Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Scott Sinz, President

Agenda/Newsletter - February 22, 2016

Call to Order: Scott Sinz

Pledge of Allegiance: Scott Sinz

Secretary's Report: Gary Schwoch: Scott had suggested that instead of reading the report from the previous month, copies of it could be on each table & at the bar before each meeting. (It would still be sent by email & US mail to all members.) Randy Dahms motioned, Tom Koranski 2nd to begin handling the secretary's report that way. Motion Passed

Treasurer's Report: Kellen Cassellius

Assoc. Acct: $39,918

Checking Acct: 6,402

Bar Acct: 10,712

Money Mkt: 712

Total: 57,744

Correspondence: Scott Sinz: The Club received a thank-you card from the family of Ralph Stark for the flowers at his funeral.

Executive Committee Report: ScottSinz: (See attached Board Newsletter) After some discussion about doing business Chuckwagon Catering Rich Leach motioned & Garrett Sinz 2nd to let Chuckwagon get started on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month. Motion PASSED. Members will do dishes & clean up.

DNR Report: Jim Cleven, Jess Carstens, Chad Mogen: Jim says his operation last month was a success but people should stop calling him “Kaitlyn.” It wasn't that kind of an operation.

Jess said the Deer Advisory Council will meet here March 24th @ 6:00. The DNR's “Go Wild” project will begin next week. It will feature a new website. This year deer hunters will not be issued a backtag and will not have to affix a carcass tag to their deer unless they will be separated from it for some reason. Carcass tags can be printed off the new website. The Spring Hearing will be April 11th.

Cans for Conservation was explained to the membership by Jess & Chad (see board report). The Lower Chippewa Endowment Fund was started by the DCF&G and now has funds approaching $50,000 for wildlife restoration. Eugene Leach has contacts in Eau Claire that will come to the club to pick up the cans, saving us 9 trips/year. Garrett Sinz motioned, Jim Thompson 2nd, to take over management of the Cans for Conservation Project. Motion PASSED

Dunn County Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz: Scott reminded us the Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest will be February 27 @ 12:00 – 3:30. The Club has the opportunity to serve food as a money-maker.

Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz, Scott Sinz: Spring Hearing will be April 11th @ 7:00. A good turn-out is always necessary. An example of a question to vote on is whether personal tree stands should be allowed to sit on public land all season. There is always something controversial for which opinions are needed. Wisconsin is the only state that does this.

Standing/Special Committee Reports

Buss Report: The other day I was considering going on yet another diet. Gary's advice was: “Never eat a sandwich bigger than your head.” Thanks. He claims he got this directly from Marie Osmond. You know, sometimes people wonder how come it takes so long for the newsletter to come out. It's because I have wait so long for Gary to say something meaningful.

1. Bar Management: Ryan Gondeck: No Report

2. Buildings & Grounds: Ryan Gondeck, Scott Sinz: 1. Scott reported Stephanie Lee would like to step down as our booking agent and custodian. Crystal Lee would be willing to take over the custodial duties but the Club would still need a booking agent. Stephanie will be willing to stay on until we find someone to take her place. Any interested parties should connect Scott or Kellen. 2. The downstairs women's bathroom needs a new light fixture. Duke volunteered Roger Herman to take a look at it.

3. Hunters Education: Duke Holmberg: Hunter Ed. starts March 22nd.

4. Ice Fishing Contest: Less Kuesel: Les will have the final numbers by the next meeting but he estimates we made $7,000 - $7,500. Someone brought up the fact that we have serious competition from an ice fishing contest on Lake Wissota on the same date.

5. Kitchen: Crystal Lee: No Report

6 .Membership: Garrett Sinz: Pay Your Dues

7. Pheasants: Dave Frank: Curt Hagberg reported to the Club that the pheasant program costs approximately $6,000 to raise 2,500 birds. Duke Holmberg motioned, Pat Lammer 2nd, to raise pheasants this year. Motion PASSED. Curt reminded members that to receive birds they must have paid their dues and worked at a pheasant work meeting before the end of July. The point process will be included in an upcoming newsletter.

8. Range Report: Duke Holmberg, Dave IGGLT Kraft: Duke reported he found another copy of a deed selling the triangular piece of land to the east of the range driveway to the DCF&G for $1.00; and another where the Club then sold it to Dunn County for $1.00. All in August of 1969.

  1. Scholarship: Gary Buss: No Report

  2. Social Night: Duke Holmberg: March 14 @ 5:00

  3. Sunshine: Garrett Sinz: Curt reports Bonnie Hagberg will be at Luther Hospital for a few days. Our prayers are with her.

  4. Top Gun Banquet: Len Frank, Gary Schwoch: The banquet had a record 40 attendees which earned the club approximately $6,550; also the highest yet.

  5. Whitetails Unlimited Banquet: Kellen Cassellius: March 18; $40 singles; $65 single & spouse. See Kellen to volunteer or become a guest.

  6. Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest: Scott Sinz: (see above & Board Newsletter)

  7. Explorer Post: Jim Thompson: Open House will be March 30th either at the clubhouse or the high school.

Old Business:

      1. Election: Board Member: Al Finder motioned, Dave Leach 2nd to close the nominations after Jim Thompson agreed to run. Motion Passed. Welcome Jim

      2. Trap Team: Gary Schwoch reported Colfax will be having an open trap shooting on Monday evenings this summer but no league. They have a new thrower that works great. No one seems to know what happened to the Boyceville league or if they'll be functioning this year. Whispering Emerald Ridge won't be having a sporting clays league but will be open for groups that want to shoot. They will also be offering Five-Stand (indoors) and Flurry shooting (also indoors). They'll also be serving food.

      3. Chuckwagon Catering: (See Above)

      4. NRA: Duke reported both 8-man tables are full.

      5. Pop Machine @ Wakanda Landing: Kellen says we're not making anything off it. Len Frank motioned, Tom Koranski 2nd to have it removed. Motion Passed

New Business:

      1. Cans for Conservation (See Above)

      2. NAIFC (Ice Fishing Contest): Bob Giede reported the contest will be held on Lake Menomin again this year with the following major activities:

      March 4: Seminars

      March 5: Kids Clinic @ 1:00; Fishing @ 2:00: Len Frank volunteered the Lions Club to pay for the hot dogs for the kids. 4:00 Chili Cook-Off

      March 6: Contest 8:00 – 11:00

            Spotters needed @ 6:00 A.M. at Wakanda Landing

            Fish cleaners needed at about 2:00

Randy Dahms motioned, Dave Leach 2nd, that the NAIFC folks should put a size limit of 6 inches for a fish to be eligible to be kept for the contest. Motion Passed.

      1. Hunters Against Hunger: Ron Fry, Joel Radke: Joel gave a comprehensive report:

Venison donated in Dunn Co. 2015:

Bri's Meat Processing, Colfax: 1007 lbs.

Springbrook Meat Processing: 636 lbs.

Total 1643lb.

Previous Years: 2014 – 1581 lbs

2013 – 1301 lbs

2012 – 1730 lbs

2011 – 1339 lbs

Average per year: 1518 lbs

Statewide since the year 2000: 87,000 deer have been donated or 3.89 million pounds of

ground venison. Thanks Ron & Joel

Calendar Items:

Feb. 27: Tainter Lake Ice Fishing Contest

March 4: NAIFC Seminars

March 5: NAIFC Kids Clinic

March 5: NAIFC Evening Registration

March 6: NAIFC Contest

March 18: Whitetails Unlimited Banquet

March 22: Hunters Ed. Begins

March 24: Deer Advisory Council @ DCF&G

March 28: Next DCF&G Meeting

March 30: Explorer Post (Conservation Careers) Open House

April 11: Spring Hearing @ 7:00

April 14: Chuckwagon Catering debut @ DCF&G

April 25: DCF&G Regular Meeting

April 28: Chuckwagon Catering @ DCF&G

Drawing Winners: Dave Frank, Dave Pechmiller, Duke Holmberg, Chad Mogen, Kellen Cassellius

Adjourn: Dave IGGLT Kraft motioned to adjourn, Jim Cleven 2nd as he was streaking to the food table; obviously unaware that tonight's meal was prepared by Scott Sinz.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting


February 22, 2016

Members Present:

Kellen Cassellius, Jim Cleven, Dave Frank, Curt Hagberg, Rich Leach, Dave Pechmiller, Brent Schuler, Gary Schwoch, Garret Sinz, Scott Sinz.

Absent: Ryan Gondeck, Russ Hitz

Old Business:

      1. Chuckwagon: Day One Date: Kellen Cassellius motioned, Gary Schwoch 2nd, to allow Chuckwagon catering to use the building on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month

        for special meals. PASSED. The club receives $2.00/meal and the bar proceeds. Come hungry. They (Chuck & Clare Harmston) catered the Top Gun Banquet this year. All the guests said the food was fanatastic!

      2. Election of One Board Member (Heads-Up): We'll be voting for a new member to fill out the board at the regular meeting tonight.

      3. Agenda Items Date Date (1 week early): If members can get their agenda items to the secretary a week before the meeting they could be emailed to everyone & we'd have a week to think about the stuff. Seems to work good for the Alliance.

      4. Ice Fishing Contest: Scott says preliminary numbers show the contest raised about $7,000 this year. That figure is important because this year during the budget process the continuation of the pheasant program was determined to be dependant on money raised from the contest.

      5. Pheassants: Kellen has the paperwork ready to go to order 2,500 pheasant chicks from the DNR. Curt sais it costs about $6,000 to raise the chicks to maturity. Dave Frank motioned, Brent Schuler 2nd, to continue raising pheasants this year. PASSED.

New Business:

      1. Personnel (Confidential?): Gary reminded the board that any personnel matters discussed at board meetings should stay confidential.

      2. Cans for Conservation: Chad Mogen, Jess Carstens: The DNR would like to turn the workload of the Cans for Conservation project over to the club. It raises about $1,200/year for the Lower Chippewa River Project. Aluminum cans are collected about once /week from 3 sites & taken to Eau Claire about 9 times/year.

      3. Stephanie Lee would like to step down from her duties as custodian and booking agent and remain as a bartender. Crystal Lee offerrred to take ove the custodial part but we'll still need a booking agent.

      4. NAIFC: Bob Giede says the national ice fishing contest will be held on Lake Menomin again this year on March 4,5,6. He needs club members to volunteer to make it a success and will bring it up to the general membership tonight.