Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting


December 28, 2015

(Note: Action taken will be printed in bold as will dates of upcoming events.)

Members Present:

Gary Buss, Kellen Cassellius, Jim Cleven, Dave Frank, Ryan Gondeck, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz, Rich Leach, Dave Pechmiller, Gary Schwoch, Garret Sinz, Scott Sinz,

Old Business:

1. Thank-You cards: We have thank-you cards to send to the following places in addition to the Dunn Co. News Editorial page:

              a.Menomonie H.S. Environmental Club

              b. School Board

          1. Explorer Post for Careers in Natural Resources: Scott Sinz motioned, Rich Leach 2nd, to recommend its development to the club and pursuing the next step of developing a curriculum.

New Business:

          1. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Marketing needs discussed. Consensus to recommend a schedule for 2016 from May to October.

          2. Election Candidates & Ballot: At the regular meeting tonight we'll need to elect a 3rd vice president, 2 board members, treasurer, & secretary.

          3. The Prairie Enthusiasts would like to hold a burn seminar at the clubhouse free of charge on April 16. Scott Sinz motioned, Ryan Gondeck 2nd, Motion Passed.

          4. Whitetails Unlimited Banquet: Kellen Cassellius reminded us that the banquet will be held here on March 18.

          5. Red Cedar Watershed Conference: Scott Sinz reminded us it will be held at UW-Stout on March 10.

          6. Fall Banquet Date selected: After discussion Dave Frank motioned, Gary Buss 2nd, to hold the banquet each year on the first Thursday after Labor Day. Motioned Passed. This year it will be September 8th.

          7. Scholarship: Gary Buss discussed the idea of having a 3rd name to transact business. Scott Sinz motioned, Dave Frank 2nd, to change the signatures needed to people holding the following positions: Scholarship Committee Chairman, President, and Treasurer. Motion Passed. Also discussed was the idea of modifying the amount of the scholarship to make it self-sustaining. No action taken.

          8. Snow Removal: Gary Buss reminded The group that the person in charge of bookings should keep in touch with Dave Frank to make sure it happens.

          9. Bartenders: Scott Sinz brought up the idea that perhaps we do not need to pay a bartender to work at our regular meetings. We have licensed bartenders within the regular membership. Ryan Gondeck will bring it up to the Bar Committee.

          10. Drink prices: Kellen Cassellius motioned, Ryan Gondeck 2nd, that for reasons of clarity, regular meeting prices should be discounted $1.00 and work meetings discounted $2.00. Motioned Passed.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Garrett “Gizz” Sinz, President

Agenda & Newsletter

December 28, 2015

Call to Order: Garrett Sinz: Garrett working; Russ Hitz absent; Scott Sinz, next in line, ran the meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance: Scott Sinz

Secretary's Report: Gary Schwoch: Gary left the November newsletter home, offered to bring it to read next time. Ryan Gondeck moved to accept the minutes as emailed. Dave Frank 2nd. Anybody know where we can get a good secretary?

Treasurer's Report: Kellen Cassellius:

Money Market Acct: 742

Checking Acct: 4,815

Association Acct: 19,810

Bar Acct: 5,938

Total: $31,305

Correspondence: Scott Sinz: 1. A thank-you note was received from Donna Albrecht for the club's support during Pookie's illness. Included was a donation to the club for $500. 2. Twenty books of ice fishing tickets ($100 value) were purchased by member Rich Levethal to be distributed to the kids free at the youth ice fishing event on February 13th. 3. A Christmas card was received from Bill's Distributing and Tyler, their salesman.

Executive Committee Report: Scott Sinz: See attached report

DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Carstens, Chad Mogen: Jim reported on catching some illegal deer shiners that the DNR fisheries division will be removing the springtime “refuge” designation on the

Russian Slough.

Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz: Scott reported that the Prairie Enthusiasts

have received a grant and are seeking bids to harvest jack pine in an oxbow area of Dobbs Landing.

Dobbs Landing Parking & Roads:

      1. Trail to new canoe landing will be open.

      2. Driving on pond peninsula will go part way out, U-turn, and come back to parking lot.

      3. Old road to old canoe landing will be blocked off partway up, before it gets to the old landing. The old landing was deemed dangerous and using it may have been encouraged if the road went that far.

Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest will be February 27th. Remember all proceeds will go to the Dobbs Landing project. Downsville will have an ice fishing contest this year, date unknown. The DNR has put some properties up for sale including 25 acres on the Hay River (Chimney Rock) south of Connorsville that was donated to them by the Northwest Rod & Gun Club; see your representative to complain. Fishers & Farmers are having a meeting concerning impaired waters at the Knapp Village Hall on January 11th. Ryan Grondeck volunteered to attend.

Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz, Scott Sinz: no report

Standing/Special Committee Reports

Buss Report: Gary says he's tired of chasing his dreams. He's just going to wait and see where they're going and catch up with them later.

a. Bar Management: Ryan Gondeck: Ryan reported the liquor room has been reorganized and has an updated pricelist. The next meeting will be after the first of the year, discussing members tending bar, drink prices, & other issues.

b. Buildings & Grounds: Ryan Gondeck, Scott Sinz: Furnace & thermostats need to have upstairs bathroom & kitchen doors closed when not in use to help keep the heat off. Curt, Lenny & Rich will help get the snow blower attached to our tractor.

e. Fish Cribs: Dave Pechmiller: Pass for this year. Poor ice conditions and snow on top of the ice we do have is not safe.

g. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: Discussion on which months to hold them. Curt Hagbeg motioned, Kellen Cassellius 2nd, to hold dinners for the months of June through October. Motion Passed.

j. Ice Fishing Contest: [FEBUARY 25th] Less Kuesel: NEXT MEETING: Jan. 12th @ 6:00 Pick up your tickets from Brent Schuler. His office is near the library: 700 Wolske Bay Road.

k. Kitchen: Crystal: Work meeting got the stove cleaner with six guys scrubbing on it. Thanks to Rich Leach, Curt Hagberg,Garrett Sinz, Scott Sinz, Bob Delong, & Gary Schwoch. Scott Sinz took several burners to his shop and fixed them. Kellen Cassellius & Less Kuesel “remodeled” the storeroom behind the bar. It looks great. Dave Frank took all the rubber mats from the kitchen & behind the bar to the city shop to clean them. They also look great. Thanks to all.

n. New member Jerry Benson; welcome

o. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave I-G-G-L-T Kraft: Hunter Ed starts March 22nd.


p. Scholarship: Gary Buss: If you are interested in being on the committee let Gary know. He'll be setting up a meeting soon.

q. Social Night: Duke Holmberg, Scott Sinz: January 11, 2016

r. Sunshine: Garrett Sinz: no report

s. Top Gun: [JANUARY 28th]Len Frank, Gary Schwoch: NEXT MEETINGS: Jan. 13th & 27th.

Old Business:

      1. Explorer Post: Careers in Conservation: Jim Thompson: see board report

New Business:

      1. Pheasant Committee: Dave Frank has volunteered to chair the project. Chicks will be ordered around March 1st

      2. Elections & Results

        3rd Vice President: Dave Pechmiller

        Treasurer: Kellen Cassellius

        Secretary: Gary Schwoch

        Board Member: Brent Schuler

        Board Member: Unfilled. Nobody was gullible enough to fall for the idea of how much fun it can be to serve on the board. Rod Finder motioned, Dave Leach 2nd to suspend election of second board member until our January meeting. Motion Passed

      3. Dept. Work Force Development: Kellen Cassellius reported we were audited by them with the following results: “We properly reported our Wisconsin unemployment and wages and our procedures are adequate to meet the law's requirements. Congrats Kellen.

Calendar Items:

January 11: DCF&G Fun Night: 5:00 Happy Hour

January 25 : Next DCF&G Meetings: 5:30 & 7:00

January 28: Top Gun Banquet

Drawings: No idea. Where can we get a decent secretary?

Adjourn: Motioned & seconded by Dave Kraft. He was told he could only do one so he made the motion. Dave Frank 2nd. Meeting adjourned.