Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting/Newsletter

August 24, 2015

Old Business:

      1. Dock: It was decided to wait until Spring to put it into Lake Menomin

      2. Lawn mowing: Gray Buss reported that Bob Hintz got our John Deere up & running for a total cost of $138. Our push mower was in terrible shape & Bob had one he'd sell us for $35. Scoot Sinz made a motion, Kellen Cassellius second, to buy the push mower for $35. Motion passed.

      3. Caribou Coffee news: Ryan Gondeck reported that we should know in a week or so if we will receive the grant from Caribou Coffe in the amount of $8,750.

New Business:

  1. Personnel: Discussed members behavior during chicken dinners.

  2. Banquet considerations:

  3. Gilbert Creek Workday: Gary Buss announced an upcoming work day of the Gilbert Creek Restoration Project to be September 3rd @ 10:00 a.m. The DN R will be there to help with seeding & mulching. Scott Sinz will donate beef for the meal, the club will pay for the buns.

  4. Menomonie School Dist OK's Trap Shooting: Gary Buss and Gary Schwoch had attended the Menomonie School District Board Meeting to speak in favor of them approving a trap shooting team. Until now any youth from Menomonie who wanted to shoot on an interscholastic team joined the Boyceville team under the coaching of Kevin Lannon. Approximately 15 community members spoke in favor of the idea. One spoke against it. The School Board passed it with an 8 – 1 vote.

  5. Ice Fishing: Les Kuesel joined the meeting to remind us that we would need about $2,500 to put on the upcoming (February, 2016) ice fishing contest. Scott Sinz motioned, Rich Leach second, to earmark $2,500 from our upcoming banquet for that purpose. Motion passed.

  6. Youth Day: It was discussed that club members should attend the Women's Pheasants Forever Youth Day on August 29th to have an informational booth and sell tickets to our upcoming fall banquet.

  7. Bylaws: Discussed youth and student memberships. Scott Sinz motioned, Gary Schwoch second, to have our Youth Membership be for kids 0 – 16 years od age be free. Student Membership would be for those people still attending school from 17 – 24 years of age. Cost for that would be half price ($10 at our current rates). Motion passed.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Garrett Sinz, President


August 24. 2015

Call to Order: Garrett Sinz

Pledge of Allegiance: Garrett Sinz

Secretary's Report: Gary Schwoch; passed

Treasurer's Report: Kellen Cassellius

Assoc. Acct: $2,495

Bar Acct: 841

$ Market: 787

Checking: 130

Correspondence: Garrett Sinz

Kevin Lannon arrived to tell the club that the motion to start a new trapshooting team for the Menomonie School District passed by a vote of 8 – 1.

Executive Committee Report: Garrett Sinz

(See Board Newsletter) Proposed Bylaw Change: Motion made by Mike Benzel, Len Frank second, to have Youth Memberships, ages 0-15 at no cost, and student memberships, ages 16-24, be half price ($10 at our current rate). Motion passed.

DNR Report: Jess Carstens, Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen: no report

Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz:

Ryan Gondeck had attended and reported that there is a matching-fund grant available for up to $20,000 (including paying for labor) for work to be done at Dobbs Landing. A rough draft has been developed that will soon be available to club members that will have some proposals for things to do to manage the property successfully for wildlife and all concerned parties. Be sure to attend the next meeting of the Alliance to voice any concerns or ideas you may have on this topic. It will be Tuesday, September 15th @ 7:00.

Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz, Al Marotz, Scott Sinz

Scott reported that 4 out of 5 proposals from the Spring Hearing were passed at their last meeting. One was discarded for being written improperly.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

Buss Report: Gary was out fishing with three of his buddies the other day. Most of them were complaining about all the things they had to promise to do for their wives just to be able to go along. The first one said he had to promise to wash all the windows the next day just so he could go fishing.

The second one said he had to agree to go shopping for furniture the next day. The third one said he had to agree to shampoo the carpets. Gary didn't say anything. Finally one of them asked, “Gary, what do you have to do?” Gary replied, “Well, when the alarm went off this morning I elbowed the wife and asked, “Fishing or sex?” She said, “Take a jacket.”

a. Bar Management: Ryan Gondeck:

Excel Energy Center: The training for working at the Center will be in the Spring.

Thursday Ribs: Good turnout the first few nights, then attendance dropped off. If we try it again maybe do it monthly instead of weekly.

b. Buildings & Grounds: Ryan Gondeck, Scott Sinz: Riding lawn mower fixed for $138. Used push mower purchased for $35.

c.Dunn County Fair: Bonnie Hagberg, Kellen Cassellius: We received our share of the profits from beer sales at the fair:

  1. d. Fall Banquet: Scott Sinz:

  2. We determined who will contact which major sponsors for the banquet.

Next meeting Monday, August 31 @ 6:00 and every Monday afterwards

e. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller: no report

f. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen: no report

g. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: Dinner & bar last month made about $550

h. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry: no report

I. Hunters Education: Duke Holmberg : Fifty seven (57) kids will graduate this time around. Thank you to Martha Stratton for the new laptop which will enable better presentation of audio visual materials.

j. Ice Fishing Contest: Less Kuesel: Meeting to be held after the fall banquet.

k. Kitchen: Crystal: no report

l. Membership: Kellen Cassellius: new member: Logan Lea

m. Pheasants: Curt Hagberg: more feed needs to be ordered.

n. Policy Review: Ryan Gondeck, Rich Levanthal, Garrett Sinz: no report

o. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave I-G-G-L-T Kraft: Second skyscreen has rotted out and blown down, partially onto the pistol berm. Range will be closed til damage is removed. The skyscreen had been there since 1997. The Dunn County Facilities Committee has received complaints about tannerite being used at one of the ranges. It makes a loud explosion when hit with a bullet. Duke will investigate.


p. Scholarship: Gary Buss: fund balance: $39,575. This year's recipient, Zachary Mohr, was in attendance and gave us a short talk about his previous summer work experience with the DNR and about his plans to go into fisheries management at U-W Stevens Point.

q. Social Night: Duke Holmberg, Scott Sinz: September 14

r. Sunshine: Garrett Sinz: Bonnie Hagberg at Luther Hospital in Eau Claire

s. Top Gun: Len Frank, Gary Schwoch: no report

t. Veterans Ice Fishing (V.O.W.): Bill Schutts: no report

u. Women On Target: April Cowan: September 26

Old Business:

  1. Women's P.F. Youth Day: August 29th from 10:00 – 3:00; come to help if you can

  2. Lawn Mowing: see above & Board Report

  3. Caribou Coffee Grant: pending

  4. Fish Sticks: Gary Buss will be setting up an informational meeting to discuss the project of dropping trees along the shoreline of Lake Menomin for increased fish habitat. This will take place in early October

New Business:

  1. Gilbert Creek: September 3rd @ 10:00

  2. “New” push mower: see above & Board Report

Calendar Items:

Aug. 25: John Harmon Chicken Supper

Aug. 29: Women's P.F. Youth Day

Aug. 31 & Every Monday: Fall Banquent Meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 03: Gilbert Creek Work Day

Sept. 08: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 10: Women On Target meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 14: DCF&G Fun Night & Banquet Meeting

Sept. 15: Alliance Meeting Dobbs Landing Proposals

Sept. 21: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 22: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 23: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 22: John Harmon Chicken Supper

Sept. 24: Annual Fall Banquet

Sept. 26: Women On Target Event

Sept. 28: Next DCF&G Meeting

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Duke, second by Dave I-G-G-L-T Kraft. Motion Passed.

Don't forget TR:

It is not the critic who counts;

Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,

or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.