also landlocked. Jess has until March 1 to do a review on these parcels

Options for ownership:

  1. Other units of gov’t have first pick

  2. Neighboring landowners have 2nd pick

  3. General public has last option

Bear drawing – in the process

Dunn County Alliance : Dan Prestebak - can drive on lake after 9pm.

Dobbs Landing land purchase

Have applied

$153,000 purchase price (total $300,000) – NAWKA (?) grant for $150,000

Hellendrung property – must be deeded to Alliance. The Alliance would get a 7-page grant easement, could be used for hunting, fishing, trapping – no motorized vehicles.

Fish & Game owns property up on Hwy K.

Jim T made a motion that DCF&G deed the Hellendrung property to Alliance, Scott seconded – tabled until 1-2 people go and talk to the Hellendrungs. First, someone from DCF&G should talk to them, they donated it to F&G, we would be using it as collateral to buy more land.

First need to find out if we get the NAWKA grant, public relations problem we need to deal with.

We need to get absolute approval from the Hellendrungs – they gave us the land – we need to diplomatically get approval for this venture. We need to be very careful about how we approach this. We need to get their blessing. We don’t want them to think we are just going to sell it for profit.

[after the meeting, Jim, Kellen, and Gary to meet and discuss this issue]

At this point, Paul stood up and said that a rumor was going around that he had been fired from the bartending position. He said his wife, Dianne heard it at the bar in Downsville from the representative from the Downsville sportsman club who received the information at the Alliance meeting. Gary Schwoch said no, it did not come from the Alliance meeting. Gary then explained that he presented to the Alliance group that the DCFG position of the bar manager was to hire a non-member who has had bar management experience. This was confirmed by 2 other DCFG members who were at the Alliance meeting. Another false rumor was that the Turkey group chose to have their banquet at the Stout Ale House because of Paul being fired. NOT TRUE. Their reason was so they could have all their activities on one level AND because our clubhouse was “dirty.”

Kellen will put something in the paper regarding Paul’s stepping down.

Bluebird houses: Stan – nothing

Bldg & Grounds: Kellen – flickering light on yard sign; need to check EXIT lights, they are dim (are they up to code?); some are burnt out

Fall Banquet: Pookie – meeting in February TBA

Fish Cribs: Dave P – logs are here, supposed to drill holes 2 weeks ago, Holland was the only one who showed up.

February 1 to drill holes – 9am - NOFeb 15 (Sat) – need a crew to drill holes and build them (start @ 9am), the turkey feed is at 5pm.

Harmon Chicken: Bob – John Harmon called Bob, the dinners will be the 4th Tuesday of each month except May (Memorial Day), which will be the 5th Tuesday each month. There will be no increase in cost. One change is that Knaack’s will no longer be taking the reservations.

We will use round tables, can seat 32 at a time (easily) – Dairy State Bank had 90 people served with only 2 servers. Bob will have pocket calendars and posters made up. Dave Moore has also volunteered to co-chair

Hunters Against Hunger: Ron – (not here)

Hunter Ed: Duke – Quality class – last one – sign up March 6.

Youth: Jim/Chad – nothing

Ice Fishing Contest: Mike K – will need at least 3 people to work in the tent kitchen at the landing. Tickets are still available – turn in your sold ones!

Kitchen: Bonnie thanked all who worked at the VOW event. Menu for the ice fishing contest: cinnamon rolls, jumbo hot dogs from Spring Brook meats, BBQ sandwiches, chili, chicken noodle soup, baked beans. We now have 9 or 10 roasters. Bonnie asked members to have their wives donate a pan of bars for the turkey feed.

Membership: Kellen – dues are due by the end of March.

Policy Review Board: Rich – thanks us for our support.

Rifle Range: Duke – go to website, people are shooting even in the subzero weather. An employee of Fleet Farm donated several pheasant prints to hang on the walls.

Sunshine Fund: Martha – Joanie’s mother passed away, card from Bob Stratton turned up that had never been mailed to Jim Cleven.

Top Gun: Pookie – wants to have a meeting after the club meeting tonight.

Legislation: Mike B – nothing, it’s already been covered.

Women on Target: April – (not here)

VOW: Bill – thanks Jim Swanson for the great article in the Dunn County News. Eau Claire Leader did an article too. Several news stations were present, including TV13, TV18, Channel 12; film crews were here from Milwaukee. All vets anyone spoke with said “I hope you’re doing it next year.” All positive feedback. The results: we raised $2,800 in donations, $77 in the buckets, Gary Buss and Les Kuesel generated thousands of dollars worth of prizes, all given to vets. This Thursday at Kyode’s at 9am will divide up the money for veteran’s associations. (in all, $4,541.00).

Also the Menomonie Chamber gave us $1500 toward this event – had 111veterans + 99 immediate family members. We had folks from Wounded Warrior Project, IRAQ/AFGHAN vet’s organization, among others. Our club made $916.46, the bar made $616. Kitchen: vets ate free, as did their immediate family members. Workers also ate free. Numerous vets said those football players were the most respectful kids they’ve ever seen. Joe LaBuda stayed by his kids all through the day.

Paul said he had 3 women in his shack who had never fished a day in their life – next year he would like to host a guy.

Gary Buss said he felt this was one of the best events we have ever hosted.

Garrett Sinz: we have the opportunity to buy a nacho machine from Tilli’s, plus 3 shelves ($350), need a vote to accept since it is over $250. Les made a motion, it was seconded.

Calendar Items:

January 27 – 7pm – Regular Membership Meeting

January 31 – Top Gun Banquet

February 5 – Pistol Club Meeting -Downstairs

February 4 – 6pm – Executive Board Meeting

7pm – Ice Fishing Contest Meeting

February 7 – 5pm – Ice Fishing Contest Meeting

February 8 -11am-3pm – DCF&G Annual Ice Fishing Contest

February 11 – Range Supervisor Dinner

February 15 – 9am – Build Fish Cribs (with Stout students)

Walmart Fishing Contest

5pm – Turkey Feed for DCF&G Members and Families

February 21, 22 & 23 - NAIFC Ice Fishing Contest

February 24 – 6pm – Executive Committee Meeting

7pm – Regular Membership Meeting

March 6 – sign up for Quality Hunter Ed Class

Meat drawings:

Bob Giede-meat

Holland Millar-meat

Scott Seston-NRA membership

Jerome Evenson-meat

Nick Kaiser-meat

Dave Moore-meat

Wayne Wilson-meat