Dunn County Fish And Game Association
Conservation Awards



Conserve: Keep in a safe or sound state; to avoid wasteful or destructive use.

Conservation: a careful preservation and protection of something; planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect.

Conservationist: a person who advocates conservation especially of natural resources.

Member Criteria: A member that is recommended for Conservationist of the Year should meet a minimum of ten of the following criteria.


1. Solicitation of the DCFGA membership for persons who meet the criteria should be made by the President at the June meeting.

  1. The DCFGA Executive committee makes a determination of the recipient by a ballot vote.

  2. Member nominations for the Award should be in writing and may be made anonymously to an executive committee member by no later than July 10th.

  3. The chosen member receives the Award at the Fall Banquet.

  4. A nominees efforts or leadership should be above and beyond a conservation-related, everyday job.

Conservationist of the Year Awardees


Don Johnson


Whitey Stewart
Martha Stewart*
Don Thompson 


Stan Huftel
Mary Butler*
Eugene Lemke


Gary Buss
Dan Prestebak
Duke Welter*


Hillary Hathaway
Lola Thompson*
Jim Mense


Dean Wanbaugh
Wayne Wanbaugh
Jim Forster* 


Ralph Stark
Ed Stark
Dode Thorud* 


Robert Stratton
Bill Daley 


Al Finder
Steve Olson*


Robert Stratton
Mike Lehmann*


Al May
Jim Bilse*


Duke Holmberg
Rod Bahr
Dick Olson
Gene Hatfield*

 2012 Outstanding Community Achievement Award

Bills Distributing
Randy and Terry Giertz
Lee’s Auction Service
Chris and Travis Lee
Scott Sinz


Dave Moore
Tilli Hotchkiss*


Bonnie Hagberg
Annette Knutson*