Donations and Sponsorships:

The Dunn Co. Fish & Game Assoc. was awarded the 2008 State Conservation Organization of the Year by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. The generous support of sponsors like you have helped our association continue a wide range of programs aimed at conserving our natural resources, preserving sports and sponsoring youth educational events and workshops. See the list of programs below.

  • Award annually a youth scholarship totaling $3,000 over a four year period
  • Donated over $3,000 for materials for parking lot at Red Cedar Cut Off Nature Preserve dedicated in memory of Jim Forster
  • Established the Lower Chippewa River Basin Conservation Endowment Fund through Wisconsin Natural Resource Foundation with an initial donation of $1,000 and a commitment of $10,000.
  • Provided funding for “Archery in Schools Program” to teach archery in all four school districts in Dunn County
  • In cooperation with Wisconsin DNR, donated $5,050 towards the purchase of 41.2 contiguous acres with the Gilbert Creek Trout Stream.
  • Donated $2,000 towards maintenance of Menomonie Public Shooting Range
  • Donated $500 to Kiel Birch Creek Preservation
  • Donated $18,500 towards the purchase of 57 acres of land for recreational use
  • Sponsor Pheasants Forever, Women’s Pheasants Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society, NRA, Turkey Federation, Wis. Wildlife Federation, Sportsman’s Alliance, & Dunn Co. Artists Tour
  • Provided stream habitat improvement (for example, in the summers of 2003 through 2009 -– donated $50,000 & 2800 volunteer work hours for Gilbert Creek restoration project)
  • Donated $500 to Menomonie Fire Department for Hummingbird Sonar Sideview camera to locate bodies/objects in water
  • Recruit and sponsor new NRA membership at each monthly meeting
  • Sponsored Ice Fishing Contest at Lake Menomin, First Held in February 1953
  • Sponsor youth shooting events & conservation workshops
  • Sponsor & teach hunter, boating, ATV & snowmobile education programs
  • Conduct a reward program for turning in fish & game violators
  • Build wood duck & bluebird houses with area elementary schools
  • Co-sponsor & conduct with the NRA “Women on Target” Shoot
  • Provide clubhouse for community use
  • Sponsor landowner appreciation banquet
  • Operate & maintain public shooting range
  • Sponsor youth hunting & fishing events (Winter & Summer)
  • Donated two defibrillators to Dunn County Game Wardens
  • Donated over $45,000 for county conservation projects
  • Sponsor Fishing & Hunting for the Disabled/Seniors
  • Raise & release 2000 pheasants annually for hunting
  • Develop public hunting lands & boat landings
  • Build fish cribs annually in Lake Menomin
  • Sponsor “Hunters Against Hunger”

Conservation Awards:

Conserve: Keep in a safe or sound state; to avoid wasteful or destructive use.
Conservation: A careful preservation and protection of something; planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect.
Conservationist: A person who advocates conservation especially of natural resources.
Member Criteria: A member that is recommended for Conservationist of the Year should meet a minimum of ten of the following criteria.


  • One who is a role model to other members and the community.

  • One who is devoted to the DCFGA for the sake of conservation.

  • One who is an organizer.

  • One who has created/performed a conservation related project having extraordinary or lasting impact.

  • One who has been a member of the DCFGA in excess of five years.

  • One who regularly attends monthly meetings and a variety of work meetings.

  • One who has lead the DCFGA as an officer, executive committee member and chairperson of a standing committee(s).

  • One who supports the DCFGA through tickets sales and solicitations.

  • One who maintains a high level of integrity in the Association and the community.

  • One who regularly attends the Conservation Congress spring hearings.

  • One who gives more to the environment than takes from it.

  • One who is a leader of youth or whose actions lead to youthful membership in the DCFGA.

  • One who can be counted upon to work on multiple projects.



1. Solicitation of the DCFGA membership for persons who meet the criteria should be made by the President at the June meeting.

  1. The DCFGA Executive committee makes a determination of the recipient by a ballot vote.

  2. Member nominations for the Award should be in writing and may be made anonymously to an executive committee member by no later than July 10th.

  3. The chosen member receives the Award at the Fall Banquet.

  4. A nominees efforts or leadership should be above and beyond a conservation-related, everyday job.