Dunn County Fish & Game Executive Board Meeting May 19, 2014

Board Members present: Kellen Cassellius, Melody Gossett, Jim Cleven, Curt Hagberg, Pookie Albrecht, Jim Thompson, Dave Pechmiller, Gary Buss, Garrett Sinz, Les Kuesel, Russ Hitz, Gary Schwoch, Bill Schutts

1) More bylaws meetings to come. Bylaws need to be re-rewritten: The Board of Directors (6) and the Officers, Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Committee.

2) Pheasants: Curt Hagberg – the birds are here – 2500 chicks. The 40-watt bulbs are inside the brooders.

3) Bar Report: Garrett Sinz – no report (need to talk to Nick Huston first)

4) Craft Show: Pookie– thought it would be a good way to earn some money –working with Linda Fremouw on this project. The Club will host a craft show for vendors, the vendors will pay $30 for a 10x10’ space (extra $5 for table use). The club could earn $900-1000 for a day. Could possibly host one in spring and one in fall. Pookie checked with other businesses that host these shows and many have them the first weekend of deer hunting or close to it. We should serve food. The bar could be open for sales of pop, water and coffee. The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 28, 2014. Linda will get the use of 2 tables and $100. We have to get the word out to the public. Last weekend Linda had 15 spaces rented for this event. Jim Thompson made a Motion to accept the event, Gary Schwoch seconded. Motion carried.

5) New Building Contract Review – done last month.

6) Shari Anderson may be leaving in September – need a new person to take care of building rentals if she were to leave. She is having an issue with taking calls at work.

7) Dobbs Landing acquisition: Did we vote on this last month? Yes, but didn’t get recorded in minutes. Re-vote, must be by paper ballet at regular meeting.

Where will the money come from? Could borrow up to $30,000 from WESTconsin Credit Union, and continue to get donations from organizations and businesses (Sand Mine, etc). According to the treasurer we cannot just write a check for this amount, between now and the Fall Banquet this club spends a lot of money (based on previous years, the Fall Banquet raises about $17,000-20,000). Treasurer Bill Schutts says the Treasurer’s Report looks good, but cannot afford to write a check for even $1,000. Can’t come from the Scholarship Account, that is locked in. We pay out $3,000 a year on scholarships to students.

We could mortgage the building, have done so in the past and paid off in 4 years or less. Could go to 3 different bankers and see, any banker will give us the loan against the assets in the building.

Russ Hitz made a Motion, Jim Thompson Seconded, to mortgage the Building to get a loan to donate the remaining up to $30,000 needed to complete the Alliance purchase of Dobbs Landing.

Dunn County Fish & Game Membership Meeting May 18, 2014

President Kellen Cassellius called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report: Melody Gossett - will be sent out by the President, Melody Gossett does not have internet access on her laptop. Al May requested that the minutes be posted as soon as possible after each meeting; Kellen said they would be sent out by the end of the week. Martha Stratton stated that last names must be used on the club minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Schutts – The Treasurer’s Report amount is the highest it’s been in months. Accountant Steve Young does the club’s tax returns and this is the first time in years that the Club has had to pay taxes. DCF&G’s assets are up, increased the Club’s assets over the last year (a non-profit organization should spend all of the money it brings in each year, anything unspent is taxable, this year we were $32 over). Seventy-five percent of the money made in 2013 came in during the final quarter of the year, through the Bar, and once our building improvements were in place. The Bar is the only portion of this club that we pay taxes on.

We are getting audited by the state of Wisconsin for our Class A license raffles. Many organizations in the area are also getting audited for the same thing. Class A raffles are the ones in which we sell tickets ahead of an event, rather than at the event.

Al May disagreed with a loss in the past (what took place in previous years), Bill Schutts explained that we now have a new accounting system, much more detailed, which couldn’t identify fine details previously. Pookie and Bill said Steve Young and Bill Stewart had both told them at least 2 years ago to close the Bar, that it was a liability, it was not making enough money. The Bar is making money now.

Correspondence: Kellen Cassellius – the Club received 3 checks in memory of Jeff Evan.

Executive Committee:

DNR Report: Jess Carstens – no report.

Dunn County Alliance: Dan Prestebak – need people with pontoons for disabled fishing event in June.

Credit Union owns the Dobbs Landing land – alliance still needs $32,000 to purchase the land. Still waiting on several businesses and organizations. Last month we voted to pay $30,000 toward the purchase of Dobbs Landing, the money will come from lien/mortgage of our building. The cost to DCF&G is $165.50 per acre. Re-vote: 32 yes votes; 4 no votes. Carried.

WI Conservation Congress: Russ Hitz – there was a meeting in Wausau, all 5 of Dunn County’s clubs were there for the entire event, many other county’s clubs didn’t stay for the whole thing. Jim Thompson will be the person in Dunn County for deer quotas.

Bar Management: Nick Huston – had a huge sale from the Weber wedding, awesome. Sales were up about $2,000 from the previous month. When you take out expenses, still doubled profit from last month.

Steam Team cleaned the carpets in the bar area. They really needed it. The Stout Ski Club was here – there was some damage in the men’s bathroom, the ski club will pay for repairs.

Bluebird houses: Stan Huftel – no report

Top Gun: Pookie Albrecht – no report

Buildings/Grounds: Kellen Cassellius – no report

Fall Banquet: Pookie Albrecht – cash raffles

Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg – Duke was Range Manager Saturday, turnout was good. We need a push mower for range (from Fleet Farm), Duke asked for about $200 toward a mower, gas can and oil. Al May Seconded. Carried.

Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller – no report

Youth: Jim Cleven– Youth fishing event at Herbie’s will be on June 19, starting at 5pm. No prizes this year, the event is about fishing; they get to catch 2 fish, eat for free, and have fun. Mike Benzel is getting the bait.

Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob DeLong – it is tomorrow night, expecting 150-160 people, still need 2-3 members to help.

Hunter’s Education: Duke Holmberg – next class is July 31.

Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Benzel – no report

Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg – Bring your own containers for leftovers from the Harmon dinner.

Legislative: Mike Benzel – no report

Membership: Kellen Cassellius – gave the dollar amount in the membership account

Pheasants: Bill Schutts/ Mike Benzel/Dave Pechmiller – gave special recognition for DNR -

The pens are set up, lights, heaters, corn is planted. 6:30 this AM, someone had opened all the hatches/vents on one of the brooder houses (we had a rental group here last night). The temperature in the brooder house has to stay at about 100 degrees. Luckily it was a warmer night than it has been lately.

Everything has been rekeyed, all new padlocks, if you are feeding the birds, you will need a combination to get in. There are 2 keys: 1 for padlock to brooders, one for the old building.

Policy Review Board: no report

Scholarship: 2013 recipient: Heidi Lieffort from Colfax. Very impressive student, her goal is Biology.

Sunshine: Martha Stratton – no report

Women on Target: April Cowen (Duke Holmberg) – meeting will be June 18 at 6pm at the Rifle Range.

Social Club: Duke Holmberg/Scott Sinz – our first event was lots of fun, everyone was laughing and lots of good food. Twenty-nine folks showed up. There was cribbage and dice rolling. Next Social Night: Monday, June 9. We will eat at 6:30pm, please have your food here by 6pm. Scott Sinz says Thursday night is the next Alliance meeting, he will invite members from all the other clubs in the Alliance. Feel free to bring a guest.

Old Business:

Bylaws – sent out changes, Executive Committee and Board of Directors terminology need to be changed. We need to change the terms back. We will need another Board meeting to finish the Bylaws. Duke Holmberg said we should be able to have both copies to compare. Martha Stratton said we don’t necessarily need to see all of the changes. Kellen Cassellius will re-send by email (will put in PDF format). Some will need a printed-out copy.

Calendar Events:

June 9, opens at 5pm, eat at 6:30 pm – Social Night at Clubhouse

June 18, 6pm – Women on Target Meeting at the Rifle Range

June 19, 2014 at 5pm - Youth fishing event at Herbie’s Fish Farm

Saturday, June 28, 2014 – Craft Show at Clubhouse

July 31, 2014 – Hunter’s Ed first class

August 16, 2014 – Top Gun Banquet

September 20, 2014 – 8am - Women on Target


1) Roger Hermann – NRA membership to Youth

2) Phil Newman – meat tray

3) Rod Bahr – meat tray

4) Rich Leach – meat tray

5) Stan Huftel – meat tray

6) Gary Buss – meat tray

Kellen Cassellius

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complaining and take total responsibility.

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