Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting/ Newsletter

November 16, 2015

Members Present: Gary Buss, Kellen Cassellius, Jim Cleven, Dave Frank, Ryan Gondeck, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz, Rich Leach, Dave Pechmiller, Gary Schwoch, Garret Sinz, Scott Sinz,

Old Business:

          1. 24-7 Thermostats operated w/smart phones fixed? Thermostats are working now in conjunction with smart phones & passwords. We'll get someone from 24-7 to train several people in how to do this in case the two members we now have can't be reached.

            1. Keys: A lockbox will be set up to give access to maintenance personnel or repair people for our office and thermostats.

            2. Thermostat cover: Broken one will be replaced.

          1. Thank-You card to Menomonie H.S. Environmental Club & School Board: Board will send Thank-you's for all the work done by MHS Environmental Club for removing a tremendous amount of buckthorn on our property. A letter to the editor would also be appropriate.

          2. Ryan Gondeck tested our general contract email system and discovered some errors in how they were being delivered or routed. Our webmaster, Tim Pease, will be contacted to straighten it out.

          3. Bar Inventory: At inventory time we had 391 bottles of liquor and 1,500 cans of beer. The Board decided that if a wedding party requests a particular type of alcohol that we don't usually carry, we'll charge them for it so we don't get stuck with some off brands. This has happened in the past.

          4. A parking block in the parking lot had been moved in front of a sidewalk during an event at the end of October. A lady tripped on it, fell down, broke her glasses, and scraped her face. We've moved the block back into position and sent a note to the lady expressing our condolences.

          5. Edward Jones: Steve Redmann will be our new representative. He reviewed our accounts for us, explaining that in the past 11 years four of our accounts have averaged 7.2% growth. Gary Buss motioned, Kellen Cassellius 2nd that we consolidate our Life Membership Account into our Scholarship Account. Motion Passed.

New Business:

          1. Youth Conservation Club: Jim Thompson: Jim spoke about developing an Explorer Post at the club that would teach kids about careers available in natural resources. There was one when he was a kid and it made him the man he is today

          2. Kitchen: Work meeting needed to spruce up the kitchen: 12/03 @ 5:00

          3. Budget Item: Randy Dahms has volunteered to mow our lawn at no charge. Wow! Thank him when you see him.

          4. Parking Block: A parking lot block was moved in front of our sidewalk at a recent event. A lady tripped on it, fell down, broke her glasses, & got skinned up a bit. The situation has been corrected.

          5. Dead oaks: Can a member (Dave Leach) cut them down? We need something in writing from Brent Schuller, our insurance representative.