Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.


Regular Meeting - Newsletter

July 25, 2016

Scott “Beano” Sinz, President (715) 308-2067

The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere

restrains evil interference.

They deserve a place of honor with all that is good.”

(George Washington)

Call to Order: Scott Sinz

Pledge of Allegiance: Scott

Secretary’s Report: Gary Schwoch: Rod Finder motioned, Les Kuesel 2nd to accept; Passed.

Treasurer's Report: Kellen Cassellius:

Association Acct: 18,102

Assoc. Savings: 75,054

Bar Account: 5,496

Building Acct: 8,035

Al Finder motioned to accept treasurer’s report; Ryan Gondeck 2nd; Passed.

Correspondence: Scott: The club members received an invitation to:

  1. Natural Resources Foundation party on August 30th @ 6:00-8:00 in Madison. See Scott for details.

  2. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire on October 18th. See Scott for details.

A letter was also received from one of our scholarship recipients, Andrew Zabel, outlining his first year of college, what his summer plans were, and thanking the club again for the scholarship to help make it possible.

Executive Committee Report: Scott: See Board Newsletter. The following votes were taken after recommendations were made from the Board:

  1. Les Kuesel motioned to send a letter to the DNR in support of the Russian Slough project; Jim Thompson & Bob Delong both 2nd; Passed.

  2. Ralph Schneider motioned to send a letter to the DNR in support of the Meridean Barrens Project; Jim Thompson 2nd; Passed.

DNR Report: Jess Carstens, Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen:

1. Jess talked & answered questions about the 990 acre and 570 acre projects on the Lower Chippewa River and also mentioned that the West Wisconsin Land Trust is also working on purchasing land in this area.

2. Jess brought up the action plan to have the second vote on the pledge of up to $4,000 towards the appraisals of land involved in the $2,000,000 NAWCA/Stewardship acquisition on the Lower Chippewa River project. (This is made with the hopes that other conservation clubs in the county will also pledge money towards the project). Pat Lammer motioned; Dave Frank 2nd; to approve the pledge. Passed.

3.Jess also reminded the members that the free farmland deer tags are now available from the DNR. You can get them online (& print them) or at license outlets like Fleet Farm.

4. Dave Leach brought up the fact that some of the used fishing line containers at boat landings are full of used fishing line. Ryan Gondeck and Scott Sinz volunteered to check the landings in the county to clean out the collection reservoirs. The club can send the used line to Berkley who in turn will send the club fishing tackle.

Dunn Country Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz: No Report

Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz, Al Marotz, Scott Sinz: Fall Meeting August 3rd.

Standing/Special Committee Report

Gary Buss Report: Gary has just experienced a scam that preys on older men. He felt we should get the word out and give men a warning if they’re regular customers of Wal-Mart or Fleet Farm. Here’s how the scam works: As you are loading your purchases into your truck two provocatively dressed babes, college age, approach you and help you load you things or in some cases wash your windshield. When you offer them a tip they refuse but ask if you could give them a ride to McDonalds instead. You agree and they climb into your truck. On the way, they start undressing and one of them molests you while the other steals your wallet. Gary says he fell victim to this scam three times this week and three times the week before that, and very likely again this upcoming weekend. He also reports Wal-Mart is having a sale on wallets and you can get them at the Dollar Store for $0.99.

  1. Bar Management : Ryan Gondeck: No Report

  2. Buildings & Grounds: Ryan Gondeck, Scott Sinz: 1.Scott had taken emergency action to have the upstairs walk-in cooler’s compressor replaced at a cost of $999.29. 2. Work meeting last week resulting in Kellen & Les pressure washing outside of clubhouse. Roof gutters were cleaned out. Trash receptacle area was thoroughly cleaned up.

  3. Chuckwagon BBQ: Scott Sinz: 85 guests last time. Next one will be August 11th.

  4. Dunn County Fair: Ryan Gondeck, Garrett Sinz: See Kellen & Garrett to sign up to work.

  5. Fall Banquet: Garrett Sinz: Next planning meeting will be Tuesday, August 2nd @ 6:00 and every Tuesday @ 6:00 until the banquet.

  6. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong: Tomorrow; see Bob Delong to sign up.

  7. Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg, Roger Herman: 27 students in this class.

  8. Kitchen: Crystal Lee: No Report

  9. Membership: Garrett Sinz: Don Black may join.

  10. Pheasant Rearing: Dave Frank: Be sure to check your feeding schedule.

  11. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave I-Got-A-Gun-Like-That Kraft: 20 people showed up for a shoot last weekend.


  1. Scholarship: Gary Buss: Current Balance:$40,638

  2. Social Night: Duke Holmberg: August 8 @ 5:00 Happy Hour, Eat at 6:00

  3. Sunshine: Scott Sinz: No Report

  4. Women On Target: April Cowan: No Report

  5. Youth: Jim Cleven, Chad Mogan: No Report

Old Business:

    1. NAWCA Appraisals – 2nd vote - $4,000 support: See DNR Report

    2. Tree Drops (fish sticks): Gary Buss says Cemetery Board is very receptive to the idea. Ryan Gondeck motioned to support the Tree Drop Project; Al Finder 2nd; Passed.

    3. Wilson Creek Rehabilitation: Gary Buss reported the application was not funded this year.

New Business:

      1. Sign for DCF&G: See Board Report

      2. Letter of Support for Russian Slough Project: See Board Report

      3. Letter of Support for Meridean Barrens Project: See Board Repport

      4. Beer Outside on Club Property: Some people have been bringing beer to drink on our property while they’re here to set up for wedding dances or during wedding dances. This is illegal just as if they were bringing it into the clubhouse. If any member notices this please ask them to stop or report it to the bartender or board member for action.

Calendar Items:

June 28: 1st John Harmon Chicken Dinner 5:30 – 7:30

July 14: Chuckwagon BBQ 5:00 – 7:30

July 25: Next DCF&G Meetings 5:30 & 7:00

July 26: John Harmon Chicken Dinner 5:30 – 7:30

July 29: Hunter’s Ed. Begins 6:00

Aug. 9: Board Meeting @ 4:00 w/City Council Reps.

Aug. 9: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Aug. 11: Chuckwagon: Serving 5:00-7:00

Aug 12: Set-Up for Muzzleloader Shoot @ 5:00

Aug. 13: Muzzleloader Shoot: Kids 8:00-12:00; Adults 1:00-3:00

Aug. 16: Fall Banquet Mtg. @ 6:00

Aug. 22: Next DCF&G Monthly meetings; 5:30 & 7:00

Aug. 23: Jack Harmon Chicken Dinner: Serving 5:30-7:30

Aug. 24: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Aug. 23: Jack Harmon Chicken Dinner: Serving 5:30-7:30

Aug. 27: “No Child Left Indoors,” Red Cedar Women Pheasants Forever

N6375 90th Street, Knapp, WI 10:00 – 3:00

Aug. 30: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Drawing Winners: Gary Buss, Rodney Finder, Kellen Cassellius, Bonnie Hagberg, Dave (either Frank or Kraft, I don’t remember)

Adjourn: Ryan Gondeck moved; Kellen Cassellius 2nd; Passed

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting Newsletter

July 25, 2016

Members Present: Kellen Cassellius, Jim Cleven, Dave Frank, Ryan Gondeck, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz, Pat Lammer, Dave Pechmiller, Brent Schuler, Gary Schwoch, Garrett Sinz, Scott Sinz, Jim Thompson

Absent: Russ Hitz

Old Business:

  1. Feeder cart for pheasants: Not purchased yet

  2. Waterers for pheasants: Two purchased; one for $40 & one for $50

  3. Continued pledge (2nd vote) for NAWCA Appraisals [$4,000]. Jim Thompson motioned to continue recommending support for the pledge; Dave Frank 2nd; Passed. The general membership will have their second vote on the pledge at tonight’s regular meeting.

New Business:1.

  1. Signs for DCF&G – Gary Schwoch: Outdoor Signs America has (300) 8” acrylic, flexible letters. Will not yellow for our traveling sign: $106.56 + shipping: Kelen Cassellius made a motion to purchase the signs; Curt Hagberg 2nd; Passed.

  2. Russian Slough Project letter of support: Gary Schwoch wrote a requested letter of support for the project to be signed by members of the board & sent to the DNR. Scott Sinz motioned, Jim Thompson 2nd to sign & send the letter of support for the Russian Slough Project. Passed.

  3. Meridean Barrens Project letter of support: Gary Schwoch wrote a requested letter of support for the project to be signed by members of the board & sent to the DNR. Scott Sinz motioned, Jim Thompson 2nd to sign $ send the letter, of support for the Meridean Barrens Project. Passed.

  4. Trash collection – Scott Sinz: The Board discussed several ways to save money on trash collection and recycling. Scott Sinz motioned to request cardboard recycling every other week and trash once a week. Pat Lammer 2nd; Passed.

  5. Signs in Wakanda Park-Scott Sinz: Scott noticed private advertising in the park and was wondering if the ordinance against it had changed. He contacted Mayor Knaack to see if the DCF&G could now put up a sign of our own designating the clubhouse’s location as well as upcoming events. Randy (Knaack) asked to have a meeting with representatives of the City Council and the Fish & Game to discuss the matter. Date: Aug. 9th @ 4:00.

  6. Electric Bill: Kellen reported a jump in our electric bill, probably due to the pheasant project but it sparked an exchange of ideas on how to save money in that area. Scott will investigate having LED lights installed with the idea of saving a significant amount of money, similar to what was done at the clubhouse.

  7. Free Beer: Pat Lammer brought up the idea of serving free beer to those volunteers participating in work projects. Much discussion. Tabled.

  8. Fall Banquet: Garrett Sinz asked us to remind club members to get sponsors and prizes rounded up soon since we only have one month lift until the banquet.

  9. Fall Banquet Catering: Chuckwagon will be serving food for the banquet.

  10. Conservationist of the Year: Consensus was to have the club members vote for four members they feel should receive the award and the board will choose from the four they select.

  11. Walk-In Cooler: Compressor died; Scott made the emergency executive decision to replace it at a cost of $999.29. Pat Lammer motioned to approve his actions; Garrett Sinz 2nd; Passed.