DCF&G Executive Board Meeting March 25, 2014

Old business

1. We need club approval for granting over $100 to an entity outside organization - when we do (noted $250 to Logan LaRock of Eagle Scouts last month, the Board overstepped) - we'll explain to Club and vote on it.

New business

1. Pheasant Committee - requested 2500 pheasants. A budget needs to be proposed for this year.

Cost is ~$10,000 to budget (to buy a bird costs $20) - costs $1000 first month alone for electricity (for brooder houses);

-ran flood lights every day.

-almost $8000 in feed

-maintenance, electricity (probably never been tracked before)

~ $3-4/bird for feed

-no turkeys this year

Curt made motion to budget up to $10,000 to raise the birds, Melody seconded - passed.

Need to have general membership vote on budget for the birds, if not, see what number they would allow for raising the birds.

Repair of pens will be needed - netting is all down.

(will keep track of costs for this year - will be sure to put the amount in a proposal for general membership next year) won't ask for a vote tonight for pheasant budget.

Bill will say when the birds will be ordered, and will need to set up a work date for pen repair.

Bylaws: need a committee - will be the Board - will need one meeting dedicated to going over the bylaws.

The 2009 version was edited but has not been approved. Need to use both copies when we do the review.

Board Meeting - Tuesday, April 8 @ 6pm -- Bylaw meeting - Board only. Break into small groups discuss, get back together.

Possible changing of bank - from Westconsin Credit Union to Dairy State Bank (issue of checks bouncing)

Kitchen: Bonnie - G&K offers new rugs for inside of entrances with our logo on them - they would pick up 2/mo. They also could supply us with linens - lots of calls for linens for weddings.

Rugs - wash, clean, put down - would be total of $70/mo. ($840/yr)

- we would make money on linens

- we would lose business if we don't get linens - will save wear and tear on the floor at the doorways.

- Pookie moves to go forward with linens need to present to gen membership.

Nate Anderson - Gilbert Creek - ask for help ($ and labor) - 1400 ft - state land - Trainor property

- gave $10,000 in past - no one else in Dunn Co (also doing Sand Creek in Dunn Co)

- will be working in August on Gilbert Creek

- Can he ask other groups?

Grant: we are committed to Dobbs Landing - $40,000-50,000. Sand mine might support us - might keep our cost down. (Nate will be up first at general membership mtg)

Cupboards bought for kitchen $150 from Hope Gospel Mission in Eau Claire. Pookie moves we reimburse Curt & Bonnie for them. Kellen seconded.

Scott & Duke: at Alliance meeting on 2nd Monday of the month - have a social at the clubhouse 1 night a month - different clubs - interest of conservation groups (conservation club, lake association, etc)

- card games, bean bag toss league, dart league - help members feel it isn't all work.

- club could pay for snacks at bar (Duke): need to put some fun back in this club, need to attract a younger crowd

Gary Buss - 25 years ago has a social night, every other Monday.

- example: wild feed recipe night

- invite new members and one old (inactive) member

-need a committee - Duke is chairman - talk to Stout kids

The Social committee - bring to general membership

Top Gun Banquet - Edward Jones account - through Wayne's son-in-law, funds go into land acquisition/maintenance fund. Pookie moves, Schwoch seconds.

Pookie: if current financial situation stays the same - proceeds from Top Gun Banquet will go to land acquisition fund - can do this by Sept when the $ is there from Fall Banquet. (withdrawn) (?) Have spent thousands of dollars in last 8 months on bldg and pheasant feed.

Bill went to other banks to see how they handle credit card accounts - Citizen's, Bremer, Dairy State.

Westconsin is a hassle to get into our accounts in there - very inconvenient to transfer $ from overdraft, etc.

Check with Steve Young - first established Association then separate accounts for building and bar.

Westconsin - Visa card

Dairy State - Elan credit card

Kellen will work with Bill on this - Bill feels this is too much hassle, too much time - next executive mtg

* Westconsin has been working with us on Dobbs Landing

- other option: 2 separate banks - spread out our money.

Review of Stout Marketing Report of 2010:

Stout kids did marketing brochure - doesn't replace our existing one (tri-fold) - STRICTLY FOR MARKETING THE BUILDING

-$236.05 to have Stout printing class print up 500 brochures - Buss makes a motion to purchase 500 from Stout printing class, Russ Hitz seconded.

Buss: Jeff Nass, Range Technician from NRA - goes around state inspecting shooting ranges. book a day and have 2 sessions on range improvement seminar - will call Shari (upstairs only - donate bldg??) Pookie moved to grant the request to donate the bldg for Nass to give range seminars, Kellen seconded.

Pookie: see if we could purchase through Stout Surplus a floor steamer and a floor buffer (2 separate items)

- allot up to $250/item - Bob Dodge is the contact.

Dunn County Fish & Game Monthly Meeting Monday, March 24, 2014

Pledge of Allegiance - Kellen

Secretary's Report - Melody Gossett

Treasurer's Report - Bill Schutts

Correspondence - Gold Star Mothers - thanks for donation

DAV - thanks for donation

Bill - through Operation Tip-Up - follows our charter of sportsmanship

Lance - VOW, Make-A-Wish and Bill presented Club member Tom Koranski (who has always wanted to go on an elk hunt) an award - going to Cash Creek Outfitters Grand Junction CO to go on an elk hunt - Jeff Minor - all expenses paid + $300 toward transportation. Lance will go with him.

Colorado Outdoor Veteran Guide School (?)

Lance: 400 fully grown adults who've never fished before.

Friends of Our Veterans - meat raffle at Great Escape

- trout pond at Wakanda Park for Freedom Fest (July 4th)

Executive Committee Report: donated $250 to Eagle Scout - under Article 8 cannot give more than $100 without general membership approval; we gave $250. We passed it okay - it is a done deal.

DNR Report: Jess Carstens - come to Spring Hearing, DNR want sot hear about any dead deer-turkeys that are found in the woods. They want to know how widespread he kill is. Spring Hearing - jess will have a quota recommendation - new zoning format.

will be taking feedback from audience - may change quota.

Jess: Lower Chippewa Alliance - corporate business membership $25 - good move for us to buy a membership. Gary Schwoch moved, Mike Benzel seconded.

Spring Hearing - April 14

Dunn County Alliance Report: Scott Sinz - Alliance - $3,000 from Stewardship for Dobbs Landing.

-all clubs will be meeting before April 10, then Alliance will meet - tentative - how much $ needed - $305,000 - looking at $30-40,000 do-able.

-full house, diverse group, much discussed

-Red Cedar Watershed Conference at Stout $45 to attend - proud to be in a county this conservation-minded

WI Conservation Congress: Russ Hitz - questionnaire

Nate Anderson - trout stream easements - 1300' on Gilbert Creek and Sand Creek, east of village of Sand Creek, work to be done in July and August.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

a) Bar Management: Nick - shirts available w/ logo on. Nick has liquor for sale - in back room - slightly over cost, the more we can sell, the better organized and the more room we have for new stuff that renting groups want. Bartenders wanted - see Nick.

b) Bluebird houses: Stan - new year, Boyceville, Knapp and maybe Downsville if he can get enough lumber. Will ask those from past - if interested, talk to Stan.

c) Building Rental: Shari - building will be featured in an upcoming issue of Queen of the Castle, something about Hidden Gems: wedding venues in WI.

Sunday - a bride and mom were ecstatic about how beautiful the building looked - the whole bldg, arbor, the trail, linens. Their first reaction was a gasp. We did something right.

d) Building and Grounds: Curt - last coat is on floor. All wastebaskets are on wheels to not mar floor finish. All chairs and tables now have rubber tips.

Bonnie - linens/rugs - when they fade in any way they are gone, pay for switching rugs every 2 months - will help protect floor.

Will make some money on the linens, brides want linens on the tables. G&K is the cheapest.

Scott Sinz made motion and Chad Mogen seconded to order rugs and linens.

e) Fall Banquet: Pookie - will do cash this year instead of guns/prizes. Total $1500. Books of six for $5. ($1 each). Monday, April 7 at 7pm is next banquet meeting.

This year the date is Saturday, August 16 - don't want it to interfere with any hunting season or other banquets.

f) Rifle Range: Duke - sixteen people used the range on Saturday. A guy from Black River Jeff Nass (Mass?) a range technician with the NRA, was visiting our range, took pictures - need to schedule seminars with him here on range improvement. He visits ranges around the state, will do 2 sessions in one day, watch the website (will be a weekday-1 during day, 1 in evening)

-Less than 7 girls interested in Women on Target.

-Range Protection Bill passed - noise, adjoining landowners, etc.

-Our range is being used.

-Range cleanup day - Saturday, April 26, starting at 8am.

g) Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller - six still need to be filled with brush; 4 are done. Should be done by Sunday - ice is getting thin at edges. We do need a lot help doing these fish cribs - the brush comes from the bank here.

Mike Benzel and Al Finder will finish them tomorrow, anyone who wants to help is welcome.

Buss: we need to reimburse Dave for his skid steer use.

h) Youth: Jim C - ice fishing contest - 40 kids - half of usual amount. each got a fish pole(jig rod) from ice fishing circuit and ice fishing shelter. Thanks to Schwoch, Sinz, Bonnie, Len, Holland, Benzel. This event didn't cost us any money for prizes - Kevin Lannon (Pheasants Forever) will get involved with youth trapshooting.

j) Harmon Chicken: Dave Kraft - distribute posters.

k) Hunters Education: Duke - 44 kids n class, going well.

l) Ice Fishing Contest: Les - made $7500. Thanks to everyone who helped.

m) Kitchen: Bonnie - new cupboards going up in hallway (from Hope Gospel Mission in Eau Claire). Kitchen to be cleaned once before Harmon's start, then after each Harmon night, floor mats will be taken up and cleaned.

n) Legislative: Mike Benzel - DNR worried about turkey and deer - cold weather; Minnesota worried about fish with the cold.

o) Membership: Kellen - pay your dues tonight.

p) Pheasant Rearing: New Committee - Bill: split responsibility within the committees - will feed the birds the way the DNR does in Poynette. Pen set-up night - Tuesday, April 15 starting at 5pm. Damage to netting.

q) Policy Review Board: Josh Risler

r) Scholarship: Wayne Wilson - Scholarship meeting April 1.

s) Sunshine/Memorial Fund: Martha/Dave - 1) Sunshine Basket was sent to Nick Place and family on the birth of their son; 2) Basket was sent to Chuck Rosseter for his surgery; 3) Basket was sent to Scott Seston for his recent surgery

t) Women on Target: April Cowen - only 4 women showed up for first meeting.

Fun event: every other Monday, have a non-meeting evening (such as second Monday of each month) - play Euchre, bean bags, cribbage, a speaker for a half-hour from another club (what they're doing), a way of networking with other clubs - there are 14 clubs in the Dunn County Alliance. An example: Prairie Enthusiasts just joined the Alliance, natural grasses were here, one of our mottos is habitat, let's work with them. We could have a happy hour (up to Nick).

Used to do this 25 years ago, 2nd Monday was a social night, then it fizzled out - the meeting business took over. Probably not in the summer, but in the fall and winter especially. Pistol Club does this (social night) - bring somebody new along.

Second week in May - May 12 - bar open at 5pm, wild game feed night - potluck! Bring your recipe or keep it secret.

Calendar items:

Tuesday, April 1 - Scholarship meeting

Monday, April 7 at 7pm - Fall Banquet meeting

Tuesday, April 8 at 6pm - Executive Board Meeting - bylaws

Monday, April 14 - DNR Spring Hearing

Tuesday, April 15 at 5pm - pheasant pen set up

Thursday, April 17 at 5:30pm - Executive Board meeting - bylaws

Saturday, April 26 at 8am - clean up Rifle Range

Monday, May 12 at 5pm - Wild game feed (potluck)

August 16 - Fall Banquet


1) Bonnie Hagberg - meat tray

2) Scott Sinz - meat tray

3) Rod Finder - meat tray

4) Eugene Leach - meat tray

5) Mike Benzel - meat tray

6) Jim Cleven - birdhouse

7) Joel Radke - birdhouse

8) Roger Herman - NRA - donated to Youth

Motion made to adjourn made by Garrett Sinz, seconded by Melody Gossett.