Dunn County Fish And Game Association
Conservation Goals

Beliefs About Conservation

Everything about conservation stems from our habitat. Habitat is the key! If we maintain a focus and priority on habitat, evertything else will automatically fall into place. Projects under habitat might include the acquisition, protection, development or improvement of wildlife habitat (e.g. the purchase and/or protection of wetlands, streambanks, lakeshores; the installation of fish cribs, the planting of trees and shrubs, and the building of brush piles). Ancillary activities would include improved hunting and fishing, enhanced club image among landowners and the general public, and would assist in the recruitment of new members.


HABITAT Promote projects that will continually restore and improve habitat, increase the knowledge of available habitat and habitat acquisition funds, increase access to waterways and wetlands, and research what would be an improved habitat for raising pheasants.
YOUTH Promote safe hunting and fishing, expand hands-on activities, and increase the recruitment and involvement of our youth.
Increase communication to the membership, create a history of the club, recognize outstanding member & non-member contributions to conservation annually, explore ways to improve our meetings, and increase activities for spouses and families.