Dunn County Fish & Game Association Executive Board Meeting

Monday, December 15, 2014

Members present: Gary Schwoch, Kellen Cassellius, Russ Hitz, Bill Schutts, Melody Gossett, Dave Pechmiller, Les Kuesel, Gary Buss, Curt Hagberg (Jim Thompson and Jim Cleven were at a meeting upstairs)

Old Business

1. Bar Report/Pool League: carry-in issues, contract issues need to be addressed

2. Security System - the new system will have one camera only, building wiring cannot handle 5 video cameras.

3. Repair of stove in kitchen - done.

4. Review of Financial meeting - Kellen Cassellius, Curt Hagberg and Scott Sinz were present. Cut outgoing finances almost in half.

New Business

1. Friends of Tourism award - The Chamber annually grants area groups/businesses awards for their outstanding contribution toward tourism in the Menomonie community. The Chamber Board has unanimously recognized our club for hosting the NAIFC and the Operation Tip Up contests for bringing people and revenue into the community.

2. Operation Tip Up - as far as members volunteering, we need to be there for Saturday only (January 10). The sponsors have everything handled for the rest of the weekend.

3. DCFG Ice Fishing Contest update - posters being printed. The date is February 14, 2015.

4. Voting procedure for tonight.

5. NAIFC date is March 6-7-8, 2015

7. The Team Extreme Pro Ice Fishing Contest will be February 21, 2015. We will need to feed about 75 people. Food will be served upstairs and in the heated Team Extreme tent on the ice.

8. If a prospective client calls the clubhouse number, it rings 4 times and then rolls over to Nick Huston's cell phone number.

9. Fish cribs - Dave Pechmiller - our promised logs south of town were offered by the Conservation Office to someone else, who promptly cut and took them for building a cordwood house for himself. Bill Schutts has trees we can cut and use. Garrett Sinz has cement blocks he will donate. We will need a work crew.

10. Whitetails Unlimited Banquet will be here. We have to provide people to come to the banquet. We get all bar proceeds and 1/2 of the net profit. Next meeting is December 17 at 5pm at the clubhouse.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association General Meeting

Monday, December 15, 2014

1. Call to Order: Kellen Cassellius

2. Pledge of Allegience: Kellen Cassellius

3. Secretary's Report: Melody Gossett - Dan Werner Moved to Accept the Secretary's Report, Al Finder Seconded.

4. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts - Not much in the Bar account, some of the bills are automatically withdrawn from account. We have money in the Association account, don't mind the rumors.

5. Correspondence: Kellen Cassellius - received a note from an Eau Claire sportsmen complaining that there aren't enough deer in Dunn County.

6. Executive Committee Report: Kellen Cassellius - discussed the security system, we will have one camera only (the building wiring won't allow 5 cameras to operate), the price quote will be slightly less. Camera will cover the bar area and door to back room. The kitchen stove has been repaired. The Finance Committee has met, the spreadsheet is up for debate. It will be emailed to all members who have internet. The Association will be the recipient of The Menomonie Area Chamber's Friends of Tourism Award. This is a prestigious award. Look for the article in the Dunn County News between now and the end of December. The Chamber Board voted unanimously for us to get this award because we hosted the NAIFC and Operation Tip Up ice fishing contests, which brought people and revenue to the Menomonie area. The Chamber Awards Banquet is February 4, 2015 at Stout Great Hall. Any and all club members are invited to attend and help accept the award. The more members we can get to attend, the better it looks for building rental exposure. (there will be more specifics at the January meeting) The next meeting for our ice fishing contest is Thursday, January 8 at 6pm.

7. Operation Tip Up: Bill Schutts - we won't need a special meeting; the sponsors have taken care of everything except the event on Saturday. Joe LaBuda's students are willing to help again, as are the Downsville Eagle Scouts and WestConsin Credit Union volunteers. On registration: Melody Gossett, Gary Buss and Kellen Cassellius. Set up: Friday, January 9 at 9:30am - Rich Leach and Les Kuesel. ATVs: Duane Kuester, Tom Koranski, Dave Pechmiller, and some from Tractor Central. Saturday morning we will need: volunteers to drill holes, park cars (students), Will need 4 people by the landing to match up guys with private shack owners: Gary Schwoch and Gary Gossett. Food: Vets and workers eat free, Vets immediate families pay $2.00/plate. Give a couple of games to play for prizes; shooting games to earn raffle tickets: Les Kuesel-1 game, Gary Buss-1 game, Kellen Cassellius-1 game. Walkie talkies: Dave Kraft, Scott Sinz, Dave Pechmiller, Bill Schutts. Food will be served in the Solar Tent (Solar Sportsmen) on the ice near the landing - Dave Pechmiller will provide old hay to spread on the floor. Kellen Cassellius to coordinate food going from clubhouse to tent from 10am-2pm. Terry Stokes interested in volunteering.

8. DNR Report: Jim Cleven/Jess Carstens/Chad Mogen - no report

9. Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak/Scott Sinz - Pheasants Forever is paying the land taxes on Dobbs Landing. We received a check from the Alliance to cover our part of the Dobbs Landing purchase. Contributors to the check were Cedar Country Co-op - Land O' Lakes. The Tainter Ice fishing Contest is scheduled for January 31. Friday, March 13, 2015 is the date for the Red Cedar Watershed Conference at Stout. Does the Fish & Game want to put up a booth to let the public know what we do for conservation? Cost - $40 in advance, $45 day of. Farmers attend free.

10. Wisconsin Conservation Congress Report: Jim Thompson/Russ Hitz/Al Marotz - meeting was 2 weeks ago, open zone C to hunting bears with dogs; propose to start season one week earlier, state had a projected number of 1300 bears, 970 were harvested. Propose to bring the hunting-with-dogs line to highway 21 (across the state). They are looking at doing a bear-baiting survey again.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

a) Bar Management/Pool League: Garrett Sinz - no finance sheet this month. Nick Huston is getting 6 contracts. Stephanie will take over bookings. We are still hosting pool leagues every other Tuesday night, anyone can come to the bar on the nights we host it. Next one is December 23 at 7pm. These leagues get new people into the building. Membership forms are outside the office, possibly can get new members this way.

b) Top Gun Banquet: Gary Schwoch - Banquet is January 30. Tickets are $250 each to attend. Food will be from Annabelle's Catering. Games planned: Duck Shoot, Bean Bags, Crossbow Shoot, Deer Shoot, Bear Shoot knife throwing. Anyone who wants to can still volunteer - start at 4:30, done by 8pm - easy night and lots of money for the club. Next meeting is Monday, December 22 at 6pm. We are selling tickets now (see Gary Schwoch), trying to make everything top shelf. Please sell some tickets. Tickets are $50 each and can be split among people.

c) Buildings and Grounds: Kellen Cassellius - PA system repaired. New towel dispensers in bathrooms.

d) Fall Banquet: Dave Moore - no report

e) Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg/Dave Kraft - not as much use as before deer hunting.

f) Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller - had logs promised to us from the Conservation Office, then they gave them to someone else. Show of hands: about a dozen people offered to help with them on a Saturday.

g) Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen - no report

h) Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob DeLong/Dave Moore - no report

i) Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry - no report

j) Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg - no date set

k) Ice Fishing Contest: Scott Sinz/Les Kuesel - tickets are in, see Curt Hagberg. Next meeting January 8.

l) Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg

m) Legislative/Excel Energy: Mike Benzel - no report

n) Membership: Kellen Cassellius - All club membership dues are due by the beginning of the January meeting

o) Pheasant Rearing: Curt Hagberg - rules are on the board on the wall downstairs

p) Policy Review Board: Josh Risler - no report

q) Scholarship: Gary Schwoch - Wayne Wilson will turn over control of the account in January to the new Board

r) Women on Target: April Cowan/Duke Holmberg - no report

s) Social Club: Scott Sinz/Duke Holmberg - next event is Monday, January 12th. Bring a dish to pass. Would anyone be interested in playing bean bags upstairs? Let Scott Sinz know and he can set them up. Someone from the Alliance would like to speak to us before our evening starts - NRCS will do a quick demonstration, Dick from the Lake Association will talk about the Watershed conference in March.

Old Business:

Ice fishing tickets are available, see Curt Hagberg.

New Business:


2nd Vice President: Scott Sinz (Nominated by Gary Buss, Seconded by Al Finder, Closed)

3rd Vice President: Ryan Gondeck (Nominated by Gary Buss, Seconded by Curt Hagberg, Closed)

Treasurer: Bill Schutts (Nominated by Al Finder, Seconded by Bonnie Hagberg, Closed) voted by ballot.

Kellen Cassellius also nominated

Secretary: Gary Schwoch (Nominated by Dave Frank, Seconded by Dave Leach) voted by ballot.

Melody Gossett was also nominated

Three-year Board member: Rich Leach (Nominated by Kellen Cassellius, Seconded by Len Frank, Closed)

Three-year Board member: Dave Frank (Nominated by Scott Sinz, Seconded by Garrett Sinz, Closed)

Deer herd harvest: Jim Swanson - down slightly from last year

Calendar Items:

December 17 - Whitetails Unlimited meeting 5pm

December 23 - Pool league here 7pm, come and enjoy open bar

December 29th 6pm stuffing final enveloped for top gun

January 5th – Top Gun Meeting 6pm

January 6 - Pheasants Forever meeting 6pm

January 8 - Fish & Game Ice Fishing Contest meeting 6pm

January 9 & 10 - Operation Tip Up

January 12 - Social Night 5pm meet, 6pm eat

January 13 - Pool league here 7pm

January 21 - Rifle Range meeting range supervisor party 6 pm

January 26 - Fish & Game monthly meeting 7pm

January 30 - Top Gun Banquet

January 31 - Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest (Dunn County Alliance)

February 4 - Chamber Awards Banquet, UW-Stout Great Hall, Student Memorial Building, Time TBA

February 14 - 62nd Annual DCF&G Ice Fishing Contest

February 21 - Team Extreme Ice Fishing Contest

March 6, 7, 8 - NAIFC Ice Fishing Contest

March 13 - Red Cedar Watershed Conference, UW-Stout Student Memorial Building

Motion to close meeting made by Rich Leventhal, Seconded by Len Frank. Meeting Closed.