Dunn County Fish & Game Executive Committee Meeting July 28, 2014

Present: Kellen Cassellius, Gary Schwoch, Garrett Sinz, Melody Gossett, Les Kuesel, JimThompson, Gary Buss, Jim Cleven, Bill Schutts, Curt Hagberg

Old Business

1. Review updated Bylaws - Kellen Cassellius - remove pheasant points from bylaws is biggest change - Gary Schwoch Moved to pass the amended bylaws and was Seconded by Melody Gossett, Passed. A copy of the amended Bylaws was emailed to those who have internet; a hard copy is available at the meeting to those who do not.

2. Pheasant Committee: Curt Hagberg - review of progress, birds look much better than last year, on second batch of feed, no blinders, very little pecking, losing 1-3 a week. Next month there will be something available in lieu of fun money for pheasant points.

3. Bar Report: Garrett Sinz - passed around a Bar Financial Report for June 22-July 28. Garrett wants to thank Nick Huston and his friends for volunteering at the fair in the Beer Garden. The security system went off on July 17 and the police arrived. The lock on the office door was not locked but there appeared to be nothing missing. Nick and Garrett are getting quotes on security cameras.

Kellen requested Garrett do a liquor audit, after suggestion by Gary Buss.

New Business

1. Donna Albrecht and Lisa Pelner (of Meadowlark Landscaping of Menomonie) to give a landscaping presentation re: outside front of building. General Plan: pergola over air conditioners with plantings; all plantings would be perennials; would be arranged to allow for different colors during different seasons; would include around the DCF&G sign and flagpole; Lisa guarantees her work; cost around $3000. Club was submitted a bill for $145 for her plan work-up (deductible if we go ahead). Someone mentioned we could get Stout students to do the work for no cost if we do it ourselves.

2. Vote for member and nonmember Conservationist of the Year (tabled until Wed at 6pm-next Board Meeting) - we need a criteria sheet. Several names were mentioned.

3. Buildings: Jim Thompson - Chris at Land Conservation has a trailer that attacks invasive trees and we have a lot of buckthorn on the property that has to be destroyed. Would cost some for chemical and some for labor.

4. Financial: Bill Schutts - Sheri Johnson has not been paid her commission for building showings and rentals yet. So far the club owes her $275. Curt made a Motion to pay her. Seconded by Garrett Sinz. Passed. Bill suggests maybe she should get a percentage (10%?) of the rental fee (theyvary depending on what part of bldg is used) rather than a set fee. Would that be more fair? Now she gets paid $50 for renting the whole building, $25 for renting half.

Garrett Sinz made the Motion and Curt Hagberg Seconded that we pay her $10 extra for rental of the kitchen, $20 for rental of the tent, $5 for rental of the arbor. The Motion was passed by the Board. It was also decided that if a club member wants to see the building by Sheri, they pay an extra $25 for her services. Club members should know what the building consists of. Gary Buss made a Motion for this extra service fee and Garrett Sinz Seconded it.

Operation Tip-Up was a huge success and will be here next year - same weekend. Next year there will be in excess of 200 veterans coming plus families. Will be a 2-day event. We had first right of refusal, if we chose to not sponsor it, the event would be held at the former DAV building and Elk Point Resort on Tainter Lake. A Motion was made by Les Kuesel and Seconded by Gary Schwoch for the Fish & Game to host Operation Tip-Up. Passed.

5. Bean Bag Tournament: weekend of Labor Day. Upstairs. 10am start. Would get 40+ 2-man teams plus spectators. We supply the building and bar. Leagues are over the end of August. Motion made by Les Kuesel and Seconded by Garrett Sinz.

Dunn County Fish & Game General Membership Meeting July 28, 2014

1. Call Meeting to Order - Kellen Cassellius

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Secretary's Report: Melody Gossett - Accepted

4. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts - was decided to pay Sheri extra for rental of kitchen, tent or arbor. Also if a club member wants to be shown the building they need to pay extra $25. Sheri will get paid her commission she has accumulated so far. She gets $25 for renting half of the building, $50 for the upstairs and downstairs. Discussed the success of Operation Tip-Up and that it will be here next year, same weekend as this year (second weekend past January 1), with 200+ vets and families coming to fish. Last year we had 109 vets here. Will be a 2 day event - manufacturers want to do their presentations - these seminars will be on Friday night. Bonnie Hagberg made a Motion to invite them back and Jerome Evenson Seconded. Passed.

5. Correspondence: Kellen Cassellius - Thank yous from family of Lucille Warner, Tim Pease, scholarship recipients Josh Robinson and Laura Donovan.

6. Executive Committee Report: Kellen Cassellius - Bylaws - sent out electronically, hard copy available at last meeting. Mike Benzel made a Motion to table the Bylaws until everyone has a chance to review them. Martha Stratton Seconded. Passed.

Curt Hagberg - Pheasant Committee - birds on 21% feed now, out in big pens, the feeding schedule is on the board on the north wall. Points will be the same through July 31. Can no longer give fun money in lieu of pheasant points. We have lost a small amount of birds this year, most when someone opened several of the hatches on the brooder houses when the birds first arrived. They will have better locks from now on. Very little pecking this year; since no blinders, they don't get stuck in the overhead nets, so owls not a problem this year. We will need 2-3 tons of corn after Labor Day (birds are eating about 1 ton of feed a week). Save those 50# feed bags - will reuse for corn.

Landscaping: Donna Albrecht and Lisa Pelner gave a presentation for outdoor perennial flowers and plantings on the front on the building and around the sign and flagpole, including an arbor or two.

7. DNR Report: Jim Cleven - Sept 1 -Wisconsin early teal season opens, goose and mourning dove also. Sept 3 bear season opens.

8. Dunn County Alliance Report: Scott Sinz - the Alliance would like to put on a forum for elected officials on Sunday, August 14 with pontoon rides around the lake to show how badly our lake needs attention. (time: TBA) In the winter there are over 100 ice shacks on the lake, now, almost no one is fishing or enjoying the lake. Will send out questionnaires to politicians. Can have the bar open for this event. Kitchen open also, minimal fee. There will be a special Alliance meeting on Thursday night - to pick a person to be on the deer committee.

9. WI Conservation Congress Report: Jim Thompson - Fall meeting August 7 in Alma. Committee meeting August 23. Dealing with iron mine in Northern Wisconsin, sand mines around area, and farm and crop irrigation.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

a) Bar Report: Garrett Sinz - June Report available, slow month. Will help when we host events like the bean bag tourney, maybe start a pool league here? Could host Business After Hours once a month with the Chamber. July 17 the building alarm went off, police came, office door was unlocked, nothing appeared to be missing. Nick Huston and Garrett are looking into having cameras installed.

b) Buildings & Grounds: Jim Thompson - no report

c) Fall Banquet: Dave Moore/Martha Stratton - need 6 more workers - 4 tables and in kitchen. Science Club students will serve. Next meeting Wed, July 30 at 6:30pm.

d) Rifle Range: Dave Kraft- it's being used.

e) Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller- no report

f) Youth: Jim Cleven- no report

g) Harmon Chicken: Mike Benzel- Bob DeLong is under the weather, need workers. John Harmon is not happy with the shortage of kitchen workers. Possibly person working last table can help scrape pans.

h) Hunter's Education: Duke Holmberg/Dave Kraft - Thursday, July 31 is class registration.

i) Ice Fishing contest: Les Kuesel- no report

j) Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg- Bonnie wondered if we could get a "cooker" (charcoal grill) for the building's use to rent out with the facility.

k) Legislation: Mike Benzel- it's an election year.

l) Membership: Kellen Cassellius- 2 new members: Ron Shafer and Ben Berger.

m) Pheasant Rearing: New Committee- already covered

n) Policy Review Board: Josh Risler - no report

o) Scholarship: Gary Schwoch- no report

p) Women on Target: April Cowen- 32 women are signed up, email will go out the first week of August, sponsors are donating prizes. Need volunteers - new games, registration, handguns. Gary Schwoch donated handgun to be raffled that day. Next meeting August 18 at 6pm at the rifle range. The event is September 20.

q) Social Club: Scott Sinz - next social night will be August 11, with the Banquet meeting.

Old Business: Bylaws and discussion

New Business: Dunn County Fair Review - Fair made $1800 (minus expenses) on corn alone. We made money selling pickles on a stick, pork chops, hotdogs, soda and water. Lammer's credited us for whatever we didn't open. The Club was also given the opportunity to operate the beer sales for the Grandstand for the duration of Grandstand events. The Club will be given 50% of the sales profits from the beer. The exact amount should be paid the week of Aug 11th.

Calendar Items:

July 29 - Harmon Dinner 5pm

July 30 - Fall Banquet meeting - 6:30pm

July 31 - Hunter's Ed class registration

August 4 - Executive Committee meeting - 5:30pm

August 4 - Fall Banquet meeting - 6:30pm

August 11 - Fall Banquet meeting - 6:30pm

August 11 - Social Night - 6:30pm (bring a dish to pass)

August 14 - Pontoon rides on the lake for elected officials

August 15 - Fall Banquet meeting - 6pm (Friday night)

August 16 - FALL BANQUET

August 18 - Women on Target meeting at rifle range - 6pm

September 7 - Bean Bag tournament -time TBA

September 20 – Women on Target Event –At the range


1. Jim Cleven - ice cream and butter

2. Pam Kiel - ice cream and butter

3. Martha Stratton - ice cream and butter

4. Joel Radke - ice cream and butter

5. Heather Kistner - NRA membership and onions

6. Rich Leach - bag of soda pop

7. Al Finder - ice cream and butter

8. Bill Schutts - bag of soda pop

Rod Finder made a Motion to adjourn and Tom Koranski Seconded. Meeting adjourned.