Dunn County Fish & Game

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2015

Members Present: Ryan Gondeck, Gary Buss, Kellen Cassellius, Dave Frank, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz, Gary Schwoch, Rich Leach. Absent: Bill Schutts, Dave Pechmiller

Old Business

  1. Bylaw Review: in progress

  2. Bar Management/Financial Committee (Ryan Gondeck, Chair)

Ryan reported on issues discussed at last week’s (3-18-15) meeting including:

  1. Scott Sinz Moved; Gary Buss 2nd to donate the use of the building to the Prairie Enthusiasts for their burn seminar

  2. Scott Sinz Moved; Ryan Gondeck 2nd to donate the use of the building to the Womens Pheasants Forever Banquet; but not to donate $250 to the organization.

  3. Garrett Sinz Moved; Gary Buss 2nd to donate $50 in flowers for the funeral of a member (in this case Galen Fox).

  4. Resignation of Bar Manager Nick Huston was discussed.

  5. Employees of the club (custodian, bartenders will now report to the Bar Manager and he/she to the Bar Management/Financial Committee, not to the First Vice President.

  6. Business Manager position was revised and will be posted at the club.

  1. Dunn Co. Fair update: The Board agree to participate in a Food Booth and Bar Tending for the beer concession. It was discussed that more bartenders will need to be trained and licensed for this event to lighten the work load.

  2. Items from the Exec. Board Meeting of 03-18-15: Covered in letter “b” above.

New Business

  1. T/C barrel for Russell Schlosser (Fall Banquet 2012: At the Fall Banquet, 2012, Russell Schlosser won a Thompson Center Pro Hunter rifle frame with his choice of caliber/barrel. He chose a .243, which has not become available until recently (He’s a patient guy). This purchase of $290.97 was recognized as necessary to keep our commitment to Mr. Schlosser.

  2. Pheasant Vote: A member had questioned whether or not the Pheasant Program had been voted on this year. Curt Hagberg pointed out that when the budget was approved the Pheasant Program was part of it and therefore had already been approved.

  3. Bar Manager Resignation: Nick Huston has turned in his resignation. There was some discussion.

  4. Youth Fishing Event @ Bullfrog Fish Farm: in progress

  5. Fall Banquet update: in progress, will be held September 24. Next meeting April 6th @ 6:30.

  6. Annual Conservation Congress meeting in May: It costs $6-700 to send our Dunn County representatives to this annual meeting. These five representatives happen to all happen to be DCF&G menbers but it was brought up that perhaps other clubs in the alliance should help foot the bill. If each of the 15 clubs chipped in $50 it would amount to $750 to cover the costs. Scott Sinz, Alliance President, will bring it up at the next Alliance Meeting.

  7. Executive Board Meeting to begin creating a Policies & Procedures Manual will be held April 9th @ 6:00.

  8. Harmon availability for chicken suppers and will be brought up to the membership at the regular meeting.

General Meeting Agenda/Newsletter

March 23, 2015

Garrett (Gizz) Sinz, President (715) 505-0008

  1. Call to Order: Garrett Sinz

  2. Pledge of Allegiance: Garrett

  3. Secretary’s Report: Gary Schwoch: reported that all members should be getting the Newsletter now either by email or US Mail. Ryan Gondeck requested that the minutes be read at the meetings for those that may have missed them. This will begin in April.

  4. Buss Report: Gary Buss was heading to Hudson one day to do who-knows-what when his wife called him on his cell phone. She said he should be careful because she just heard on the news that there was a car driving the wrong way down the freeway. He replied, “One; there’s hundreds of them!”

  5. Treasurer's Report: Bill Schutts: Present Account Balances:

Association: $13,085

Building: 980

Segregated: 1,435

Bill announced his resignation as Treasurer.

  1. Correspondence: Garrett Sinz: A recent youth collection at Peace Lutheran Church netted $109 and was donated to our Hunters Education group.

  2. Executive Committee Report: Garrett Sinz: Garrett announced the items discussed at the meeting will be brought up throughout tonight’s meeting.

  3. DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Carstens, Chad Mogen: Jess reported that the wild turkey population did well this winter yielding an excess of tags in many areas. This Thursday, March 26th, extra tags will go on sale for our zone. Jess also announced the County Deer Advisory Council will meet this Thursday, March 26th @ 6:00 At the Fish & Game to discuss antlerless quota recommendations for Dunn County. He encouraged people to come and participate in the discussions. He also reported that the statewide deer kill figures are detailed in the latest edition the “Wisconsin Outdoor News.” A newly proposed DNR program called “Kids Don’t Float” was brought up by Duke Holmberg. Jim answered questions about the program that includes a box at a boat landing that would contain youth PFDs that people could borrow if they neglected to bring them for their children. The club could become involved if they would construct these boxes.

  4. Dunn Country Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz: Scott reported that the resurrected Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest netted about $7,500 for the Alliance of Dunn County Sportsmen’s Clubs. He thanked all the DCF&G members who helped make it a success. He noted the DCF&G should be receiving about $7,000 to help pay the club back for the money it fronted for the Dobbs Landing Purchase. Two side notes: 1.This will leave a balance of about $1,500 still owed the club. 2.Ducks Unlimited still has not paid the $7,000 it pledged to the project. Scott suggested holding a regular DCF&G meeting at Dobbs Landing (possibly June?) to give club members a chance to walk the 178 acres and become more familiar with it. Mike Kistner suggested the possibility of creating an endowment fund, similar to what was done on the Lower Chippewa River, to continue to enhance the area through private donations. The idea was well received by the members.

  5. Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Mike Gullickson, Russ Hitz, Al Marotz, Jim Thompson, Scott Sinz: Russ announced the upcoming annual Spring Hearing will be held at the DCF&G on April 13th @ 7:00. Scott gave an update on the Forum that was held at the Dunn County Courthouse for State political representatives to discuss their views on conservation issues and the DNR. John Mertha was the only one who showed up. He announced that he would continue to vote along party lines, including when it came to degrading the Stewardship Fund. Scott also reported that if a large corporation locates next to a rural homeowner and causes that homeowner’s well to run dry, it is now up to the private party to prove that the large business caused that to happen before any action can be taken.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

  1. Bar Management/Financial: Ryan Gondeck: Nick Huston has resigned as bar manager. Plans are underway to find a replacement. Ryan reported that the bar has been making money. The current balance is $1,756. The committee held its first meeting and actions included: 1. Updating the job description of the bar/business manager. 2. Develop more ideas to continue to liquidate the surplus of old liquor. 3. Develop a master list of key fobs for access to the building. 4. They recommend that beer/drink prices be $2.00 whenever we have an occasion to hire a bartender for a club meeting. Work meeting prices will still be $1.00. Al Finder suggested lowering the credit card limit to $250 for the bar account. Gary Buss noted that we need more bartenders for the Dunn Co. Fair. Garrett asked for volunteers. Ryan Gondeck, Garrett Sinz, Melody Gossett, and Gary Schwoch volunteered. With Kellen Cassellius this will give us five bartenders.

  2. Buildings & Grounds: Kellen Cassellius: Nothing at this time.

  3. Dunn County Fair: Bonnie Hagberg (food); Kellen Cassellius (beer): There is some discrepancy about what the two concessions (food & beer) will cost the club. Bonnie Hagberg will check into it. There was also discussion about whether the club should continue to team up with the DNR for a display booth inside a building. Both entities agreed that perhaps this had run its course and was not worth the $400 fee. Kellen Cassellius motioned w/Al Finder 2nd to discontinue the inside booth. Motion passed.

  4. Fall Banquet: Scott Sinz: Scott reported the date for the upcoming Fall Banquet to be Thursday, September 24th. The next banquet meeting will be April 6th @ 6:30.

  5. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller: No Report

  6. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: Upcoming John Harmon Chicken Dinner will be: June 23, July 28, August 25, September 22, October 27. There will be an attempt to use glass to plates instead of Styrofoam. Prices will be raised. There will be an attempt to have other caterers here on Thursdays with other offerings to see how well they are received.

  7. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry: No Report

  8. Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg, Roger Herman: Duke reported the first day for the Spring class will be April 23rd; first day for the summer class will be July 30th. He added that classes will be shortened this year and this will be the first time offering only the “Need-To-Know” information instead of including the “Nice-To-Know” information because of DNR requirements.

  9. Ice Fishing Contest: Les Kuesel: Les reported on major winners from the Ice Fishing Contest

  10. Kitchen: Bonnie Hagberg: No report

  11. Membership: Kellen Cassellius: We have a new member-Bob Kaner

  12. Pheasant Rearing: Curt Hagberg: Curt reported that the $6,500 budget had been approved for the Pheasant Project. 2,500 pheasants had been ordered, due to arrive May15th. The committee will include Curt, Bill Schutts, Dave Frank, Mike Benzel, Dave Pechmiller, Rich Leach, Melody Gossett, & Bonnie Hagberg. (NOTE: Please update the secretary if there any corrections to this list).

  13. Policy Review Board. Rich Levanthal: No report.

  14. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave I-Got-A-Gun-Like-That Kraft: Duke reported that the County Facilities Committee that oversees the range’s operation continues to be very happy with the way the range is functioning. They approved a budget of $13,000 for operations this year. Future improvements may include a well. The Boy Scouts will be holding a shoot at the range this May and will do a range clean-up session afterwards. The Youth Muzzle Loader Shoot will take place the second Saturday of August (8-9-15). The Rifle & Pistol Club continues to do soil testing at the range and limes it when necessary.

  15. Scholarship: Gary Buss: Scholarships were finally paid the 3rd week in March. The current balance is $40,830. We have seven applicants for our DCF&G Scholarship. Next committee meeting will be April 7th @ 3:45.

  16. Social Club/ Fun Night: Duke Holmberg, Scott Sinz: Next Get-Together April 14th @ 5:00 Happy Hour; Eat at 6:00, Foolishness til whenever. Bring spouses or girlfriends, preferably both, so we don’t just have to look at each other.

  17. Sunshine: Garrett Sinz: Galen Fox passed away; flowers were sent. Russ Hitz’s son-in-law passed away. Jim Mense broke his ankle.

  18. Top Gun: Len Frank, Gary Schwoch: No report

  19. Veterans Ice Fishing Contest (V.O.W.): Bill Schutts: No report

  20. Women On Target: April Cowan: Duke Holmberg reported the Women On Target shoot will take place the 3rd or 4th week of September.

  21. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen: No report

Old Business:

NAIFC Ice Fishing Contest: Bob Giede: Bob reported that 172 youth attended. The Youth Committee helped with that portion of the event. Bonnie Hagberg & Len Frank won Runner-Up in the Chili Cook-Off. At the end of the day Fish & Game members cleaned the hundreds of panfish caught & donated to the club by the contestants. The fish will be eaten as shore lunch at this year’s Disabled Fishing Event. The promoters and participants all thought the contest was a success. They’ll be back next year on the first weekend in March.

Whitetails Unlimited: Kellen Cassellius: Kellen reported that the bar made $435 and we are waiting to see what the income was from the banquet. Thanks to all the DCF&G members who helped set it up and also worked the event. Thanks to Kellen for single-handidly getting this up and running.

Friends of Tourism Award: The Menomonie Chamber of Commerce recently awarded the Club its “Friends of Tourism” award. The Dunn County News reported, “The Dunn County Fish & Game supports a wide range of programs aimed at conserving our natural resources, preserving sports and sponsoring youth educational events and workshops,” Mark Lewis, of Cedar Falls Building Systems, said. “The long list of donations, scholarships, and programs offered by the Fish and Game is impressive.” This year the organization set up a number of ice fishing events, including the North American Ice Fishing Circuit, Team Extreme, and “Operation Tip-up,” an event to honor area veterans.

St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef & Cabbage Night: Another great success. Thanks to all who spent the whole day putting it together.

NRA Banquet: Gary Buss reminded members that the NRA Banquet will be held April 2nd. There are still seats available. See Gary for details.

New Business:

Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest: Scott Sinz: See Alliance Report above.

Bylaws Committee: Russ Hitz: In progress

“Kids Don’t Float” – DNR program brought up by Duke Holmberg. Questions answered by Jim Cleven. See DNR report above.

Vote for new Treasurer: Les Kuesel motioned; 2nd by Ryan Gondeck for Kellen Cassellius to be treasurer since he had expressed interest in it in the past. Motion passed.

Calendar Items:

March 26: County Deer Advisory Council Mtg. @ 7:00

April 02: NRA Banquet @ 5:00

April 06: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:30

April 09: Exec. Board Mtg. to Develop Policies & Procedures Manual @ 6:00

April 13: Annual Spring Hearing @ 7:00

April 14: Fun Night: 5:00 Happy Hour; 6:00 Eat; 6:30 Foolishness

April 20: Next DCF&G Meeting @ 7:00

April 23: Hunter Ed. Begins @6:00

Note: Again, please let me know if something was missed on the calendar or elsewhere: gschwoch@charter.net or (715) 235-1832 & I’ll try to get it to everyone.

Adjourn: Motion made by Mike Benzel to adjourn. I’m unsure about who seconded the motion because of the mad rush to eat; Mike might have seconded his own motion.

Don’t forget T.R.:

It is not the critic who counts;

Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,

Or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.