Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting

September 28, 2015


Old Business:

      1. Dock Update: refurbished now & ready for Spring

      2. Lawn mowing: Gary B. developing a schedule

      3. Caribou Coffee: Grant received for $8,750

      4. Personnel: Situation dealt with

      5. Gilbert Creek Workday: success; all seeded & mulched

      6. Recap Fall Banquet: New format; done by 9:20; $18-19,000

New Business:

  1. Pheasant Release Dates: 10/07 @ 7:00 a.m. (DNR) 10/10 @ 8:00 a.m. (members)

  2. Tree Drop: Informational meeting for community on 10/05 @ 7:00

  3. Dobbs Landing: DCF&G now totally reimbursed for extra expenses

  4. New Members Ideas/Projects:

  5. Fish Cribs: Garrett found a source for cement block anchors

  6. Sept. Harmon Dinner $412

  7. Game Warden Meeting at DCF&G for no cost? Free under our newest guidelines

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Garrett (Gizz) Sinz, President


September 28. 2015

It is not the critic who counts.

Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,

Or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena. - Theodore Roosevelt

Call to Order: Garrett Sinz

Pledge of Allegiance: Garrett Sinz

Secretary's Report: Gary Schwoch; Gary Buss Moved; Les Kuesel 2nd; report passed

Treasurer's Report: Kellen Cassellius

Assoc. Acct: $42,460

Bar Acct: 6,827

$ Market: 787

Checking: 2,237

Total All Accounts: $52,311

Tom Koranski Moved; Joel Radke 2nd; report passed

Correspondence: Garrett Sinz: Garrett reported that the Fish & Game has now been completely reimbursed for the extra $11,500 needed to complete the Dobbs Landing aqusition.

Executive Committee Report: Garrett Sinz:

-The dock the Fish & Game had purchased from the city has now been refurbished and will be put into the lake this spring near our pavilion at the Wakanda Park Boat Landing.

-Gary Buss has been taking care of getting our lawn mowed and is developing a schedule with people who would like to help.

-The Caribou Coffee Grant of $8,750 has been received. The Fish & Game was selected as one of four recipients of a pool of 230 Caribou Coffee locations.

-There may be another Gilbert Creek work day in the works. Gary B. will let us know time & date. The work day last week was a success. The entire area had been seeded and mulched.

-Menomonie School Board has passed the request to start its own trap shooting team.

-Garret has rounded up a donor for cement blocks for the fish cribs this winter.

-Game Wardens from two teams will be having a meeting soon at the Fish & Game at no charge to them.

-Tips from the Fall Banquet ($215) will be split between the new Menomonie Youth Trap Shooting Team and the Youth Instructors from Hunters Ed. Kids from both groups participated in making our Fall Banquet a success.

DNR Report: Jess Carstens, Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen: no report

Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz: Gary Schwoch reported that the rough draft of the Dobbs Landing Management Plan has been prepared. The first meeting to discuss it was postponed and will be held at the FSA Office in the near future. As soon as we know when it is we'll notify everyone.

Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz, Al Marotz, Scott Sinz: Russ predicts that in five years there will be no Hunter's Ed. As we know it. It will be totally on-line. The state is pushing for an expanded mentorship program for hunting. He also reported that there may be proposed changes to the bear hunting regulations.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

Buss Report: Anyone who remembers the old silent movie comedian/stunt man Harold Loyd remembers that at the start of a new scene a card would flash on the screen that said, “What's Harold Up To Now?” That's kind of what it's like having Buss around. The other day his wife was visiting her doctor for a routine check-up. Making small-talk the doctor asked, “What's Gary up to now?” The reply was the standard, “Oh, he's fine but he doesn't show me as much attention as he used to.” The doctor told her there was a new experimental pill out that could change all that. He told her to slip this little pill in his mashed potatoes that night at dinner and see what happened. And since the new pill was still experimental she needed to report back on anything unsual. She said she'd give it a try and the next day she did call back with the exciting news.

“Doctor,” she said, “Last night I slipped the pill into Gary's mashed potatoes just like you told me to. After a few minutes I saw the old gleam in his eye. He jumped up and threw all the dishes and food off the table. Then he grabbed me, threw me on the table, and I experienced the most passionate episode of my entire life.”

“Wow,” said the doctor, “These pills must really work. By the way, the drug company has offered to pay for any incidental damages that might have occured.”

“That's OK,” she said. “I don't think we'll be going back to that restaurant again anyway.”

a. Bar Management: Ryan Gondeck: no report

b. Buildings & Grounds: Ryan Gondeck, Scott Sinz: Gary B. reported the riding lawn is proving to be a little tempermental to start but runs great, as does the repaired push mower. He sent a clipboard around for help in scheduling people to help mow.

c.Dunn County Fair: Bonnie Hagberg, Kellen Cassellius: no report

  1. d. Fall Banquet: Gary Buss, Gary Schwoch, Scott Sinz: Kellen Cassellius reported that we

  2. netted $17,655 at the banquet, plus $215 in tips, and $800 in a special collection for the new

  3. Menomonie Youth Trap Shooting Team for a total of $18,680. Many compliments were received on our new format & layout. Gary Buss did a heck of a job as emcee and got us finished by 9:20. (That's not a misprint; I know, sometimes it takes him longer than that just to say good-morning, but the silver- tongued devil got us done by 9:20. Many compliments about that as well).

        Conservationists of the Year Awards were received by the following people:

              Kevin Lannon (Non-Member) (Youth Trap Shooting Coach & Organizer)

              David Kraft (Member)

              Curt Hagberg (Member)

              Helmuth (Pookie) Albrecht (Member). Pookie passed away that night within three hours of the banquet. His wife, Donna, had accepted the award on his behalf and he got to see it before he died. The Banquet Committee has come to realize the hundreds of hours and dozens of personal contacts Pookie made annually to make our banquets run so smoothly.. He seemed to enjoy doing it and we will probably never again see someone so committed to making the Fish & Game banquets so successful.

Banquet wrap-up meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 30 @ 6:00

e. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller: no report

f. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen: no report

g. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: 116 guests last month; $412 income.

h. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry: no report

I. Hunters Education: Duke Holmberg : no report

j. Ice Fishing Contest: Less Kuesel: Meeting to be held Wednesday, Sept. 30, after the banquet wrap-up meeting.

k. Kitchen: Crystal: no report

l. Membership: no report

m. Pheasants: Curt Hagberg: Curt reported the DNR will be here Weds., October 7th @ 7:00 a.m. to pick up their share of the pheasants (18%). Members can pick up their birds on Sat., October 10th @8:00 a.m. Pheasant work meeting to clean the brooder houses will be Tuesday, October, 13th @ 3:00.

n. Policy Review: Ryan Gondeck, Rich Levanthal, Garrett Sinz: Garrett will be working with Russ Hitz on an upgraded pamphlet.

o. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave I-G-G-L-T Kraft: Duke reported that a grant is being written for repairs to the range.


p. Scholarship: Gary Buss: Gary reported the fund balance: $37,671.

q. Social Night: Duke Holmberg, Scott Sinz: October 12th, Happy Hour @ 5:00

r. Sunshine: Garrett Sinz: Garrett sent flowers from the club to Pookie's visitation. Bonnie Hagberg is home from the hospital now.

s. Top Gun: Len Frank, Gary Schwoch: Early December organizational meeting

t. Veterans Ice Fishing (V.O.W.): Bill Schutts: no report

u. Women On Target: April Cowan: 63 women & lots of fun at last week's shoot.

Old Business:

  1. Lawn Mowing (see above)

  2. Caribou Coffee Grant $8,750 (see above)

  3. Tree Drop: Gary Buss set up an informational meeting to discuss the project of dropping trees along the shoreline of Lake Menomin for increased fish habitat. Monday, October 5th @ 7:00

New Business:

  1. Gilbert Creek: Work day yet to be determined

  2. Pheasant Release Days: See above: “m. Pheasant Committee Report.”

  3. Happy 86th Birthday, Dunn Co. Fish & Game Assoc. October 11, celebrated on Fun Night.

  4. Buckthorn Removal at Fish & Game; Jim Thompson has been in contact with UW-River Falls to bring 35 to 70 students & 10 adults to our property for a 2nd annual buckthorn removal project. We'll provide the lunch. Melody & All Finder will cook.

  5. Telephone Tree has been established to pass along important info, meetings, changes, etc. to those members who don't use email. Eugene Leach is in charge.

Calendar Items:

Sept. 30 @ 6:00: Fall Banquet wrap-up meeting

Sept. 30 @ 7:30: Ice Fishing Contest Organizational Meeting

Oct. 05 @ 7:00: Tree Drop Meeting

Oct. 07 @ 7:00 a.m: DNR Pheasant Release

Oct. 10 @ 8:00 a.m: Pheasant Release for members

Oct. 12 @ 5:00: Fun Night & Fish & Game is 86 years old yesterday

Oct. 13 @ 3:00: Clean Brooder Houses

Oct. 23 morning: Buckthorn Removal at Fish & Game

Oct. 26 next DCF&G meeting; 5:30 & 7:00

Oct. 27 Last Harmon Chicken Dinner for the year

Drawing Winners: Gary Buss, Chad Mogen, Al Finder, Dave Frank

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Jerome Evenson, 2nd by Les Kuesel; passed