Dunn Co. Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting

Monthly Minutes

February 23, 2015

Old Business:

1.Top Gun Banquet Report: Thirty-five guests attended. Five or six major donors could not attend because of unusual family commitments. Double-Share Raffle tickets did not do well. The eight games were well received; attendees had a good time and said they'll be back again next year. Profit of $3164 plus we have $1300 in gift cards from Scheels All-Sports. A special thanks to Ryan Gondeck & Monica for helping emcee the evening.

2. Ice Fishing Contest: The contest went well. Walk-arounds were very lucrative as was the rifle raffle. The kids portion of the contest was canceled due to minus 25 degree wind chills. Profits of $8300 plus bar income were realized. Special thanks to Les Kuesel for stepping up to chair the event.

3. Menomonie Rifle & Pistol Club Annual Mtg: Crooked Creek Firearms will pick up the tab for refreshments.

4. Budget Item NRA: Motion made by Gary Buss & 2nd by Ryan Gondeck to donate $600 to the NRA Banquet. This was increased from $500 to allow the club to become a “Heritage” contributor. In past years the donation was $1250.

5. NAIFC Ice Fishing: Jim Cleven and Bob Giede working to improve kids component of this fishing contest.

6. Pheasants Forever Budget Item: Noted that $250 was approved last month in the regular budget to be a sponsor for the banquet this Friday, Feb. 27th.

7. NRA Youth Memberships: Positive discussion about offering a monthly youth membership next year.

New Business:

  1. Bar Business: Tabled in the interests of holding a special meeting.

  1. Harmon Chicken Suppers for 2015: We need to have 200 people to start turning a profit. We pay John $250 for salaries and approximately $1100 for food. A committee wil be created to try to maximize our profit possibly by increasing the cost to the public, hiring a different caterer, having the event on Thursday, do away with the reservation process, etc.

  1. Bylaws: The new year is time for Bylaw review. Russ Hitz will get right on it.

  1. Hunters Education: State of Wis/DNR is lowering the amount of hours permitted for a class and requiring what must be taught and how it's taught. Hunter Ed. meeting on March 2 @ 6:00 to discuss how to meet the new regulations. The Spring class may be cancelled if time does not permit revisions.

  1. Dunn Co. Fair: Bill Schutts reported that the odds are good for the club to get both beer consessions. He'll keep us posted.

  1. Fall Banquet: Scott Sinz, chairman, says it's time to get started. Meeting to be held March 10th @ 6:30.

  1. Curt Hagberg reminded the group that anytime we have a banquet or similar event we should have the money counted by two people; all agreed.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

February 23, 2015


Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance: President Garret Sinz

Buss Report: Gary told the club about the mysterious rash that has appeared on his forehead. It turns out it isn't venereal disease as most of us had suspected. (Dr. Rich Leventhal explained that V.D. only manifests itself on the forehead in very unusual circumstances. He claims to be an expert on these matters so that's good enough for me.) Gary says it's caused by a chemical peel that he's using to ward off skin cancer. Sure. Anyway, that's his story and he's stickin' to it. He hopes that now the club members will stop calling him Gonorrhea Gary and Syphilis Face.

Secretary' Report: Gary Schwoch. See the following. Motion was made by Al Finder & 2nd by Bob Delong to accept Report of January, 2015. Passed.

Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts.

Correspondence: Garrett: