Dunn County Fish & Game Association, Inc.

Executive Board Meeting

Agenda /Newsletter

November 28, 2016

Members: Kellen Cassellius, Jim Cleven, Dave Frank, Ryan Gondeck, Curt Hagberg, Russ Hitz,Pat Lammer, Dave Pechmiller, Brent Schuler, Gary Schwoch,Garrett Sinz, Scott Sinz, Jim Thompson

Old Business:

1. Wakanda Signs: Gary Schwoch wrote a letter to the city couincil, as directed by them, requesting two signs in the park. The purpose will be to advertise the location of the Fish & Game Clubhouse. At a previous meeting with representatives of the council the followinf locations were agreed upon:

1. SE corner of the intersection of NE Wakanda Drive and E Pine Avenue.

2. SE corner of the intersection of NE Wakanda Drive and Landing Avenue.

2. Budget Meeting Report: Scott Sinz gave a report of the discussions of the Budget Meeting of November 16. The following were designated as fixed costs the club needs to budget:

a. Hunters Ed: 900

b. Pheasants: 8,000

c. Black Powder Shoot: 250

d. NRA: 600

e. Women ON Target: 300

f. Youth Summer Fishing (Herbie's): 750

g. DNR: 1,000

Total $11,800

The following were estimated costs for projects in the the Club's future:

h. Refinish Upstairs Floor: 1,000

i. Carpet Basement: 7,000

j. New Water Heater: 2,200

k. Kitchen Tile: 2,000

l. Wakanda Signs: 10,000

m. Ice Fishing (Kids) 150

n. Fish Cribs: 500

o. Tree Drop Project: 500

p. Gilbert Creek Project: 500

Total $23,850

Grand Total $35,650

The Budget Committee conservatively estimated the following as income:

q. Fall Banquet 15,000

r. Ice Fishing Contest: 9,000

s. Top Gun Banquet: 4,500

t. Dunn Co. Fair (Beer): 5,800

u. Dunn Co. Fair (Food): 1,700

v. DCF&G Bar: 10,000

Total 46,000

As mentioned, these estimates are conservative. For example, the gross bar income for the year to date is over $40,400. These figures do not include rental income. Pat Lammer motioned to accept the proposed budget; Dave Frank 2nd; Passed

3. Fish Cribs: Scott & Dave Pechmiller reported that six pallets of cement blocks have been piled and are waiting for the ground to harden. When that happens the two of them will coordinate a move to get them to the Fish & Game property.

4. Table Tops & Chairs: No news yet.

5. Lake Bank Clean-up: Discussion about brushing out the lake bank on the hill and below the clubhouse to make it look more attractive.anuary 14th was picked as a possible work day.

6. Natural Resources Foundation: Tabled until tne New Year.

7. Pheasant Point Meetings: Dave Frank will have the results for the next meeting.

New Business:

1. Elections: At next month's meeting the club will vote to replace Jim Cleven and Curt Hagberg, whose terms will be expiring.

2. Date for December Meeting: The regular fourth Monday meeting date for December would be December 26th. Consensus was to change the date to December 19th so as not to conflict with the holidays.

3. New Drill: Cordless drill needs to be replaced. Buildings & Grounds money will be used.

4. Pop Machine: Kellen reported it's been a poor income producer and my be more hassle than it's worth. Pat Lammer motioned to have it removed; Dave Frank 2nd; Passed.