Dunn County Fish & Game Meeting February 24, 2014

Executive Board Meeting - 5:30pm

PRESENT: Garrett Sinz, Jim Thompson, Dave Pechmiller, Gary Buss, Les Kuesel, Bill Schutts, Kellen Cassellius, Pookie Albrecht, Gary Schwoch, Curt Hagberg, Jim Cleven, Melody Gossett, Russ Hitz

  1. Building Rental: Discussed rental prices and guidelines for the building. Garrett will put together a comprehensive list to be reviewed at our next meeting.

  2. Annual Budget: Annual budget items voted on and passed at the January meeting will be included in the February minutes.

  3. CD vs. Floor: It had been suggested that the club would actually benefit more financially by investing in our building instead of putting any excess funds into a CD (which currently offers a poor rate of return). In January Curt Hagberg had submitted 3 bids from flooring companies that had offered to resurface of upstairs floor. Garrett Sinz moved; seconded by Gary Buss; to extend the contract to Kistner's Custom Wood Floors. They will sand and apply 4 coats of finish at a cost of $5,500. Motion passed unanimously.

  4. Hellendrung Property: Gary Buss reported on a discussion he had with a granddaughter, Trisha Schaff, of the lady that had donated the property to the club. It was her opinion that using the Hellendrung property as leverage to purchase the Dobbs Landing property was very acceptable and a good use of the property.

  5. Pheasant Committee: Committee has met and divided up responsibilities among its members. They will be requesting 2,500 birds this year.

  6. By-Laws: The executive board will meet at a separate time to review the clubs by-laws.

  7. Bar Report: Drink Prices for Work Meetings:

$1.00 beer and/or bar rail drinks.

$2.00 Specialty Beer or Top Shelf drinks:

Metal mesh curtain to cover top shelf liquor discussed, tabled.

Security cameras discussed, tabled

Bartender needs to be present anytime the bar is open.

  1. Charge for using our Speaker & Projector System: discussed, tabled.

  2. Top Gun Banquet: Profit just under $4,000. 33 people attended

  3. Eagle Scout Logan LaRock gave a presentation about his project involving signage at the Downsville Boat Landing. Signs will include fishing regulations as well as a history of the local logging industry and Native Americans. Total cost for the project is $1,370. He still needed $262. Jim Thompson moved; seconded by Gary Buss: to contribute $250. Motion passed unanimously. Dave Pechmiller kicked in $12. He's good to go.

11.Stout Marketing Report: Bill found a Stout marketing report from 2010 which was done by 5 Stout students. They were given four areas to look at for the club – our aging membership, changes to increase event planning and building rental and use, the décor of the building, and Harmon dinners. These students interviewed people and sent out surveys. This project would have cost the club thousands of dollars to have it done professionally; the students did it for nothing to us. At the time nothing was done about this marketing review. It was probably discussed and put in a drawer. But starting in 2013 the Board started these changes without knowledge of the Stout project. These were all areas we had problems with. We need to make more use of the untapped Stout student population. Gary Buss suggested we THANK these students (which have probably all graduated and moved on now), and also suggested we have Henry or Ryan sit in on Board meetings.

12.Membership committee: Jim Thompson and Garrett Sinz will co-chair)

Garrett said to get younger members to join (and stay) we need to make this place enjoyable, need to have shorter meetings, need to be more social. Gary Buss said: 1) we have 2 new ladies joining tonight – we need no more outbursts, should keep reports to 5 minutes or less, and 2) we have to be careful with being mean to committee chairmen. Garrett suggests having 2 general meetings of committees instead of 7 separate committee meetings.

Gary Buss mentioned we should explain at each meeting what the meat raffle is. New members find it confusing and wonder what the money goes for.


Old Business:

CD Proposal: it was suggested that we move some funds in our checking account to a CD. With a CD, we would still be able to get hold of funds. In the October Executive meeting Martha Stratton made a motion that $10,000 be put into a CD with the hopes of saving for the new floor, Les Kuesel seconded. Motion carried. Les Kuesel made a motion to have three people to sign for the CD, and suggested president, vice president and treasurer. Chad Mogen seconded. Motion carried. Dairy land State Bank president recommended that we use the money instead for immediate floor improvements. In January Curt presented 3 bids from different businesses that would sand and refinish the floor. Curt will gather information before presenting to the club.

Dobbs Landing: Gary Buss to make contact. Everything was a positive result; we are moving forward.

New Business:

  1. Annual budget items: Were voted and passed, minutes need to be re-sent to club (including that they were passed).

  2. Pheasant committee: review of progress

  3. Cleaning of clubhouse: when we donate the use of the clubhouse at no charge, what groups do we charge $50 for cleaning, and what groups don’t we charge? Create a list of who we don’t charge to help us be consistent. Create a list so Sherry has a template to follow – review template.

  4. By-laws: review proposed new by-laws of 2009. Changes need to be made. Bar manager, etc. need a committee for that?

  5. Midwest Coin Machine: new machines for basement?

  6. Bar report: Garrett

  7. Meet Paul: an attempt of the Executive Board to meet with Paul and review the rumors that allegedly started form the Downsville Sportsmen’s club was delayed due to bad weather. Need to reschedule.

  8. Top Gun Banquet: review

  9. Logan – Eagle Scout project (at 6:30) to talk to Board about project

  10. Review of Stout marketing report from 2010: events booking, Harmon dinners, aging membership, décor of facility

  11. Operation Tip-Up: recap/donations


Dunn County Fish & Game General Membership Meeting February 24, 2014

General Membership Meeting 7pm

President Kellen called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken.

Secretary’s Report: Melody Gossett – there were several budget items missing from last month’s minutes. Corrections from last month: Dave Moore and Martha Stratton handle the Sunshine Fund, not Pookie, and Thinking of You cards were sent to Joan May for the loss of her mother and to Les Kuesel for surgery he had. Also need to correct a part about Hunter’s Safety, it should read Downsville Sportsmen’s club. Mike Benzel accepted the corrections, Curt Hagberg seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Schutts - we have $36,104.17 in the Association’s account. $3,410.86 is in the Bar and Building fund, which splits the costs. Treasurer’s Report accepted by Al Finder; Rich Leventhal seconded.

Correspondence: Kellen - club received a thank you card from Al Finder.

Executive Committee Report: Kellen - wanted to talk about the floor upstairs (couldn’t last month because of disturbance); discussion of replacement was tabled because of cost. Curt got bids from 3 candidates:

  1. $6,800 from Eau Claire

  2. $6,150 from Menomonie Flooring

  3. $5,500 from Kistner Flooring (which the Board unanimously approved)

Each would sand the floors, set a few nails. Our upstairs floor is still in good shape, set a few nails, one beam to be reset. Sanding floor is considered maintenance on the building; replacement would be a separate issue. The Board took the low bid, will be the same amount of work; will include a 2-year maintenance plan, of buffing, etc. Discussion of when the floor was last buffed: some say three years ago; last sanded 10+years ago. When Dairy State bank rented our building for their event, the club was going to put $10,000 into a CD with Dairy; the president of the bank told Bill that we should put that same $10,000 into the building and will get a much better return on our money.

Cleaning of clubhouse – need a consistent list of rental of the building. Some people get to use the building for free, some pay some, some pay full amount (depending on amount of cleanup involved).

Taking a vote on redoing the floors upstairs by all PAID UP members present.

YES – 40, NO – 3

DNR Report: Jess- handed out brochure for deer hunting rule changes for 2014. The future of meetings will be in this format: __________ Board will host meetings in the future, spring meetings to hear about deer. The deer count was down here- and all around, the goal is to hold herd numbers stable – gauging public consensus – what direction to go? This is a transition year, will try to hold herd numbers stable.

Endowment Fund – started a few years ago – now at $47,000.

Lower Chippewa River Wildlife Alliance group – DCF&G hasn’t made any contributions lately, they are asking the Board to consider honoring our commitment to them. There is a Lower Chippewa meeting Monday night, please contact Jess Carstens.

Floors will be started tomorrow (Tuesday, February 25), we have a short window of time between events (6 days).

Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak/Scott Sinz - Hellendrung property – Gary Buss talked to Trish Schauff, grand-daughter of the people who donated the land, the rumor was 40 acres were going to be sold – it is not true. Buss said the reason he was given for the land to be donated was the Hellendrungs didn’t want the other side of the family to get it, so the DCF&G got it, she said don’t bother the grandparents about it. We will use it as collateral. Nothing will be done about contacting the other side of the family.

Bill Schutts made a motion to deed the Hellendrung land to the Dunn County Alliance as collateral WITH THE ASSURANCE THAT IT WILL BE DEEDED BACK TO THE DCF&G; Gary Buss seconded. A vote was taken with 31 in favor of this, 1 not in favor. It was agreed the land has to be surveyed and there will be a fee for that.

WI Conservation Congress Report: Jim/Russ Hitz/Al Marotz – there is a District meeting in March (date/time??), annual meeting in May (date/time??).

Bar Management: Garrett – Nick bought some new liquors- before we wanted to keep everything at cost, but now we need to charge more for top shelf liquors – need to charge $3 to members. Also discussed getting security cameras at bar.

Nick put together a plan to reduce inventory in the liquor room – members can buy bottles form Nick for 50cents above cost. If there is something special we want, Nick can order it.

Bird houses: Stan- no report.

Top Gun: Pookie – we made less than $4,000 on banquet, there were 33 people attending this year (18 returnees). Pookie said we would have made $300 more but he accidentally gave a gun away. We had an average of $220 over the $250 paid to attend. Gary Schwoch said we have to tweak it as we go. It is the luck of the draw with the numbers we get to attend. Gary is working on a survey this year to send out. Rich Leventhal won the first gun at this year’s event.

Twelve to thirteen people worked to put on this year’s banquet (including Stout students), there were no donations, no sponsorships, this event pays its own way. Gary and Len put in a lot of work.

Building and Grounds: Kellen – two exit lights will be replaced and an exhaust fan in the women’s upstairs restroom was replaced.

Fall Banquet: Dave Moore – we need to make changes to keep up (Pookie).

Rifle Range: Duke – Pistol Club member Don Bugalowski (sp?) fell and hit his head at the Great Escape and is on life support. At the time of this meeting tonight it is being decided whether to stop life support. He has been a controversial guy at the range.

The range has been doing well. Good turnouts, even with the sub-zero weather. Dirk from Durand brought 11 guys to show off our range.

Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller – they are out there, a dozen were built, thanks to all who worked, especially Holland Millar and the college kids, who were a big help. It was tough going with all the snow but we got them all out there. We used all the cement blocks, had a few extra logs, should put some more brush in a few of them. Dave thanks Bonnie for the lunch.

Gary Buss: Dave had his bobcat here several times to clean spots for cribs, the club needs to make a settlement with him and Holland too - they will put in a bill for their fuel and agree to donate their time.

Youth: Jim Cleven/Chad Mogen – had about 40 kids fishing, Dave Pechmiller plowed areas for kids to fish, Bonnie fed them, with help from Garrett. Stout students helped too. Prizes were left-over fish poles from last year’s national fishing event. All prizes were raffled off, all kids got a prize.

Thanks go to Gary Buss, Gary Schwoch, Garrett Sinz, Dave Frank, Les Kuesel. Thanks go to the NAIFC for providing all jig poles for the kids; the prizes for this event didn’t cost the club anything.

Harmon Dinners: Bob DeLong/Dave Moore – posters will be ready next month.

Hunter’s Education: Duke – class starts March 6, we’ll see how it goes. Once again, the class is getting support from Fleet Farm.

Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry – final report for 2013-14: 1,301 pounds of meat was donated this year. Last year, 1,339 lbs of meat were donated. This year 31 hunters donated, several gave 2 or 3 deer.

Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Kistner/Les Kuesel – It’s over. Thank everyone that did anything that day. No numbers yet. There will be a wrap-up meeting on Tuesday, March 11 at 7pm (clubhouse) then we will be done for this year.

One guy complained his new, still-in-the-box auger didn’t work – Pookie is working with the guy to resolve it.

Curt said we sold 4,560 tickets before that day, Dave Moore was the top seller with 113 books sold.

Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg -Thanks to everyone who in the past month has given help in the kitchen – Rich Leach, Les, Mike, Bill, Bob. Especially thank you to the new members who helped the day of the turkey feed, they are Stout students and Bonnie wants to thank them for the work they’ve done.

Bonnie is going to the Twin Cities to get some new knives. She will sit down with Pookie and Bill and show them how much the club can save by going to Sam’s Club for supplies, she is willing to go. Any objections, talk to Bonnie. Gary Buss asked how many events did Bonnie cook for this past month? She didn’t know off-hand, but got applause anyway.

Bonnie introduced our two newest club members –now called Bonnie’s Girls: Pam Kiel of Fairchild, WI, and Amber Casper of Denmark, WI.

Legislative/Excel Energy: Mike Benzel – the rules of trout fishing are changing again – make sure to read the regulations.

Membership: Kellen->Jim Thompson and Garrett Sinz – there is $6,227.87 in the account.

Pheasant Rearing: new committee: Mike Benzel, Dave Pechmiller, Curt Hagberg, Dave Frank, Melody Gossett, Pookie Albrecht, and Bill Schutts. In the past there has been a lot of pressure put on 1 to 2 people so we now have a seven-member committee; each member has a specific area of responsibility. Reports are to start in March. (birds will be ordered in March)

Policy review: Rich Leventhal – no report.

Scholarship: Kellen - $58,692.51 in account; $2,800 paid out on 2014.

Sunshine Fund: Dave Moore/Martha Stratton – a plant was sent to the funeral of Lottie Finder, Al Finder’s mother.

Women on Target: April Cowen – they are going to try to have their annual event in September and raise the entry fee up to $15. April says in December $289.39 is what the Women on Target group cost the club. The first meeting will be on Wednesday, March 19 at 6pm at the clubhouse.


Wrap-up on VOW/Operation Tip-Up event: we raised $4,540 and it all goes to the veterans. Veterans Outdoor World suggested (and Tom Koranski and Bill Schutts tweaked a bit):

Midwest Extreme Outdoors to get $200 (they gave over $2500 to give to vets);

Menomonie VFW Honor Guard to get $200;

Iraq-Afghanistan Veterans of America to get $500 (they had 10 veterans here);

Disabled American Veterans to get $500 (for their van);

Gold Star Mothers to get $350 (they are very active in the state, very strong in Madison);

Wounded Warrior Project to get $500 (they had 5 vets here this year; next they will bring 50);

VOW to get $2,100 to cover expenses for this event;

Dairyland Veteran’s Outdoor Retreat (Up North) to get $290 – converted to cabins for veteran’s use for outdoor recreation.

Every major ice fishing manufacturer in the country has contacted Bill, they all want to be involved next year. Jack Link’s jerky will give $2500 in cash next year.

We had 4 TV stations here to film the event, when major guys call and say ‘we want to play,’ we have done something right.

Holland: Can we take the tent down now? Yes.

Next year’s VOW/Operation Tip-Up event will be January 9 and 10, 2015. And we will have a guest appearance of the Sasquatch from Jacks Links.

Ice Shacks: need to be off the ice by Monday, March 3 (south of Hwy 64).

In 2010 there was a marketing research project done by a group of Stout students for a class regarding our clubhouse. They looked at 4 areas to improve in our organization. This paper was just discovered in the files. The areas were:

  1. Our aging membership

  2. Reduced event planning/use of the building

  3. Harmon Chicken dinners

  4. The décor of the clubhouse

This research would have cost thousands of dollars if we had hired someone to do them; it cost us nothing. It was presented to someone at the time and was ignored. Because of ignoring it, we lost some income in business. We have addressed all of these issues recently.

On April 3rd the annual NRA Banquet will be held in Eau Claire at the Ramada Inn, starting at 5 pm. This is a top fund raiser in Wisconsin.

On St Patrick’s Day, March 17, we will host the annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Feed at 5pm. The money was previously approved for this event. Al May made a motion to adjourn, Holland Millar seconded, motion passed.

NAIFC report: Bob Giede – 32-35 teams competed this year, they had to work for the fish they caught. Jeremy Schutts go t the first-place crappie. It was a good tourney, they liked the town, the people, the involvement of the Chamber. The Chamber will find out in June if this event will be funded next year.

Les was wondering if anyone had seen two boxes with the envelopes the prizes were in for the contest, they were moved and couldn’t be found. (They are in the vault)

Calendar Events:

Monday, March 3, 2014 – deadline for ice shacks to be off the lake (south of Hwy 64)

Thursday, March 6, 2014 – (time??) Hunter’s Ed class starts (meets every Tues & Thurs except Spring Break)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 –7 pm - Wrap-up meeting for the Ice Fishing Contest

Monday, March 17, 2014 – 5 pm - Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 – 6 pm -Women on Target first meeting

Thursday, April 3, 2014 – NRA Banquet - Eau Claire (?????)


  1. Jess Carstens – 1st membership Pheasants Forever meal/$100 of Funny Money

  2. Curt Hagberg – meat tray

  3. Tom Koranski – meat tray

  4. Nick Huston – meat tray

  5. Joel Radke –meat tray

  6. Gary Buss – meat tray

  7. Bob Giede – Kyote’s Den $10 gift certificate (donated by Al Finder)

  8. Rod Finder – Kyote’s Den $10 gift certificate (donated by Al Finder)

  9. Bonnie Hagberg – NRA membership – donated to Youth

  10. Amber Casper – 2nd Pheasants Forever meal/$100 of Funny Money

From now on the meat tray drawings will only be available to PAID members.

Garrett made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mike Benzel.