Dunn County Fish & Game Association Executive Board Meeting

Monday, October 27, 2014

Members present: Gary Schwoch, Kellen Cassellius, Russ Hitz, Bill Schutts, Melody Gossett, Dave Pechmiller, Les Kuesel, Jim Thompson, Gary Buss, Jim Cleven, Curt Hagberg.

Old Business

1. Payment from fair board for our participation at the 'social garden' - Curt Hagberg received the money today.

2. Bar Report/Pool League: Garrett Sinz - no report

3. New Website - members needed to respond to the email that was sent out to members' email addresses on October 10. If you did not respond, Kellen will have Tim Pease resend the link for getting the email address to those who have not gotten it.

4. Clubhouse Rental Policy for members - review

5. Security System - who pays for new system - Bar or Building? It was decided and voted that the Bar would pay 50%, Building would pay 25%, and the Association would pay 25%. (Our insurance rate goes sky-high without a security system, might not even be able to get insurance without one.) The new system will require a pass card/fob to get into the building, including distributors, and will have cameras. There was another security breach September 16 (another $250 to the police department). It is believed that the beer distributors are setting off the alarm, not realizing we have one. A Motion was made by Jim Thompson to invest in the new security system for the building, Seconded by Curt Hagberg. Motion Passed. Kellen will contact Nick Huston to have 24/7 install the new system.

6. Don Heifner asked Board about purchasing the DNR blaze orange hats to give out to Youth Hunter Safety groups. Board said yes to buy 51. Motion made by Les Kuesel to buy 51 for $229, Seconded by Gary Schwoch. Motion Passed.

7. Any and all DCF&G members need to talk to Mayor Randy Knaack to get the deed-to-us issue in front of the City Council, to have it deeded to the Association from the City of Menomonie. Then we will have the asset of the property value of the clubhouse. We do not own our building, we cannot borrow against it. If the Fish & Game Association should dissolve, the City gets the building.

8. We have lost about 6 members because of the way the purchase of Dobbs Landing was handled.

New Business

1. Scholarship account update: Wayne is in the process of turning it over to the club. Need another person to take his place on the account. Due to shortage at WestConsin Credit Union, Kellen paid money out of his pocket so the bills could be paid for the month. Three days later we were paid from the Fair Board. In August we voted to remove all but the original amount out of the Scholarship fund for the running of Building/Grounds.

2. Need to form a finance committee. Club financial responsibilities going forward. The new committee: Jim Thompson, Russ Hitz and Kellen Cassellius, plus the club treasurer (currently Bill Schutts). New committee will meet November 11 at 5:30.

3. Operation Tip Up 2015 was discussed.

4. Fish Cribs - Chris Gaetzke (county conservation planner) emailed Kellen about some black locust trees south of the Chippewa Valley Golf Course that are cut to 8' lengths and all piled up for us.

5. Sheri Anderson has resigned. All building reservation calls now go to Nick Huston. Before she resigned Sheri set up a Face book page and a Craig's List account. We should be posting photos of club activities on it.

6. Pool League - rotating Tuesdays.

7. At the November meeting the finance committee will present plans to the Board. At the December meeting the Board must approve the budget. In January the budget goes to the general membership.

8. Jim Cleven made a Motion to have a budget of $500 for cement blocks for fish cribs, Seconded by Curt Hagberg. Motion Passed. Need to get them by deer hunting, looking for rejects, need 250 blocks.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association General Meeting

Monday, October 27, 2014

1. Call to Order: Kellen Cassellius

2. Pledge of Allegiance: Kellen Cassellius

3. Secretary's Report: Melody Gossett - Rod Finder Moved to Accept the Secretary's Report, Bill Schutts Seconded - hard copies were not sent out (will be with this month's Minutes)

4. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts - Need to stop the rumor that the club is broke - we are NOT broke, we have plenty of money, it is just not available to us at the moment. Every two years the club books get audited by accountant, now all automated (since 1-1-13). Our accountant is piecing together all club financial information before 1-1-13. When we get the finished account, it will be on QuickBooks. It is all being transitioned now. Between bank statements and QuickBooks, everything will match.

Does anyone have any ideas for fundraising? We need more members to get involved to raise money for the club.

5. Correspondence: none

6. Executive Committee Report: Kellen Cassellius - Dobb's Landing: Scott Sinz/Dan Prestebak: DCF&G will get some money back but not as much as we planned. Scott went over how much each organization in the Alliance gave toward the land purchase, and how much the Alliance must keep to cover the taxes on the property. Hellendrung property deeded back to us? Probably not, state of Wisconsin could take a year to act. Once the property went into Stewardship, the state owns it. Now public land. It has no development rights, but we cannot borrow against it. Randy Knaack must put the deeding of the clubhouse from the City to the Association on the table at the City Council meeting. Gene Smith is the County Administrator. Need to have 20-30 F&G members at the Council meetings, each give a 2-3 minute talk on different area. Need to get a paper copy of the 1930 deed and distribute to members so we all know we are talking about.

Kellen read the new policy for members to rent the building: "Two-year members can reserve the clubhouse, up to a year in advance, for any day except Saturday and receive the 50% discount. Exception to the rule would be for full building rental with bar. If they want to reserve only the upstairs of the clubhouse on a Saturday before 90 days prior to the event, they must pay full rate. If the clubhouse is not otherwise reserved, 90 days prior to the event, the member can reserve it and receive the 50% discount." Tabled for future discussion.

The Association was paid by the Dunn County Fair Board today.

Security System: another breach on September 16, another $250 paid to the police department for a false alarm. The new monthly bill will be $30-40 cheaper than the current system; it will have security cameras, it will involve entry fobs to get into the building, there will be offsite-online access to be able to control the thermostats. The building will be much more secure, for less money.

7. DNR Report: Jim Cleven/Jess Carstens/Chad Mogen - no report

8. Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak/Scott Sinz - next meeting Thursday, October 30.

9. Wisconsin Conservation Congress Report: Jim Thompson/Russ Hitz/Al Marotz no report

Standing/Special Committee Reports

a) Bar Management/Pool League: Garrett Sinz - no report

b) Top Gun Banquet: next meeting - Tuesday, November 4th at Neighbors of Dunn County in Pookie's room. Banquet is January 30.

c) Buildings and Grounds: Kellen Cassellius – outside light bulb replaced over kitchen.

d) Fall Banquet: Dave Moore - no report

e) Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg/Dave Kraft - it's being used. Upcoming Pistol Club meetings are November 5 and December 3.

f) Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller - Board approved $500 to buy rejected cement blocks. Chippewa Valley Golf Course has some 8' black locust trees cut and piled up for us.

g) Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen - no report

h) Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob DeLong/Dave Moore - need workers for tomorrow night. Last month we served 148 people. We may not do this next year, we did not make enough money and it was too hard to get members to work.

i) Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry - no report

j) Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg - no date set yet for next class

k) Ice Fishing Contest: Mike Kistner/Les Kuesel - tickets are in, see Curt Hagberg

l) Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg - Dunn County Aggie School rented building, Bonnie's Girls served (Amber Casey and Pam Keil). Tip money from the craft sale goes to Treasurer, the freezer will be empty next month. Starting next month, meals will begin to be smaller, can't afford to put out a big meal on the money raised from the meat tray raffles (unless we raise the price of tickets). Scott Sinz: 25 years ago Whitey Stewart brought food made from road kill and members still paid $2 for each ticket. He says raise the cost of the meat raffle.

m) Legislative/Excel Energy: Mike Benzel - state-wide elections Tuesday, November 4. There is a controversy in state of Maine whether or not to hunt bears - keep your eye on it, it could affect us here.

n) Membership: Kellen Cassellius - we have a new member, Brent Schuler. Welcome Brent!

Also remember to pay your 2015 dues before the Jan. meeting.

o) Pheasant rearing: Committee - Bill Schutts says a friend harvested several of our birds and they weighed between 2-1/2 and 3 lbs (at 22 weeks old - full grown). Perfect weight - any bigger they don't fly good, any smaller not enough meat.

p) Policy Review Board: Josh Risler - no report

q) Scholarship: Gary Schwoch - Discussion of how much money has been pulled from the Scholarship fund in the past years. Wayne Wilson and Kellen are the two names on the account. Al May objected to the Board having the power to pull money from the Scholarship fund. The Board needs to take money from that account to maintain the building.

r) Women on Target: April Cowan/Duke Holmberg - no report

s) Social Club: Scott Sinz/Duke Holmberg - next event is Monday, November 4th. Bring a dish to pass.

Old Business:

New website, very nice. Can get help to get onto it at Social Night (Nov 4). Tim sent out an email to all members on October 10 with a link to click on to get access to the website. If you did not get it, or did not respond, Kellen will ask Tim to resent it to members.

New Business:

Buck Pool? Dave Leach has the sign-up sheet.

Outdoor lighting

Operation Tip Up: Bill Schutts - we will make it a whole weekend (January 9, 10, 11) - on Friday night the pros want to have seminars (didn't work very well to have it all on Saturday this year). We had 101 vets registered (many more did not sign in). This coming year we plan to host 300 military veterans. Les Kuesel and Gary Buss will do the main raffle this time. Joe LaBuda's boys are very interested in helping out again. Next meeting will be mid-November, TBA.

Calendar Items:

October 28 - Harmon Chicken Dinner (last one of the season) 5-7:15pm

October 30 - Dunn County Alliance meeting

November 4 - Pool League here (here every other Tuesday) (Election Day - please vote!)

November 5 - Pistol Club meeting

November 10 - Social Night 5pm, eat at 6pm

November 11 - Finance Committee to meet 5:30pm (Veteran's Day - Thank a veteran today!)

November 13 - Tip Up meeting - Time?

November 17 - Fish & Game monthly meeting 7 pm

December 3 - Pistol Club meeting

December 15 - Fish & Game monthly meeting 7pm

January 9 & 10, 2015 - Operation Tip Up

January 30, 2015 - Top Gun Banquet

February 14, 2015 - 62nd annual DCF&G ice fishing contest

February 21, 2015 - NAIFC ice fishing contest


1. Pam Keil - meat tray

2. Rich Leach - meat tray

3. Don Heifner - meat tray

4. Joan May - meat tray

5. Stan Huftel - meat tray

6. Gary Schwoch - NRA membership, donated to Youth

Motion to close meeting made by Mike Benzel, Seconded by Tom Koranski. Meeting Closed.