Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.



August 22, 2016

Scott “Beano” Sinz, President (715) 308-2067

Call to Order: Scott Sinz

Pledge of Allegiance: Scott

Secretary’s Report: Gary Schwoch: Motion to accept Secretary’s Report by Rod Finder; 2nd by Ralph Schneider. Passed

Treasurer's Report: Kellen Cassellius:

Building Acct: 7,592

Association Acct: 21,589

Bar Acct: 4,910

Boettcher Trust: 106,395 (See Board Report)

Total: 140,486

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Duke Holmberg; 2nd by Tom Koranski

Ricj Leventhal requested 10 hard copies of Treasurer’s Report available with a list of expenses.

Correspondence: Scott: N/A

Executive Committee Report: Scott: (See Board Report) Board Recommendations requiring action by the club: 1.The Board made a recommendation to the Club to replace the ailing pheasant lighting system with a new energy-saving system. We have a bid from J.A.Electric to do the job for $550. Rod Finder motioned to have the lights replaced as the Board recommended: 2nd by Len Frank. Passed Motion to suspend second reading of the motion until next month so we can get the work done now made by Randy Dahms; 2nd byRod Finder. Passed. 2. The Board granted Stephanie Lee the request to spend up to $250 to get the club involved in bridal fairs with the intent of attracting more rentals. The Board also recommended spending up to $750 additionally if it looked like the bridal fairs were being successful. Ryan Gondeck motioned to follow the recommendation; 2nd by Rich Leventhal. Passed.

DNR Report: Jess Carstens, Jim Cleven, Chad Mogen

Dunn Country Alliance Report: Dan Prestebak, Scott Sinz

Wis. Conservation Congress Report: Russ Hitz, Al Marotz, Scott Sinz

Standing/Special Committee Report

  1. Bar Management : Ryan Gondeck: N/A

  2. Buildings & Grounds: Ryan Gondeck, Scott Sinz

  3. Chuckwagon BBQ: Scott Sinz: Scott reported attendance has been down and Chuckwagon is losing money on the venture so the dinners will be discontinued.

  4. Dunn County Fair: Ryan Gondeck, Garrett Sinz: Garrett reported income from the food booth to be $1,575. Kellen Cassellius reported expected bar income to be $6,281 + $620 in tips for a total of $8,476.

  5. Fall Banquet: Garrett Sinz: Meeting Aug. 24 @ 6:00 Garrett reported we need to fill 35 spots for workers at the banquet.

  6. Harmon Chicken Dinners: Bob Delong

  7. Hunter Education: Duke Holmberg, Roger Herman: Duke reported that the 23 recent graduates had some of the highest test scores ever. Income from treats yielded $232 plus a donation check from Gereald Biesterveld (sp?) in the amount of $125.

  8. Kitchen: Crystal Lee: N/A

  9. Membership: Garrett Sinz: N/A

  10. Pheasant Rearing: Dave Frank: Dave noted that we need corn to feed the maturing birds. We’ll be able to get some from Doan’s Chippewa Valley Bean.

  11. Rifle Range: Duke Holmberg, Dave I-Got-A-Gun-Like-That Kraft: Duke reported that the telephone issues seem to have been resolved. Two grants have been written & submitted for $20,000 each.


  1. Scholarship: Gary Buss: Account currently stands at $39,667.

  2. Social Night: Duke Holmberg: September 12 @ 5:00

  3. Sunshine: Scott Sinz: Jerome Evenson is in the American Lutheran Home.

  4. Women On Target: April Cowan: Women On Target event will be held September 17; 8:00 am registration; 11:00 lunch

Old Business:

    1. Electric bid for pheasant pens: See Above

    2. Sign letters have arrived & in use. Gary Schwoch says they work great

    3. Trash collection update: (See Board Report)

    4. Signs in Wakanda Park: (See Board Report)

    5. Tree Drop: Gary Buss will meet with the cemetery board and keep us updated.

    6. Aluminum Cans: Randy Dahms: Randy motioned that the income generated from the collection of our aluminum can project be used towards the possible expenditure of the $4,000 committed to help pay for the appraisals of land in the Chippewa River project with the DNR’s acquisition of 990 acres; 2nd by Ryan Gondeck. Passed. The can collection sites are at Super America North, Super America East, and at the Thunderbird Mall.

    7. Jack Harmon Chicken Dinners: Attendance has been falling off and there has been talk of discontinuing them. Jim Thompson motioned to keep them going for the remainder of the year (September & October); 2nd by Duke Holmberg. Passed.

New Business:

      1. Windfall #2 for DCF&G: See Board Report

      2. Chuckwagon BBQ & Alternatives: See Board Report

      3. Chicken Dinners revisited? See Above

      4. Table tops refinished: A committee will be developed to check on the feasibility of redoing our downstairs table tops and possibly replacing our metal chairs used upstairs for events.

      5. Ice Machine: Scott reported it was repaired. No news on cost yet.

Calendar Items:

Aug. 23: John Harmon Chicken Dinner serving 5:30-7:30

Aug. 24: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Aug. 27: “No Child Left Indoors” event by Red Cedar Women’s Pheasants Forever

N6375 90th Street, Knapp, WI @ 10:00-3:00

Aug. 30: Fall Banquet Meeting @ 6:00

Sept. 5,6,7: Fall Banquet Meetings

Sept. 08: Fall Banquet

Sept. 26: Next DCF&G Meetings; 5:30 & 7:00

Sept. 27: John Harmon Chicken Dinner serving 5:30-7:30

Drawings: Won by Eugene Leach, Kellen Cassellius, Dave Frank, Ralph Schneider, Jim Cleven

Adjourn: Motioned by Scott Sinz; 2nd by Ryan Gondeck.

Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting

August 22, 2016

Members Present: Kellen Cassellius Jim Cleven, Dave Frank, Ryan Gondeck, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz, Pat Lammer Dave Pechmiller, Brent Schuler, Gary Schwoch, Garrett Sinz, Scott Sinz, Jim Thompson

Absent: Russ Hitz

Old Business:

  1. Feeder cart for pheasants: It was purchased by Dave Frank at Fleet Farm for $120. Members who have used it are impressed.

  2. Electric Bid for pheasant pens: The Fish & Game received a bid from J.A. Electric to, “Replace two yard lights on poles with 50 watt LED yard lights with photo eyes. Repipe and rewire one of two yard lights from top of pole to disconnect at bottom of pole.” Cost: $550.00 Pat Lammer motioned to accept the bid, 2nd by Dave Pechmiller. Passed

  3. Sign Lettters have arrived: $106 + shipping; Gary Schwoch says they look good.

  4. Trash collection update: Scott Sinz reported the trash will now be picked up on Fridays and the cardboard will be picked up once on month. This will save the club $60 a month.

  5. Signs: Wakanda Park: Scott Sinz, Brent Schuller, Gary Schwoch, Ryan Gondeck, & Dave Kraft met with City Administrator Lowell Prange, Mayor Randy Knaack, & Parks Supervisor Gary Barnett on August 9th @ 4:00 to discuss signage for the Fish & Game in Wakanda Park. In the past there had been regulations prohibiting signs and it appears the city council is softening on the issue. After a lengthy positive meeting a consensus was reached: The Fish & Game will be permitted, pending City Council approval, to erect two lighted signs in Wakanda Park at these locations:

  1. The southeast corner of the intersection of Pine Avenue and Wakanda Drive (the street going north from the beach); kitty-corner from the horseshoe pits.

  2. The southeast corner of the intersection of Pine Avenue and the unnamed street going north from the Wakanda Boat Landing; on Fish & Game property.

The council will require a letter making this request and a drawing of the proposed signs. If members have any ideas about the design of these signs pass them on to the board for a future vote by the members.

Also, the city representatives agree that it would be in the club’s best interests to have the club property signed over to the club. As it currently stands, if the club should fold, ownership of the property would revert to the city. The property was originally “given” to the club by Dunn County with that stipulation.

  1. Dunn County Forest: No news yet.

New Business:

  1. Windfall #2: $31,000+: The Fish & Game received an additional $31,325.10 from the Peggy Boettcher Trust bringing the total to $106,325.10

  2. Chuckwagon BBQ Dinners & Alternatives:

    1. Members serving the Chuckwagon Dinners met with Chuck Harmston after the last meal and it was agreed that they should be discontinued. Chuck is losing money and the Fish & Game isn’t making much. All who ate and/or served loved the food but felt that we could not spread the word well enough to get enough customers to make this viable.

    2. Chuck had a suggestion that if the club would lower its rental fee to something like $50 for business meetings and parties more groups would rent our facility. He said he could bring at least three groups here to see how it works. Currently Dean & Sue’s charges $75 for use of their facility and it’s very popular with these types of groups. Our club charges $250 for each floor of the building or $450 if the whole building is rented. This generated a lot of discussion from the board. About half or the group thought we’d be selling ourselves short with this reduction because we have a nice facility and our fees should reflect that. The other half felt that rather than sitting empty the club would be generating bar income, which can be substantial, and showing the public where the club is located. Scott Sinz motioned, Curt Hagberg 2nd, to discount our rent to $75 for three events of Chuck’s choosing as an experiment to see how it works. Passed on a 7 to 5 vote.

  3. Refinish table tops: Kellen Cassellius has found a place where we can get new table tops w/edging to replace those on the tables in the downstairs level of the club. Costs would run between $20-$32 per table. The plan was tabled (how funny is that?) pending the creation of a table committee.

  4. Bridal Fairs: Stephanie Lee, our booking agent and bartender, reported that the club has an untapped opportunity to increase its bookings by attending bridal fairs where venues of this sort advertise their offerings to the bridal community. There may also be the possibility of holding a gathering of this sort at the Fish & Game. Stephanie volunteered to be our representative at these events and work on a commission of events booked, as she does now. Fees for having a “booth” at these things run from $50 to very expensive. Ryan Gondeck motioned, Kellen Cassellius 2nd, to approve $250 to get Stephanie started on her quest and to recommend that the club set aside an additional $750 to attend these fairs. Passed

  5. Kids Don’t Float: Scott Sinz reported that he has completed the Kids Don’t Float box that is located at Butch’s Bay. This was a joint venture undertaken between The DNR and the Fish & Game that Scott pretty much took over. The box holds about 15 life jackets that folks can borrow if they get to the lake and realize they don’t have enough to make them safe (or legal). The plan has worked well in other states. The box looks great.

  6. Free Chicken Dinners: The following community members were approved (Dave Frank moved, Curt Hagberg 2nd) to receive free John Harmon Chicken Dinners for their services to the club: Bill Miller (2), Steve Olson (3), Dean Olson (3), Keith Pickerign (4). Passed

  7. Pheasant Waterers: Dave Frank says we need to replace three waterers for the phesants; they’ll cost $75 apiece plus shipping. Pat Lammer motioned to purchase them, Kellen Cassellius 2nd, Passed.

  8. Ice Machine: The ice machine was broken. Scott Sinz called Nelson Refrigeration to fix it (same guys who fixed the upstairs walk-in cooler). No news on cost yet.