Dunn County Fish & Game Association Meeting Minutes of August 25, 2014

Executive Committee Meeting


Members Present: Kellen Cassellius, Jim Cleven, Jim Thompson, Gary Schwoch, Gary Buss, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz, Dave Pechmiller, Les Kuesel, Melody Gossett, Garrett Sinz, Bill Schutts


Old Business:

1)  Review updated bylaws: Kellen Cassellius - updated bylaws were passed out at last meeting to those who don't have internet, everyone has them now, has had time to review. We need to vote on them.

2)  Pheasant Committee: Curt Hagberg - review of progress of birds - members who were involved with birds last year and have earned other club-related points will get birds. Point system goes from August 1 to July 31. No funny money this year - it's pheasants or nothing.

3)  Bar Report: Garrett Sinz - pool leagues are starting up, we should try to get some here. Nick Huston received a resume from a woman who works at WESTconsin Credit Union who could be considered for Sr. bartender. Nick has to write up a job description for business manager and for bar manager. He will submit it to the Board to be tweaked. (Nick has given his resignation to begin a full-time job this fall)


New Business:

1)  Bonnie Hagberg asked permission to advertise at local parades for the Fish & Game. Board agreed to it unanimously.

2)  Review of club funds from fair food booth and percentage of sales from the social tent.

3)  Need to have Don Heifner meet with the Board to discuss a bill for 54 hats he donated to Youth.

4)  Pay back Scott Sinz (with interest) for the money he lent the Fish & Game to use to pay the balance on the Dobbs Landing project. Les Kuesel made a Motion to pay Scott Sinz back before any other monies go out, Seconded by Jim Thompson, Passed.

5)  Discussion about to pay back the money to the Membership Account.

6)  Questions are asked about Scholarship Committee procedures.

7)  Are we ready for Bean Bag Tournament?

8)  We need a Membership Committee with at least three members.

9)  We have no written policy for what time a rental group needs to have their stuff out and cleaned up by. 2am? 9am? 10am? We need to address this. 

10)  We received a check from Cedar River Potato Company - no note, not sure which event, if any, it goes toward.  Will be put toward the Fall Banquet.


Dunn County Fish & Game Association General Membership Meeting Minutes of August 25, 2014


1)  Call to Order

2)  Pledge of Allegiance: Kellen Cassellius

3)  Secretary's Report: Melody Gossett - accepted by Rod Finder.

4)  Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts - beginning in September there will be new separate accounts at Dairy State Bank, earmarked for certain projects.  Also the Association Account is separate from the Bar Account.

5)  Correspondence: Kellen Cassellius - Received a card and donation of $25 from the Harold Wahl family.

6)  Executive Committee: Fall Banquet income - still coming in, still being tallied.  Voted to pay temporary loan back to Scott Sinz soon, with interest, for the Association to pay its portion of the Dobbs Landing acquisition for public use. Tomorrow we will get the final number for our percentage for the beer sales (social tent) from the Dunn County Fair. A BIG thank you to Kellen for making that possible, especially on very short notice.

7)  DNR Report: Jim Cleven/Chad Mogen - Cans for Conservation has earned $400 so far. Trying to get matching funds from local businesses.  The money goes for the Lower Chippewa River Endowment Fund toward DNR lands.

8)  Dunn County Alliance: the monthly Alliance meeting was postponed, no report

9)  WI Conservation Congress: Russ Hitz - we will be hearing about new things - lots of fishing questions at the Spring Hearing.


Standing/Special Committee Reports


a)  Bar Management: Garrett Sinz - pool leagues start in early September, Garrett has signed up some people.

b)  Top Gun Banquet: no report

c)  Buildings/Grounds: Kellen - new lights replaced inside clubhouse and outside for flag lighting.  Need to call Dudge to repair sagging ceiling tiles at head of stairs.  Getting new vending machines upstairs.  We now have a Coke machine in the pavilion (owned by Coke, with permission from the City). As for ownership of the pavilion - Fish & Game members who live in the city - get involved. Talk to your alderman to get the City to lease the 1/2 acre over to us, it needs to be put on the city council agenda so they can vote on it.

d)  Fall Banquet: Dave Moore, Martha Stratton - attendance was down, we took in more on the silent auction than last year, but less on the live auction.  Dollar amounts, so far, are higher than expected.

e)  Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg - range use is picking up, hunters starting to use the range, muzzle loaders included. Bonnie prepared food for the muzzle loader shoot, which included 17 adults and some kids. The Pheasants Forever event was there yesterday, their count was down from last year. On September 13 the Women on Target will be using the range, they will be using the thrower.

f)  Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller - no report

g) Youth: Chad Mogen - deer hunt for youth coming up, ages 10-15. Let Chad know of any kids interested.

h) Harmon Dinner: Mike Benzel - no numbers available for tomorrow's dinner.  Need workers to serve, usher, and cleanup, please sign up if you can work.  Bob DeLong not doing well, he is at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis, has a very bad cough.

i)  Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry - no report

j)  Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg - lowest number in class ever.

k)  Ice Fishing Contest: Les Kuesel - no report

l)  Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg - Bonnie was awarded our Member Conservationist of the Year, she is very proud to have been chosen. She and Curt Hagberg are going to be taking a boat as a parade float in area parades to spread awareness of the Fish & Game club.

m)  Legislative/Xcel Energy: Mike Benzel - no report

n)  Membership: Kellen Cassellius - three new members signed up: Gary Thompson, Ryan Gondeck and Monica Link.

o)  Pheasant Rearing: New Committee - Learned a lot at the DNR Poynette game farm and 2 other large game farms last spring. How to feed, what to feed, when to feed it - we now use the DNR feeding schedule.  We will feed pellets until mid-September, then just corn and grit, corn will be donated by Doane's Bean Farm.  We will need help in a few weeks to knock the cover crop down so we can find all the birds in early October. If you want birds to release this is a good way to earn some points. By using this feeding system we saved over $2,000 in feed, haven't had the need for the blinders, will have saved at least half in electricity and the birds are looking much better this year. We have birds we can be proud to release this fall.  DNR release date is October 8; general release date is October 11. Pheasant feedings: Phil Newman can't feed this week due to a new job and next week is Pookie Albrecht's feeding time; those spots have now been filled by Ryan Gondeck and Melody Gossett.

p)  Policy Review Board: Josh Risler - no report

q)  Scholarship: Gary Schwoch - no report (will have one next month)

r)  Women on Target: April Cowen/Duke Holmberg - Next meeting is September 16 at 6pm at the range. April has 75 women signed up so far, her goal is 100 participants. WOT Event September 20.

s)  Social Club: Duke Holmberg/Scott Sinz - next social night is Monday, September 8.  Event starts at 5pm, eat at 6pm, and bring a dish to pass and some friends.  Always a good time.  Come and enjoy your clubhouse.


Old Business: Bylaws updates and discussion.  Some members have still not had time to look the changes over, but agreed to go ahead with the vote. A single change was made: Article 8, Line F now reads $250, instead of $300.  A Motion was made by Al Finder and Seconded by Bill Schutts to accept the change so that it corresponds with the rest of the amounts in that section. Motion Passed.


New Business:  Dunn County Fair review: Garrett Sinz - we made lots of money on the fair food booth. Nick Huston brought up the upcoming craft sale/car show.  We will be grilling hot dogs for sale.  Please come and support your club. Please put up posters.  May possibly have a bake sale, too (still to be discussed further).


Calendar Items:

Tuesday, Aug. 26 - Harmon Chicken Dinner 5pm

Saturday, Sept. 6 - Bean Bag Tournament 9am

Monday, Sept. 8 - Social Night - (bring a dish to pass), meet at 5pm, eat at 6pm

Tuesday, Sept. 9 - Board meeting to discuss budget 5pm

Saturday, Sept. 13 - Craft Sale/Car Show 9am

Monday, Sept. 15 - Fall Banquet follow-up meeting 7pm

Tuesday, Sept. 16 - Women on Target meeting at the range 6pm

Saturday, Sept. 20 - Women on Target at the range

Monday, Sept. 22 - Monthly Board meeting 5:30pm

Monday, Sept. 22 - DCF&G monthly meeting 7pm

Tuesday, Sept. 23 - Harmon Chicken Dinner 5-7:15 pm

Wednesday, Oct. 8 - DNR pheasant release date

Saturday, Oct. 11 - general pheasant release date



1.  Les Kuesel - meat tray

2.  Dave Frank - meat tray

3.  Nick Kaiser - meat tray

4.  Eugene Leach - meat tray

5.  Stan Huftel - meat tray

6.  Melody Gossett - NRA membership


Motion to close meeting made by Dave Leach, Seconded by Dave Frank. August Meeting Adjourned.


Kellen Cassellius


      If you want to be really successful, then you will have to give up blaiming and

    complaining and take total responsibility. 


                                                                                             W. Clemont Stone