Dunn County Fish & Game Association

Executive Board

Monthly Minutes: January, 2015

Old Business:

  1. Motion made (Gary Buss) & 2nd (Ryan Gondeck) to reimburse Kellen Cassellius for his short-term loan to the club to help us with a cash flow problem. He’ll be reimbursed in the amount of $5,000 plus four months interest. Motion passed. Kellen was thanked for his generosity. The Fish & Game is still waiting to be reimbursed from other organizations that had pledged their financial support of the Dobbs Landing purchase in the summer of 2014.

  2. The board accepted Wayne Wilson’s resignation from the Scholarship Committee. Gary Buss has volunteered to fill the position.

  3. Many members were unaware of the passing of a good member, Lyle Finder. He’ll be fondly remembered by everyone. If a similar situation arises in the future members are asked to contact President Garrett Sinz to send a card & flowers or a memorial.

  4. Curt Hagberg reminded us that it is the First Vice President’s duty to review the Bylaws in January each year. Russ Hitz (1st Veep) will do just that to recommend changes. If any members have a desire to change the Bylaws please contact Russ.

  5. Dollar amount for Lifetime Memberships was discussed. No action taken

  6. Motion made (Curt Hagberg) & 2nd (Scott Sinz) that whatever food is purchased for an event should be charged to that event. The club should still be allowed to keep the leftovers for the monthly meetings. Motion passed.

  7. Door Push-Bar: Gary Buss showed the Board a Door Panic-Bar which the club can purchase for $60 instead of the bid cost of $600. (A new push-bar is needed for the upstairs northwest door). It will be brought up during the regular meeting.

New Business:

  1. Goals: Garrett Sinz suggested the club set some achievable goals. He suggested a new membership form which he has completed. Ryan Gondeck suggested a financial goal to develop more transparency for the regular membership. Several members expressed interest in developing goals and plans for the future of Dobbs Landing.

  2. Philanthropic Budget: The Board reviewed the suggested changes to our annual budget for donations to Fish & Game activities as well as to other clubs and organizations.

Motion made (Scott Sinz) & 2nd(Ryan Gondeck) to fund the Youth Fishing Event at Bullfrog Fish Farm in the amount of $1640; Motion Passed. Contributions to the NRA were also discussed. Motion made (Gary Buss) & 2nd (Dave Pechmiller) to donate $500 to the NRA. Motion passed. The dollar amount may be revisited next month.

Motion made (Ryan Gondeck) & 2nd (Garrett Sinz) to accept budget with the idea to revisit it in May, 2015.

  1. Clubhouse Donation: Rental of the entire clubhouse ($450) was donated to the firemen for their annual Christmas party. The club retained proceeds from the bar.

  2. Donation: Drinks were donated ($32) to the Menomonie Rifle & Pistol Club for their annual CHRISTMAS PARTY as a thank-you for all the work they do at the range on the club’s behalf.

  3. 4-H Shooting Sports: Kevin Lannon spoke to the Board about the growth of youth shooting sports in Dunn County. At this time the following numbers are enrolled:

    1. Archery -76

    2. Air Rifle – 55

    3. Trap Shooting – 36

Kevin explained that trap shooting is the fastest growing high school sport in the country right now. If anyone has any archery, air rifle, trap shooting equipment or they cash they would like to donate please call him at (715) 505-0785.

  1. Dunn County Fair Chairman: Garrett Sinz volunteered to be the food chairman.

  2. Fall Banquet Chairman: Scott Sinz volunteered to be a co-chair and would like someone to help him.

  3. Award: The Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce will present the Fish & Game their “Tourist Award,” at their 76th Annual Awards Banquet held at UW-Stout on February 4th. Bill Schutts (Treasurer) and Kellen Cassellius (Past President) will represent the club using the two complimentary tickets that came with the award. Any member wishing to attend will have to pay $60 per person.

  4. It was suggested to do a bar inventory again.

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Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

January, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes

Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance; President Garrett Sinz

Buss Report: Many members may not know that for years Gary Buss was addicted to the Hokey Pokey. He finally turned himself around.

Secretary’s Report: Gary Schwoch: See the following:

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Schutts: absent, no report

Correspondence: Garrett: The Club received a thank-you from Andrew Zabell for selecting him to receive this year’s scholarship award.

Executive Committee Report: Garrett: (Executive Committee Report Minutes are printed separately).

DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Carstens, Chad Mogen: Jess gave the club a report on the County Deer Advisory Council. Dunn County will have as a goal to hold the deer population stable for the three years. In the future hunters will need designate whether the extra doe tags will be used on public or private land. The DNR will be working with the local chapter of Pheasants Forever on an “Adopt-A-Wildlife Area” to establish food plots in the Muddy Creek wildlife area.

Dunn Co. Alliance Report: Dan Presteback, Scott Sinz: Scott updated us on the progress of the Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest that he is actively resurrecting. It will be February 28th.

Wisconsin Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz: Spring Hearing information will be coming out soon.

Committee Reports

Bar Management: Nick Huston, Garrett Sinz: Garrett reported the Pool League is going well. Nick gave an update on the new security system. Both the upstairs and the downstairs will be alarmed. A security camera will be installed which can be viewed remotely. It will also feature a thermostat that can be operated remotely (by smart phone) and pre-programmed for times and events. NOTE: When the key disappears from the lockbox the system is fully operational.

Top Gun Banquet: Len Frank, Gary Schwoch: Work meetings tomorrow morning at 9:30 and Thursday at 6:00. Banquet will be Friday, Jan. 30th @ 5:00. Workers arrive at 4:00 to eat.

Buildings & Grounds: Kellen Kasillyass: Kellen will install the new panic-bar on the northwest door. Thanks to Gary Buss for getting an industrial quality item for one-tenth the cost. ($60 vs. $600)

Fall Banquet: Scott Sinz: Scott is looking for a Co-Chair for this Fall’s Banquet. He has done this before and really does a thorough job (He’s smarter than he looks).

Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave Kraft: Dave reported many people using the range due to the nice weather lately.

Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller: Dave reported that most of the upcoming weekends are booked with events so that the cribs will have to be put on hold until next year.

Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen: The Youth Ice Fishing Event held in conjunction with our ice fishing contest will be run the same as last year.

Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: Absent, no report

Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry, Joel Radke: Ron reported that the venison donation this year was 1,551 pounds of meat and compares to other years as follows: 2014 1551 lbs. 2013 1301 lbs. 2012 1730 lbs. 2011 1339 lbs. He noted that many of the same hunters donate venison every year.

Hunters Education: Duke Holmberg: Absent, no report

Ice Fishing Contest: Les Kuesel: Les reported he needs some additional help selling tickets at the landings the day of the event. Pam Kiel volunteered to do the pull-along around the lake. Kellen will ride shotgun and administer first aid to anybody she runs over. Next Ice Fishing meetings are: Feb. 3 @ 6:00 Feb. 9 @ 6:00 Feb. 13 @ 6:00

Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg: Bonnie explained how the workers for the Ice Fishing Contest will eat. She also volunteered to cook the St. Patrick’s Day Supper, on March 17th @ 5:30. She is also planning a breakfast in the future, date to be determined. Amber Casper volunteered to cook the smoky links.

Membership: Kellen Cassellius: Pay your dues. If you can’t find the new form use the old form.

Pheasant Committee: Curt Hagberg: no report

Policy Review Board: Rich Levanthal: no report

Scholarship: Gary Buss: Meeting to be called soon.

Veterans Ice Fishing Contest (V.O.W.): Bill Schutts: Absent, no report

Women On Target: April Cowan: Absent, no report

Social Night: Duke Holmberg (Captain Fun), Scott Sinz: Next get-together is Feb. 9th @ 5:30 (Happy Hour 5:00) It’s Pot-Luck so come hungry. If you can’t cook bring ice cream like I do. Also bring your quarters.

Old Business:

  1. Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce Tourist Award” see board report

  2. NAIFC Ice Fishing Contest: Bob Giede: March 7 & 8. Kid’s events, chili cook-off, clinics, call Bob at (715) 556-1190 to volunteer.

  3. Whitetails Unlimited Banquet: Kellen Cassellius: March 21. $42 single, $25 spouse. Fish & Game gets 1/2 the proceeds; we do minimal work.

New Business:

  1. 4-H Shooting Sports: Kevin Lannon: Kevin told the general membership what he had told the board.

  2. Pheasants Forever: Kevin Lannon: Kevin reminded the club that Pheasants Forever has a youth group called “Young Guns” that is always looking to volunteer for projects.

  3. Sunshine responsibilities: Garrett Sinz will coordinate any activities that need attention.

  4. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: Absent, will set up meeting to discuss moving forward.

  5. Dunn County Fair: Garrett Sinz will Chair the food portion of the event.


  1. Top Gun – Jan. 30 (Workers arrive at 4:00)

  2. DCF&G Ice Fishing Mtg. – Feb. 3 @ 6:00

  3. DCF&G Ice Fishing Mtg. – Feb. 9 @ 6:00

  4. DCF&G Ice Fishing Mtg. – Feb. 13 @ 6:00

  5. DCF&G Ice Fishing Contest – ALL DAY

  6. Team Extreme Ice Fishing Contest – Feb. 21

  7. Next DCF&G meeting Feb. 23 @ 7:00 (Board @ 5:30)

  8. St. Patrick’s Day Supper – March 17 @ 5:30

  9. Whitetails Unlimited – March 21

Drawing winners: Les Kuesel, Dave Frank, Jerome Evenson, Don Hefner, Scott Sinz