Dunn County Fish & Game Association Executive Board Meeting


September 22, 2014

Members present: Gary Schwoch, Kellen Cassellius, Garrett Sinz, Bill Schutts, Melody Gossett, Dave Pechmiller, Les Kuesel, Jim Thompson, Gary Buss, Jim Cleven, Curt Hagberg

New Business

1. New security system reviewed with 24/7 associate Aaron Vasey.

2. Several Board members and Bar Manager are conducting interviews for bartenders.

3. Bonnie Hagberg says the freezer that was used in the food trailer at the fair is for sale. Tilli Hotchkiss wants $100 for it; it is just right for keeping ice cream at the fair food stand and could be used for other events. Curt Hagberg made a Motion and was Seconded by Les Kuesel. Motion passed.

4. Tim Pease unable to update website due to IX Webhosting's technical problem, trouble calling the webhost's support number. Tim is still trying to get the new site together regardless. Tim wants info on the Ice Fishing contest.

5. Bill Schutts gave the Board the amounts in the checking accounts. The Association is paying its own way now. The debts owed to Scott Sinz and to Scheel's All Sports have been paid. We are still waiting for the money from the fair board and others to replace monies used for the Dobbs Landing purchase.

6. Women on Target event - The Association paid for the food for the lunch for the ladies since WOT are a part of the Fish and Game Association. The money collected from the ladies goes toward the rifle range and some of the prizes handed out. Ammo, ear and eye protection was donated, along with some of the prizes.

7. Scholarship fund: this fund was started with an amount of money several years ago and has grown. We should be able to take out what has accumulated for paying the Association's bills and leave the beginning amount in there. Kellen will call Carl with Edward Jones to investigate different options. We need a small committee to brainstorm this project.

Old Business

1. Board has approved the job description of the Business Manager position. The cleaning person reports to the Business manager. The Bar Manager has the ability to check the security system for check-in and check-out times. The cleaning person needs to be notified that this is now the proper procedure.

2. Rental Policy: Board approved that a member can reserve the clubhouse, up to a year in advance, for any day except Saturday and receive the 50% discount. If they want to reserve the clubhouse on a Saturday before 90 days prior to the event, they must pay full rate. If the clubhouse is not otherwise reserved, 90 days prior to the event, the member can reserve it and receive the 50% discount.

3. All reservations requesting that the clubhouse fee be donated must be approved by the Board. Sheri Anderson has the form that must be filled out and returned to the Board for consideration.

4. All requests for booking the clubhouse must go through Sheri. Rental Policy will be posted on the bulletin board.

Dunn County Fish and Game Association General Membership Meeting

September 22, 2014

1. Call to Order: Kellen Cassellius

2. Pledge of Allegience: Kellen Cassellius

3. Secretary's Report: Melody Gossett - still to be emailed out (paper copies sent out)

4. Treasurer's Report:Bill Schutts - we are transitioning our accounting system from everything done by hand to computer system. Every member needs to understand that to operate this club turns $140,000 a year. We have overhead, other clubs don't; they meet in bars or restaurants. We are still waiting for money from Fairmont Minerals (sand mine) and the county fair board. Cedar Country Co-op is matching funds we receive from Land O'Lakes. We are getting a check from Ducks Unlimited because Dr McNally donated a life sponsorship to them. Please thank him when you see him! The Bob Stratton Account is the only earmarked account we have currently.

5. Correspondence: Kellen Cassellius - Association received a check from Pat Moore in remembrance of Bob Stratton. She was a raffle winner at the Fall Banquet. The Association received a letter from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation about a renewal request. The cost is $125. How many delegates does our club send to WWF? A Motion was made by Rod Finder to renew our WWF membership, Seconded by Mike Benzel. Motion Passed.

6. Executive Committee Report: Kellen Cassellius - . Kellen read the new member building rental policy to the members in attendance. A discussion then occurred with the membership and the policy will need some additional modifications and will be presented to the club at a later time.


7. DNR Report: Jim Cleven/Chad Mogen: no report

8. Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak/Scott Sinz: a week ago an Alliance-Lake Association Forum was held. Any candidate or incumbent who's district touched the watershed was invited. Also, the Alliance is trying to foster where all clubs in the Alliance work together and be involved. Some have members with specialized fields we can use as resources.

9. Wisconsin Conservation Congress: Jim Thompson/Russ Hitz - October 20 is the WI Conservation Congress Advisory Meeting.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

a) Bar Management: Garrett Sinz - no report

b) Top Gun Banquet: no report

c) Buildings and Grounds: Kellen Cassellius -no cable bill, have an antenna for TV reception, we get 11 stations. October 23 is a forum about Invasive Plant Species - Buckthorn by Jim Thompson. Buckthorn is prevalent on the grounds here and needs to be dealt with.

d) Fall Banquet: Dave Moore/Martha Stratton: We made some money this year, not as much as in the past but more than we expected. Thank you Dave and Martha! Need someone to step up and take over next year.

e) Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg - repairing pistol berm, 80 yards of sand donated. Installed hand rail to lower level. Coming into the busiest time of the year, will need some help out there.

f) Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller - no report

g) Youth: Jim Cleven/Chad Mogen - no report

h) Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob DeLong/Mike Benzel - served 171 guests last month plus carryout’s. Need helpers for tomorrow night. 91 guests signed up at 4pm tonight, will get more before 11am tomorrow.

i) Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry - no report

j) Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg - graduated 31 students. No future date set yet.

k) Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Kistner/Les Kuesel - need a new chair/co-chair.

l) Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg - electric knife is missing from kitchen.

m) Legislative/Xcel Energy: Mike Benzel - elections coming up.

n) Membership: Kellen Cassellius - need to start a small membership committee.

o) Pheasant Rearing: New Committee (Bill Schutts/Curt Hagberg) - Need to clean out brooder houses, need help. Will make them out and use a front-end loader to haul manure to spread as mulch on the dogwood trees in front of the pens. Will hose them down and disinfect them now and again in the spring before laying down straw. Date for brooder cleanup is October 7 at 4pm. Cost of raising the birds this year compared to last year is thousands less, for feed and electricity. The birds will weigh about 3 pounds at release. There has been very little pecking, no owl problem. We started with 2500 birds and lost about 400 (250 the first week when a non club member left the vents open on the brooders). We have about 2000 birds left. DNR release date is Wed, October 8 (DNR gets 18% of the remaining birds); member release date is Saturday, October 11 at 8 am. Curt Hagberg will send a copy of the Pheasant Point rules to members by email. If you don't have email, get a copy at the general meeting.

p) Policy Review Board: Josh Risler - no report

q) Scholarship: no report

r) Women on Target: April Cowan - a big success! Goal was 100 women, 114 signed up. Had several walk-ins, too. Many positive comments. Ammo and most prizes were donated. Shooting the AR-15 seemed to be the highlight of the day.

s) Social Club: Duke Holmberg/Scott Sinz - everyone is enjoying it. Next Social Night is Monday,

October 13. Open at 5pm, eat at 6pm - bring a friend and a dish to pass (oh, and maybe some quarters). Remember: this started as a way to try out wild game dishes from the Fish & Game cookbook.

Old Business: Dunn County Fair check will be sent to us the week of September 22, 2014. Craft sale and car show went well. Bob Dodge won the car show competition and donated his winnings to the Youth. Thank you, Bob!

New Business: Need Ice Fishing Chairman/men. A member of the Association wants to know if anyone would object to him/her cutting a dead oak on the grounds and keeping the wood. No objections voiced.

Calendar Items:

Monday, September 22 - Pheasants Forever Meeting - upstairs 6:00

Tuesday, September 23- Harmon Chicken Dinner 5-7:15pm

Tuesday, October 7 - clean out brooder houses 4pm

Wednesday, October 8 - DNR pheasant release date

Saturday, October 11 - general pheasant release date 8am

Saturday, October 11 - Youth deer hunt

Monday, October 20 - Wis Conservation Congress Advisory Meeting time?

Thursday, October 23 - Invasive Plant Species - Buckthorn 4-7pm

Monday, October 27 - Executive Board Meeting 5:30pm

Monday, October 27 - Dunn County Fish& Game General Meeting 7pm

Tuesday, October 28 - Harmon Chicken Dinner (last of the year) 5-7:15pm


1. Bill Schutts - meat tray

2. Bonnie Hagberg - meat tray

3. Gary Buss - meat tray

4. Dave Moore - meat tray

5. Randy Dahms - meat tray

6. Gary Schwoch - NRA membership - donated to Youth